The Dirtying of Our Children’s Minds with Indecent Sex Ed

The Dirtying of Our Children's Minds with Indecent Sex Ed
The Dirtying of Our Children’s Minds with Indecent Sex Ed

Comprehensive is a trendy word in American education. Merriam-Webster lists two definitions, “1: covering completely or broadly: inclusive,” and “2: having or exhibiting wide mental grasp.”

All parents want their children to have a comprehensive education. They hope their children will learn math, science, history, and language that they will need in later life.

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Advocates for sexual education have a different application for being comprehensive, which includes teaching practices considered deviant. 

Carefully Chosen Language

A Guide to Sexual Health Education Implementation in Washington State –  2020 asserts that comprehensive sexual health education can help “…improve academic success; prevent child sexual abuse, dating violence, and bullying; help youth develop healthier relationships; delay sexual initiation; reduce unplanned pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and related disparities among youth; and reduce sexual health disparities among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth”

Bureaucrats choose language very carefully. They know that all parents desire academic success and healthy relationships for their children. No parents want their children to endure abuse or violence, become pregnant at a young age or contract the diseases that result from promiscuity.

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However, specific information about this program is difficult to obtain. The Guide mentions a “Gender Inclusive Toolkit.” It even provides a link. However, clicking on the link shows that the “resource” is “unavailable.”

That situation is not surprising. Some of the language in the Guide causes great concern. For instance, it advises that “Instruction on condom use is recommended starting by 8th grade before most students are sexually active.”

Washington Parents React

No parent should trust the schools to educate their children in this delicate area.

Washington voters can express their opinion by voting on “Proposition 90” on their ballots in November.

The Associated Press summed up the issue in an article that ran in the Seattle Times.

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“Democrats in the Washington State Legislature thought they had passed a routine sex education requirement for public schools earlier this year. But a coalition of Republicans and religious conservatives launched a swift, historic backlash that’s led to a bitter partisan fight and an effort to overturn the measure on the November ballot. The resulting referendum on the November ballot marks the first time in the country that such a decision on sex ed will be decided by voters.”

The Referendum

The issue is on the ballot because “Parents for Safe Schools” collected over 264,000 signatures in a petition drive. One indication of how deeply the subject resonates with the public is that this number was twice the needed signatures to force a referendum.

Getting the issue on the ballot is something of a victory. Usually, such laws are passed and enacted quietly. The proposition seeks to overturn Senate Bill 5395, which was passed by both legislature houses and signed by the governor in March 2020. Those who oppose comprehensive sexual education will vote yes on the proposition. Those in favor will vote no.

The Situation in Ohio

A very similar issue is brewing in Ohio. Franklin County includes Columbus, the State capital, and Ohio State University’s main campus. Its public schools are adopting a program called “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Futures.” This very comprehensive plan was developed by an organization called Syntero.

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Even a cursory investigation shows that Healthy Bodies, Healthy Futures is as bad (or worse) than responsible parents fear. An organization called “Ohio Value Voters” is leading the fight against it. The group examines Syntero’s “student packet” distributed to middle school students for the 2019-2020 school year. The packet contains explicit material.

Flaunting the Law

 Syntero’s Guide openly violates Ohio State law.

The “Ohio Revised Code, Section 2929.22” clearly states that:

(Paragraph B) No person shall do any of the following to a child under eighteen years of age or a mentally or physically handicapped child under twenty-one years of age:

(5) Entice, coerce, permit, encourage, compel, hire, employ, use, or allow the child to act, model, or in any other way participate in, or be photographed for, the production, presentation, dissemination, or advertisement of any material or performance that the offender knows or reasonably should know is obscene, is sexually-oriented matter, or is nudity-oriented matter

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Further, Section 3313.6011, Paragraph B states that:

”Instruction in venereal disease education pursuant to division (A)(5)(c) of section 3313.60 of the Revised Code shall emphasize that abstinence from sexual activity is the only protection that is one hundred percent effective against unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, and the sexual transmission of a virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.”

More specifically, Paragraph C includes the language, “Stress that students should abstain from sexual activity until after marriage.”

According to the video mentioned above, Syntero’s “Middle School Students Guide” contains links that violate all of the above sections of Ohio law. Within the packet, abstinence is mentioned, presumably to give lip-service to the law. However, there are no links on the last page to any organization specializing in helping students retain their virtue.

A Nationwide Threat

Comprehensive Sexual Education endangers our entire society. It openly incites irresponsible behavior that drags all of us down the road marked out by the “Sexual Revolution” of the late sixties.

The vast majority of readers, no doubt, live in places other than the State of Washington and Franklin County, Ohio. They should not assume that their area does not suffer from this problem. Nor should the parents of students in private or parochial schools.

The “comprehensive sexual educators” within the schools know where the lines are in their communities and are usually smart enough to stay inside of them. The consensus in Washington State and Franklin County tend toward the left. They can, therefore, be open in their intentions and methods. Teachers in more conservative areas may be more discreet, but that does not mean everything said in class is put on paper.

Vigilance is necessary. Parents should ask the superintendent, principal, or teacher to see all materials used in such classes. Parents should interpret any reluctance on their part as confirmation of the parents’ fears. It also helps to become connected with other parents. Washington’s Parents for Safe Schools and the Ohio Values Voters are groups of community-minded people that share those concerns. It may take a little digging to find a similar organization in other areas, but it is possible.

Of course, an extra prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel for the children’s protection will be useful as well.

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