A Symbolic Knife Attack Announces the Decapitation of the West

Two bloody beheadings by Islamic militants in France shocked the world. The French government and the media are trying to frame the attacks as only the work of isolated fanatics exposed to radicalized Islam. Such an evaluation is a mistake. Something more ominous is contained in these ghastly deeds. The crimes sent a message that … Read more

How Should America Deal with Iran? Not by Surrendering


The world was stunned on January 3 when the United States military launched a missile strike that killed notorious Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani. Even bigger than the explosion in Baghdad, however, was the debate over the use of force against Iran, and whether the attack would provoke World War III. In fact, Iran has … Read more

9/11: an Attack on America and Psywar Against Order

Return to Order 9/11: an Attack on America and Psywar Against Order

Originally posted on 7, November 2001 by the American TFP. We are faced with the nation’s first postmodern war. It is a war of networks against nations, begun with irrational acts that defy the rational imagination. It is a holy war where one side is secular, and a struggle for democracy involving a deposed king … Read more