The Search for Perfect Pronouns and Social Destruction

Here Are the Tragic Student Victims of Transgender Tyranny
Pronoun Confusion is here to stay as “genders” proliferate.

In 1892, the legendary condiment purveyor Henry J. Heinz dreamt up a new slogan for his new company.  According to the new advertising saying, the company made 57 Varieties. The number meant nothing – even then the company produced more than fifty-seven –products. Mr. Heinz thought that the figure looked and sounded good. Apparently, he was right since the number still appears on Heinz labels.

In their current attempt to deny biology, the City of New York appears to be following Henry Heinz’s example. In 2016, the City’s Commission of Human Rights decreed that businesses need to acknowledge thirty-one possible “genders” when dealing with customers or employees. Failure to do so consistently can result in six-figure fines.

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Gender X

However, that plethora of designations appear to be too many for New York City officials. Thus, the City allows individuals to declare themselves neither male or female with the simple designation “X” on their birth certificate instead of the 29 other varieties.

Citizens can officially deny the sex God gave them with a simple process. The ordinance explains that the individual must submit an application “supported by a signed and notarized statement by the individual, attesting that the request for a change of gender to female, male, or “X” is to conform the person’s legal gender to the person’s gender identity.”

All people need to do is to write out statements saying they are neither males or females and get them notarized. The County Clerk records the statements and replaces the accurate information provided by the doctor at birth with an “X.” Thus, individuals can replace fact with fantasy.

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The Demand for Impossible Perfection

However, such procedures do not solve the problem of people doing business in New York City. They need to use the right pronouns to avoid serious penalties. The New York City Department of Social Services provides a guide for them titled “Gender Pronouns.” It lists five possible groups of pronouns. The masculine “he/him/his” and feminine “she/her/hers” require no explanation. However, neutral pronouns grouped in three families can be confusing. One usage is the incorrect use of plural pronouns as singular, “they/them/theirs.” Grammarians who are biologically confused  have two other choices, “ze/zir/zirs,” and “ze/hir/hirs.” The differences between the two are not spelled out.

Those who do not care have a desirable condition called “pronoun privilege.” The NYC-DSS explains, “If your gender pronoun is something that never matters to you or that you rarely think about, then you may have pronoun privilege. It is a privilege to not have to worry about which pronoun someone is going to use for you based on how they perceive your gender.” People can give this privilege to themselves.

If these choices are not sufficiently confusing, the “LGBTQIA Resource Center” at the University of California – Davis adds co/co/cos, en/en/ens, ey/em/eir, xie/hir/hir, yo/yo/yos, and ve/vis/vir. Those who still feel left out are counseled, “This is NOT an exhaustive list. Any combination is possible!”

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Social Consequences

These linguistic shenanigans are the produce of radical individualism and extreme egalitarianism. Too many people exclaim, “I am who I am, and I do not care what you think about it!” while also screaming that “We are all the same!” Both statements are wrong. Combining the two adds contradiction to error and leads to the destruction of civil discourse. Two people can’t communicate when neither knows what to call the other. Every sentence becomes the equivalent of lighting a match to find a box of TNT in a dark storeroom.

Confusion is what the Great Deceiver wants. He wants to make everyone hate each other as much as he hates humanity. This reason alone is enough to reject the gender ideology tyranny thrust upon society.

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