A Return to Order Experienced at Connie’s

It was a breakfast experience one I did not expect to find in California, or for that matter, anywhere in America. After arriving from the East Coast the night before, I was jetlagged, tired, disoriented and hungry. The following morning, I stumbled across Connie’s, nestled in a strip mall, and decided to stop for breakfast. … Read more

When First-Class Goes Down, Everyone Suffers

They say a rising tide lifts all boats. The same might be said for many things in life. When standards are raised high, everyone benefits. The contrary is also true: Lower standards pull everyone down. A curious example of this doctrine is the sorry state of domestic air travel these days. Traveling by plane isn’t … Read more

A Case of Double Trouble that Molded a Better Marine

A Case of Double Trouble that Sculpted a Better Marine

History is full of tales of heroes whose lives are marked by the great hardships they have endured. However, rarely does a man face the same great hardship twice. Author Leo Aime LaBrie tells one such tale in his book, A Double Dose of Hard Luck: The Extraordinary True Story of Two-Time Prisoner of War, … Read more

Thousands Petition to Keep Cross in Public

Return to Order Thousands Petition to Keep Cross in Public 2

Petitions are being gathered nationwide to support the Bladensburg Cross, a monument in the form of a cross dedicated to honor American heroes of World War I. The Cross, standing forty feet tall in a road median in the town of Bladensburg, Maryland, was erected in 1925 by the residents of Prince George County to … Read more

Jewelry Shop Economics

Return to Order Jewelry Shop Economics

Quite by accident, I came to frequent a jewelry store that would help me take care of those small problems with watches that can be so vexing. I was tired of department store attendants who could not replace batteries or change watch bands. It seemed that every time I took a watch in to be … Read more