What Has Happened to Our Sense of Shame?

We used to have a sense of shame that influenced our behavior. Reflecting upon a vile word or deed might cause shame to rise up in us. When admonished for wearing something revealing or improper, it could trigger a movement of shame. Betraying faith, family or principles were once considered shameful acts to be avoided … Read more

The Memo I Wish They Would Release

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The controversy on the Nunes Memo is raging. Amid the claims and counter-claims, most Americans really don’t know what is happening. I am sure most look at the headlines (those that still look at them) and shrug their shoulders. It is simply too hard to make sense out of anything—emails, text messages, Russians, FBI agents … Read more

What Is a Man of Character?

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At the graduation ceremony of the American TFP’s Sedes Sapientiae Institute, Mr. Gustavo Solimeo delivered the opening remarks. The June 3 event was held at the TFP headquarters in Spring Grove, Penn. Mr. Solimeo, an Institute instructor, discussed what it means to be a man of character. What is character? And what do we mean … Read more

One Thing Was Missing at the Republican and Democratic Conventions

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The national conventions are ended, and battle lines are drawn for the coming elections. Sorting through the rhetoric, something seems to be missing, and it makes this election very different from others. This election brings a change of focus that does not bode well. When billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel spoke at the Republican National Convention, … Read more

Election 2016: Have Americans Abandoned Their Principles?

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America is in crisis, and most people don’t know what to do about it. They are frustrated by a lack of direction and purpose. They are wary of established systems and political maneuvers. They don’t care how the problem is resolved but only that it be resolved. Across the nation, many are asking: What’s the … Read more

Mass Shootings: the “New Normal?”

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America and much of the rest of the world are experiencing fatigue from all the bad news. Islamists shooting innocent civilians. Crazed individuals opening fire at theaters and military bases. A new school shooting every month, if not more often. Things didn’t used to be this way. You would never hear of a young man … Read more