Modern Thought: Constantly Reinventing the Wheel

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One of the tragedies of the modern world is the great fear of dependence upon others. People have the idea that the fact one depends upon others represents a sign of extreme weakness and lack of character. Society exists in part to address the shortcomings of every person. When a person seeks out the help … Read more

What Is Individualism’s Effect on Society?

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Individualism has long been a part of our American culture. Alexis de Tocqueville in his nineteenth century classic study, Democracy in America, explained how it manifests itself. He writes: “Individualism is a calm and considered feeling which disposes each citizen to isolate himself from the mass of his fellows and withdraw into the circle of … Read more

The Monsters Among Us


Another horrible mass murder has taken place and the nation mourns. It is yet one more incident in a string of such crimes that has come to characterize our sad times. Is Technology Ruining Your Life? Take A Quick Quiz To Find Out By Clicking Here. While the Charleston shootings have undoubted racial overtones, the … Read more