What Comes After Dobbs? A Natural Law Moment

What Comes After Dobbs? A Natural Law Moment

It has been a year since the celebrated Dobbs decision overturning the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling that found a legal “right” to procured abortion in the U.S. Constitution. Many are now asking what comes after Dobbs as the abortion issue weaves its way through the states. Some conservative states are all but eliminating the … Read more

An Ohio University Professor’s Lawsuit Threatened to Bring the Whole “Woke” World to its Knees

An Ohio University Professor’s Lawsuit Threatened to Bring the Whole "Woke" World to its Knees

Around the nation, Christians cheer the “pronoun” victory of Professor Nicholas Meriweather over the “woke” Shawnee State University in Ohio. Leftists are just as loud in their denunciations. Like most schools, Shawnee State University has a “Mission Statement” designed to be catchy and arrogant: “We Prepare Today’s Students to Succeed in Tomorrow’s World.” Free Book: … Read more

California’s New Anti-Racist Math: Where 2 +2 = Whatever You Want

“When all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done.” The above quote, attributed to many sources, is an all-too-accurate assessment of the state of academia, especially those engaged in Critical Race Theory (CRT). An Ongoing Controversy CRT is at the center of a raging debate over the teaching of history. … Read more

Leftists Wail as States Reject Defective 1619 Project

Critics have denounced the evils of  The 1619 Project as a misdirected and biased application of “Critical Race Theory. Now, some states are rejecting attempts to imposed 1619’s adoption in their schools. Parents and legislators are resisting the 1619 Project because it rewrites America’s history in an un-historic and biased way. They claim the project’s … Read more

Princeton’s Proposed Academic Code leaves no Room for Truth

The faculty of Princeton University presented a list of demands to the administration in the form of a 4,122-word letter with four hundred signatories. Many points would only interest those connected to Princeton. However, one item should concern anyone who believes in universal truth. The demand reads: “Constitute a committee composed entirely of faculty that … Read more

This is How Higher Education Went Mad

“If you were to examine any speech made by a university president fifty years ago, you would find that the word ‘excellence’ occurs with great frequency…. If you made the same examination now, you’d find that ‘diversity’ has taken its place.” This quote summarizes the main idea behind the book, The Breakdown of Higher Education: … Read more

How TED Talks Offer Post-Modern Madness

Almost anyone in academia or business administration has seen a “TED Talk.” These are five to twenty-five-minute lectures first given at TED events. The presentations are then available on YouTube. The Power of TED The power of these talks comes from their easy availability. They have a Creative Commons license. They can be used for … Read more

Truth and Art Defeated by Multiculturalism at Yale

Yale University has announced that it will discontinue a popular art course. It is one more nail in the coffin of a classical education that once dominated academia. The course in question is called “Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present.” It consists of a review of art starting at 1300 down to the … Read more