The Invincible Courage of Paulette Harlow

The Invincible Courage of Paulette Harlow
The Invincible Courage of Paulette Harlow

The forces of evil are arrayed against those who oppose abortion as the pro-abortion movement is employing new and crueler measures. Liberal prosecutors are now using the nefarious FACE Act to maximize jail sentences and discourage resistance.

In the latest chapter in this persecution, rescuer Paulette Harlow was recently found guilty by a pro-abortion judge on charges of “conspiracy against rights” for her participation in a rescue effort at the infamous Washington Surgi-Clinic in the nation’s capital in October of 2020.

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Pro-abortion Judge Colleen Collar-Kotelly handed down the verdict in a bench trial without a jury. The judge is on record as conjecturing that the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery, might also include a “right” to abortion. Sentencing will take place on March 19.

Facing Health Issues and Other Trials

Her case is truly impressive since everything seems to be turned against the 75-year-old activist. She faces incredible health problems and legal challenges. She nevertheless confronts them with supernatural courage.

Mrs. Harlow has debilitating diabetes and Hashimoto’s disease, an inflammatory thyroid condition. Severe back pains have reduced her to a wheelchair.

She was initially declared unfit to stand trial. However, that decision was reversed in October. To appear in court, she had to travel in a special van that would allow her to lie down on the long trip from her home in Massachusetts to Washington. Just three days before the trial, she had a procedure to alleviate throat problems caused by a hiatal hernia.

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While waiting for trial, she was put under house arrest since the prison did not have the facilities to care for her. Her companions in the rescue, however, were all incarcerated both in pre-trial and while awaiting sentencing.

Trusting in God

Such a situation would be enough to discourage many activists. Despite all these trials and difficulties, Mrs. Harlow remains steadfast trusting in God and confident of victory.

In an interview to LifeSiteNews, she joyfully revealed the secret behind her courage.

“Don’t be weary,” she said. “We are on God’s side, and He is doing so many things for us, because we know that pro-life is what God wants, it’s what He has mandated for us.”

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She sees her setback as an occasion for yet more pro-life activism. Everyone should redouble efforts.

“I encourage everybody, once again, don’t be afraid to get involved, don’t be afraid of counting the cost,” she said.

“He Wants me in Jail”

Mrs. Harlow admits that the prosecutor “wants me in jail” despite her frailty. She notes that her house arrest allowed her to go to the doctor but not to church. During the pre-trial period, the wheal-chair-bound pro-lifer was considered such a risk that she was not allowed to go to Mass or the sacraments. A visiting priest was permitted to come to her once a week.

She takes courage from the prayers of so many who prayed for her, which she called the “whole Mystical Body at work.” The power of Eucharistic adoration is one of her favorite devotions in which she finds strength.

Using the FACE Act

Federal prosecutor Sanjay Patel is using the FACE Act as a tool to intimidate, charge and jail pro-lifers. The law was intended to be used against groups like the Ku Klux Klan that are involved in “violent hate crimes.” It is now being turned against pro-lifers whose only violence is the desire to save lives. The Act’s provisions allow prosecutors to add conspiracy charges that maximize sentences.

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Mrs. Harlow faces up-to-eleven years in prison. The use of the FACE Act demonstrates the special hatred reserved for those who uphold God’s law. This is especially evident in light of the nationwide trend of prosecutors who are doing everything possible to diminish punishment of all types of criminals by abolishing cash bail or dismissing charges.

Courage Like This Will Prevail

Her steadfast courage should be an inspiration for all who oppose the taking of innocent life. However, Paulette would be the first one to admit that her fortitude does not come from herself. It is only possible when those who fight are “on God’s side.” By God’s grace, individuals become capable of supernatural acts of heroism beyond their normal capacity. They are able to confront adversity, confident that when all seems lost, God’s assistance is all the more certain.

This superhuman courage also explains the hatred of the adversaries that employ every possible ploy against those who defend God’s cause. The fortitude of a frail lady terrifies the pro-abortionists who have nothing similar to match it. Courage like this is what must finally prevail in the battle for innocent life.