Can the American Bishops Say No to Pro-Abortion Politicians?

Can the American Bishops Say No to Pro-Abortion Politicians?

The case against pro-abortion politicians receiving Holy Communion should be obvious. The requirement for receiving Holy Communion is to be free of mortal sin. Abetting abortion is a public and serious sin. Those same politicians also commit the grave sin of scandal. Therefore, they should be denied Communion. It is a clear-cut issue that needs … Read more

“Hero Pay” Rewards Workers by Removing Their Jobs

California leads the nation in implementing liberal economic schemes. The concentration of the entertainment industry means that California’s attitudes often influence other parts of the country. One such scheme is the idea of “hero pay.” Many Southern California cities decreed that “essential” grocery workers be granted an extra four to five dollars an hour in … Read more

Today the Police, Tomorrow the Military

The Revolution of 2020 continues. More and more calls can be heard across America asking for defunding or even abolishing the police. In ordinary and sane times, these calls would be immediately dismissed. However, if anything characterizes the United States in 2020, it is not sanity. Sadly, politicians across the nation are jumping over themselves … Read more