The Invincible Courage of Paulette Harlow

The Invincible Courage of Paulette Harlow

The forces of evil are arrayed against those who oppose abortion as the pro-abortion movement is employing new and crueler measures. Liberal prosecutors are now using the nefarious FACE Act to maximize jail sentences and discourage resistance. In the latest chapter in this persecution, rescuer Paulette Harlow was recently found guilty by a pro-abortion judge … Read more

How God Is Acting Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

With most of the nation under stay-at-home orders, the media are taking an upbeat attitude to the tragic lockdown. Most treat it as a temporary measure that we must endure before getting back to normal. Thus, the Internet is full of lists of things we can do while at home. They present lockdown as an … Read more

Why the Church Honors the Blessed Virgin on Saturday


Traditionally the Sabbath, Saturday took on a different meaning after the Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord. The first Holy Saturday was a time serious trials of Faith for the first disciples. The Blessed Virgin alone remained steadfast on this day, and for this the Church gives special honor, as Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira … Read more