Thousands Petition to Keep Cross in Public

“a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice and our soldier’s valor—Christian principles close to the hearts of Americans.”

Petitions are being gathered nationwide to support the Bladensburg Cross, a monument in the form of a cross dedicated to honor American heroes of World War I. The Cross, standing forty feet tall in a road median in the town of Bladensburg, Maryland, was erected in 1925 by the residents of Prince George County to honor forty-nine soldiers from the area who had given their life in defense of their country.

The American Humanist Association, an atheist activist group, along with three individual atheists, unsuccessfully filed a suit in November of last year seeking the Cross’ demolition. To the joy of devout and patriotic locals, the court upheld the Cross’ constitutionality and allowed it to remain on public property.

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But the atheists will not rest: they are presently seeking to take the matter to the Court of Appeals to have the Cross torn down, in spite of outstanding local support for the historical monument.

The Bladensburg Cross remains an important symbol to the residents of Maryland and the God-fearing, who see it as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice and our soldier’s valor—Christian principles close to the hearts of Americans. No doubt, the Cross is a thorn in the side of atheists who despise the Christian roots of our culture.

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And it will get demolished, if atheists get their way. The town of Bladensburg will continue to be attacked until the cross is removed.

When the good are thus faced with opposition, they deserve to receive great support.

Therefore, Return to Order kindly encourages concerned Americans to extend their support to the town of Bladensburg, and encourage them to stand strong with the Cross. America will be greatly weakened without it.

To express your support to the town of Bladensburg keeping the Cross on public property, please visit and sign the petition.