10 Steps to Prepare for America’s Economic Collapse

Can ship be recovered

A “frenetic intemperance” is destabilizing our economy. It is a restless, explosive and relentless drive inside man. It seeks to throw off all legitimate restraints and gratify all disordered passions. The Troubles We Now Face Because of “frenetic intemperance,” our economy is coming apart under crushing debt obligations: personal, corporate, state and local government, out-of-control federal … Read more

A Formula for Dealing With the $21 Trillion Federal Debt

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It is official; the national debt has now exceeded $21 trillion. The tragic news comes just six months after it hit $20 trillion last September 8. This problem is obviously not going away. By voting to suspend the debt ceiling, Congress has allowed the government to borrow as much as it needs until March 1, 2019. Based … Read more

Who Will Banish the Madmen in Education?

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Young people get blamed for a lot of things. They’re called snowflakes for withering and melting at the least criticism or politically incorrect commentary. They are deemed irresponsible and accused of merely “adulting” when they manage to handle the life decisions typical of adults. And now the Department of Education’s latest financial report finds them … Read more

Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Not Money

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With the dramatic rise of bitcoin, many are talking about this crypto-currency as the new money of the future. Such a simplification is understandable, since the matter of money is complex. Not all that glitters is gold. Likewise, what appears to be money often is not. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy … Read more

The Individual vs Society

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By Haven Bradford Gow. In his work Return to Order, Catholic scholar John Horvat II provides a critique of the atomistic individualism that ruptures the social bonds that make civilized social life possible; he says this destructive kind of individualism sets forth “a philosophy of life that declares self-preservation and its corollary self-interest to be … Read more

Four Reasons Why You Don’t Want the New Amazon HQ in Your Front Yard

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When Amazon announced its search for a place to put its second headquarters, city and state officials started scrambling to offer the most generous terms possible. The promise of 50,000 jobs and an influx of $5.5 billion in construction costs has made the Amazon proposal an offer almost impossible to refuse. The company has cunningly … Read more

Why We Have a Credit-Driven Culture

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The American obsession for buying on credit has long been embedded in the national culture. However, many people do not realize just how far back such consumer practices go. Already at the turn of the twentieth century, Americans were acquiring a buy-now, pay-later mentality. Marketing professor James A. Roberts reports that over the period 1898-1916, … Read more

The Bank That Trust Built

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In writing about economy, I have frequently denounced what I call frenetic intemperance. Frenetic intemperance is a term to describe a restless and reckless spirit inside certain sectors of modern economy that foments a drive to throw off legitimate restraints and gratify all desires. Such a reckless spirit is often found in the financial sector … Read more

It’s Not the Economy, Stupid!

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As the nation heads into the next election cycle, there is much frustration, angst and anxiety directed at a system that does not seem to work. Everyone senses there is something terribly wrong with the country. The worst part of this growing malaise is the feeling that no one seems to know what the real … Read more

Faith Brings Harmony to Family, Society and State

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By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira* I believe that the patriarchal society, like everything that exists in this valley of tears, becomes stronger over time, in proportion to its existence and production. However, at the same time, it grows older and older. Both institutions and families age. And, gradually, glory itself becomes a burden under which … Read more