Why Must They Put Warnings on Each Cigarette?

Why Must They Put Warnings on Each Cigarette?

Sometimes small items represent things with bigger meanings. Hidden behind appearances are philosophies of life that it does well to analyze. Such is the case of a recent news article on smoking. Canada announced last May that it would become the world’s first nation to require health warnings to be printed—on each individual cigarette. Order … Read more

Who Was Cesar Chavez and Why Is He in the Oval Office?

On a table in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden keeps framed pictures and busts of those who served as inspiration throughout his long political career. One bust features Cesar Chavez, a distant figure from the sixties. He seems disconnected from the present world. However, such a conclusion is a great mistake. Who was Cesar … Read more

Biden’s Socialist Message in the Battle of the Busts

With each passing day, President Joe Biden defines the direction of his new Administration. Optimists might hope that the theme of unity in his inauguration address would result in some gestures of goodwill toward conservatives. However, the towering stacks of divisive executive orders dash those hopes and prepare the stage for conflict. One minor gesture … Read more

Why Were Witches Involved in the Protests?

The recent protests were supposed to be rallies of concerned Americans who were horrified by the death of George Floyd. However, many protests degenerated into riots that destroyed parts of American cities. Unfortunately, many capitalized on the events to present other agendas. People who have absolutely nothing to do with the issue of community policing … Read more

New and Failed Socialist Solutions to Housing Problems

A prized asset of the left is what might be called willing amnesia. Americans tend to have limited memories. Except for cataclysmic events like 9/11,  anything that happened more than five years ago recedes into the dim mists. For instance, most have only hazy recollections of President Obamas’ statement, “If you like your healthcare plan, … Read more

Now I Understand Why Students Think They Favor Socialism

I recently joined a few colleagues debating abortion on the sidewalk at a major state university. The debate was heated and varied as we talked passionately about God, morals and absolutes. However, it seemed we were swimming in a sea of relativism where right and wrong, truth and error do not exist. A subjective vortex … Read more

The Coming Presidential Primaries Will Be Full of Empty Candidates

Emptiness is defined negatively as the absence of something. It can involve structures which are not occupied or filled, as in empty bottles. Emptiness can refer to situations lacking reality, substance or meaning, as in empty pleasures. Actions can be empty when they have no consequences, as in empty gestures or threats. As the presidential … Read more

Why Sterile Nationalism Won’t Save Us From Globalism

Nationalism is one of those vague terms that appears when a social order is not anchored in moral certainties. The term can take on many meanings, some good, others bad because when nothing is certain, a climate of anxiety takes hold that distorts the national debate. This climate is found in today’s exhausted modernity, which … Read more