What Is Culture? All That Enhances the Human Mind

What Is Culture? All That Enhances the Human Mind

What Is Culture? People answer this question in many different ways. Some are inspired by philology, others by all kinds of philosophical and social systems. So many contradictions have arisen around Defining culture, and the related word “civilization” gives rise to so many contradictions that international congresses of scholars and professors have met especially to … Read more

The Influence of Monasteries on the Middle Ages’ Economic Boom

Henry Goodell, president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, described how the medieval monks saved agriculture from decaying. Their accomplishments have left a legacy lasting 1500 years. He explains how they did it in the most unlikely and difficult ways. They searched for distant and inaccessible places to live in solitude. They then drained swamps and … Read more

The Empty Chair

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Written by Antonio Fragelli* There was a time when people read books. In fact people still do, but the trend among the young and future generation is changing drastically. Is Technology Ruining Your Life? Take A Quick Quiz To Find Out By Clicking Here. Is it a good change? —perhaps it would be prudent to … Read more