Can Your “Online Brain” Make You Lose Your Mind?

The Internet is the favorite obsession of the modern age. It does not respect age, social condition, sex, or any other criteria. Users range from those who barely know how to use e-mail to some who live their entire lives in the online world. Sometimes, raising any concern about Internet use causes others to treat … Read more

Who Hasn’t Experienced the Frustrations of Technology?

As we pulled away from the terminal getting ready for takeoff, the plane stopped fifty feet away. There we waited inexplicably for about a half hour before the pilot came on the speaker. He reported that the ground crew had pulled us away from the terminal but forgotten to free the steering mechanism of the … Read more

Can Intelligent People Serve God and Smartphone?

Can Intelligent People Serve God and Smartphone?

It is common to hear that electronic devices are ruining lives. Headlines like CNN’s, “Americans Devote More Than Ten Hours a Day to Screen Time and Growing,” abound. As a result, many Americans are becoming lazy and less creative because they spend too much time staring at small screens. The truth of this conclusion is … Read more

Why Kansas Parents Want Computers out of the Classroom

Everyone wants better schools. Advocates of computers in the classroom have long held out the promise of supercharging the learning process. The right computer program, they argue, could provide continual stimulation to the fast learners and help slower student focus on basic skills in math, reading and writing. Free Book: Return to Order: From a … Read more

How Tech Addiction Is Ruining Our Lives

Technology dominates the daily life of most Americans. The Pew Research Center reports that 89% of adults have access to the Internet, 77% have access to smartphones, and 69% use social media. Among teenagers, 95% have access to smartphones, and 45% are almost constantly online. Most will argue that people cannot afford to live without … Read more

Why Poor Substitutes to the Family Flourish in the Digital World

A recent study conducted by a British organization called OnePoll finds that one-third of Americans cannot even name all four of their grandparents. If this is accurate, far fewer know where their grandparents were born, the nature of the work that they did, or the things that they found interesting. Reflecting on this poll brings … Read more

Why Happy People Don’t Commit Suicide

The Declaration of Independence enshrined the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. By this right, we think we may freely live the life that makes us happy, as long as it is not illegal or violates the rights of others. Many have the illusion that we can achieve perfect happiness on earth. They also think … Read more

The Weird New Trend of the Faceless Job Interview

Few experiences are more stressful than looking for a job. Job-seekers are in the process of convincing others it is worthwhile to employ them, a kind of selling their skills, which is naturally a bit degrading. Accepting probable rejection, they are nonetheless offering much of their lives and selves. In this context, every rejection is … Read more

The Illusions of Instant Communication

We are accustomed to think that instant communications serve us well. They can be depended upon for emergencies and even improve relationships. However, a recent incident made me question just how instant and how communicative our modern gadgets are. A friend of mine was traveling down the road one evening, and his car suddenly broke … Read more

How Our Sense of Place Was Lost

Return to Order How Our Sense of Place Was Lost

The modern mania for movement and change contributes to an unsettled state of mind that manifests itself in a generalized loss of the sense of place. Facilitated by technology, Americans have become a restless people constantly on the move inside this rushed pace of life. We have become a nation of strangers without anchorage in … Read more