How Toxic Self-Love Leads to Social Upheaval

There is a raging current inside postmodern society that holds that people must seek self-esteem as a means to fulfillment. Fortified by the constant use of social media, individuals can construct a positive image of themselves for public consumption. This exercise of self-love promises happiness but delivers misery. However, the self-esteem movement suffers from no … Read more

How the Internet Dumbs Down Smart Phone and Social Media Users

Perhaps the truest thing ever said about the Internet is the axiom, “If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.” Never has so broad a set of service and entertainment options been laid before humanity at little or no charge. However, “no charge” does not mean at “no cost.” So many options … Read more

This Is Why Social Media Isn’t Social and Can Harm Youth

On December 26, 17-year-old Bryce Gowdy from Deerfield Beach, Florida, posted a tweet: “To be or not to be.” A few days later, he committed suicide. The tell-tale tweet is typical of how social media has dominated the lives of young people. Even their deaths are announced for all who want to see. The platforms are … Read more

Can Your “Online Brain” Make You Lose Your Mind?

The Internet is the favorite obsession of the modern age. It does not respect age, social condition, sex, or any other criteria. Users range from those who barely know how to use e-mail to some who live their entire lives in the online world. Sometimes, raising any concern about Internet use causes others to treat … Read more

Why Poor Substitutes to the Family Flourish in the Digital World

A recent study conducted by a British organization called OnePoll finds that one-third of Americans cannot even name all four of their grandparents. If this is accurate, far fewer know where their grandparents were born, the nature of the work that they did, or the things that they found interesting. Reflecting on this poll brings … Read more

Why Happy People Don’t Commit Suicide

The Declaration of Independence enshrined the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. By this right, we think we may freely live the life that makes us happy, as long as it is not illegal or violates the rights of others. Many have the illusion that we can achieve perfect happiness on earth. They also think … Read more

How To Stop Social Media FOMO From Terrorizing You

Imagine that you come home on Sunday evening after a weekend trip. There is a message on your home telephone. You hear the voice of a good friend who lives in another state. The friend explains that he is unexpectedly in your town on business. He would like to buy you dinner at one of … Read more

Can Twitter Be an Occasion of Sin?

Can Twitter Be an Occasion of Sin?

Everyone talks about the addictive aspect of Twitter but not its moral effects. Can Twitter lead to sin? Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, R.I. evidently thinks so. In a final tweet, he wrote that the social media platform had become a “distraction” to him, an “obstacle” to his spiritual life and an “occasion of sin.” The … Read more

Why Apps Cannot Replace Temperance in Preventing Suicide

In a fast-paced world,everyone wants everything instantly and effortlessly. This desire is part of a culture in which happiness and pleasure are expected yet not always delivered. When people inevitably fail to obtain all that they want, they suffer from stress and depression. No one should be surprised that they then also want instant relief … Read more

Living in the Shallows: The Decline of Thought

Return to Order Living in the Shallows: The Decline of Thought

As I look upon the desolate landscape of sound bites, tweets and other social media, I cannot help but lament what has happened to our culture. Almost all Americans have a high school education. And today more people than ever have college degrees. One would expect reading levels to be increasing. Real culture should be … Read more