Seeing Nationwide Issues in Nebraska’s Sex Education Standards

No area of educational policy is as divisive as sex education. Those in favor cite statistics on teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Thus, they automatically enter into conflict with conservative Christians who primarily focus on moral arguments. They rightly affirm that sex education has a corrosive effect on children’s morality and reduces the beauty … Read more

Chastity Student Blasts Sex Ed Zealots

Christian students on the front lines in the cultural war over chastity can take heart in the experience of Marcail McBride. Miss McBride is a student at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA). It is a state-run boarding school that draws students from all over Illinois. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied … Read more

The Dirtying of Our Children’s Minds with Indecent Sex Ed

Comprehensive is a trendy word in American education. Merriam-Webster lists two definitions, “1: covering completely or broadly: inclusive,” and “2: having or exhibiting wide mental grasp.” All parents want their children to have a comprehensive education. They hope their children will learn math, science, history, and language that they will need in later life. Free … Read more