How Your Child’s Teacher Becomes a Rabid Marxist

How Your Child’s Teacher Becomes a Rabid Marxist

Sometimes, I despair for the future of education. This occasional anguish was recently triggered by a videotaped lecture from a University of Michigan education professor. Her central premise was that elementary school math teachers must be constantly vigilant, lest they fall into verbal traps perpetuating racism. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy … Read more

Defeating the Arguments Favoring Critical Race Theory At Public Meetings

The battle over Critical Race Theory (CRT) is heating up in school board meetings, state legislatures, and in the Nation’s Capital. Several states are considering legislation banning CRT in classrooms. As of this writing, five states have passed them. However, that situation is fluid as schools prepare to open in the fall. Many readers might … Read more

California’s New Anti-Racist Math: Where 2 +2 = Whatever You Want

“When all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done.” The above quote, attributed to many sources, is an all-too-accurate assessment of the state of academia, especially those engaged in Critical Race Theory (CRT). An Ongoing Controversy CRT is at the center of a raging debate over the teaching of history. … Read more

Is Mom’s Apple Pie a Symbol of Oppression?

There is nothing more American than mom’s apple pie. The image of the hot sugar-crusted pie is seared on the memory of countless Americans. Variations of this tasty dessert belong to all American mothers regardless of race or ethnic origin. However, leave it to progressive demagogues to find a way to tear down this cultural … Read more

The President Jumps Into the Critical Race Theory Battle

The conflict over teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in America’s schools – both public and parochial – is rising. At the heart of this clash are three versions of the history of racism in the United States. The Catholic View David G. Bonagura nicely expresses the Catholic vision in a recent article in The Catholic … Read more

A Fearsome Tool for Those Fighting The 1619 Project

If future American historians look for a perfect symbol of the academic madness of the present times, they will point to The 1619 Project. It springs from an educational establishment that has abandoned truth and objectivity. Mainstream media and its culture have embraced the project’s art of propaganda. Some liberal state departments of education, local … Read more

The Madness of Woke Ideology Now Denounces ‘Linguistic Racism’

One sign of modern society’s frenetic intemperance is its eagerness to turn perfectly innocent – even necessary – actions into grievances. The tactic keeps the ground constantly shifting.  Eventually, the acceptable action becomes anathema. For example, the United States has long helped immigrants integrate into American society by teaching them English. Learning new languages is … Read more

Six Reasons Why Catholics Must Oppose Critical Race Theory

A political theory stands behind the racial unrest shaking the nation. It employs expressions like “systemic racism” to describe the nation’s attitude toward racial relationships. The theory is called Critical Race Theory (CRT). It has long incubated in leftist academia. Its central thesis makes race the prism through which all aspects of life must be … Read more

Using Anti-Racism to Oppress America’s Vulnerable Children

“Critical Race Theory” blasted its way into the headlines with the release of The New York Times’s “1619 Project.” The racial unrest of 2020 further catapulted the theory into the limelight as schools all over the country are eager to adopt it using the mold provided by Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Anti-Racist. … Read more

The Racist and Dangerous 1619 Project is Vulnerable and in Trouble

For a time, The 1619 Project was on track to become a standard racial education curriculum throughout the United States. It has the backing of The New York Times, which initially published it. Its author/editor, Nicole Hannah-Jones, is feted by other leftist journalists and talk show hosts. She has received a Pulitzer Prize. Online resources … Read more