Why Disruptive Students Get Away With Murder

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute is an education-oriented think tank that is usually on the conservative side of the spectrum. They favor the charter school movement and oppose the more radical aspects of the Common Core. Their recent report “Discipline Reform Through the Eyes of Teachers” is unusual because it asks actual teachers, not administrators … Read more

The Old Prejudices and the New: The Saga of the SAT

The College Board is scared of the equity movement. Scared people make bad decisions. Creating a so-called adversity score of a college entrance test is one of the worst possible decisions. In its misbegotten attempt to create an equal world, the board only succeeds in making the process of college admission even more impenetrable. The … Read more

Should There Really Be Dress Codes for Parents?

A Houston high school has just issued a dress code that points out the importance of maintaining standards. In this case, the standard was minimal, and the intention was reasonable. The irrational reaction to it tells us much about the reasons that our society is steadily becoming more disordered. What made this dress code different … Read more

Why Kansas Parents Want Computers out of the Classroom

Everyone wants better schools. Advocates of computers in the classroom have long held out the promise of supercharging the learning process. The right computer program, they argue, could provide continual stimulation to the fast learners and help slower student focus on basic skills in math, reading and writing. Free Book: Return to Order: From a … Read more

How Common Sense Beats Common Core – Thank God!

The Hoover Institution just issued two studies that should be keeping education policymakers up at night because they fly in the face of the ideology of American education. Many critical assumptions that underlay the “Common Core” debacle are also challenged. One study shows that the “achievement gap” has been mostly unchanged since the mid-fifties. The … Read more

Why Schools Are Joining the War on Homework

Homework is, or at least used to be, universal. Those who enjoy learning often remember it as an important part of their own mental development. It helps to build responsibility, valuable habits, and the ability to grapple with a problem on your own. Like all students, I did my share of homework. As a parent, … Read more

Why Students Wander In The Dark Without Western Civilization

The word university comes from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium which means a community of scholars and teachers. They gathered together in search of the truth. Its medieval Catholic origins speak of a unified worldview that encompassed all sciences and disciplines. It embraced all that is physical, from the stars in the sky to … Read more

Grade Inflation: Does a Rising Tide Really Lift all Boats?

Like most teachers, I spent the first few years of my career just trying to keep my head above water, running as fast as I could to keep from falling behind. Then came a horrible realization. Nobody cared how hard I worked as long as enough students got A’s. Give grades that were high enough, … Read more

Absent Without Leave – Why so Many Children Skip School

One sign of a disordered society is a disordered educational system. “We can teach anybody,” is one of the most common catchphrases in American Education. Consider the names of the education programs of the last two presidents. Government Education Programs President Bush wanted to be known as the education president. When he took office, he … Read more

The War on Dress Codes in Schools

One of the most controversial elements in any school is the dress code. Many students will push the boundaries of the code as far as they can. Some teachers, saying something like, “I don’t care what they wear as long as they learn,” think dress codes are silly. Other teachers believe they are essential. Administrators … Read more