Three Reasons Not to Watch Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Show

The Super Bowl is the most-watched television show in the country. As the premier sports event viewed by tens of millions of Americans, it should reflect the nation and its values.Three_Reasons_Not_to_Watch_Lady_Gaga’s_Super_Bowl_Show-1024x739 Three Reasons Not to Watch Lady Gaga’s Super  Bowl Show

That is not what is happening this year. In fact, for some years now, the organizers of the event have featured performers who send a message representing the most radical anti-family lifestyles and immoral fashions. This year’s choice is especially unfortunate: Lady Gaga.

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Lady Gaga will be featured as the principal performer during the 12-minute half-time show this Sunday. The pop star is an outspoken advocate of same-sex “marriage” and the LGBT agenda. Her music and dancers typically represent all that is dark, immoral and bizarre on the pop scene. Moreover, she is expected to politicize her show by using it to criticize the new president. The fact that she will be given this most coveted platform for free to deliver her message is a good reason not to watch the half-time show.

There is another reason to turn off the dial. The nation is polarized and featuring her on this show only creates useless divisions that weaken the nation. It makes no sense to put someone on the stage who ridicules the beliefs, morals and political choices of a sizeable part of the population. America faces major challenges in the days ahead. The Super Bowl should be a clash of teams not moralities. This most important unifying event should serve to unite the nation not divide it.

Finally, there are so many who desire America’s return to order. However, they need to make the connection between morality and entertainment. One of the major reasons America is in such bad shape is because the culture is in the hands of those who destroy morals and promote radical anti-family lifestyles—all in the name of entertainment.

The purpose of entertainment is to provide wholesome repose amid the daily trials and hardships of life. Entertainment should not be hijacked to promote a radical agenda that works against those values and institutions that made America great. It’s not just a show. People need to be consistent in aligning their morals with their entertainment choices.

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It is time to stop turning this sporting event into a political statement. After the second quarter, people should exercise their right to turn off Lady Gaga’s half-time show. It has no place in the Super Bowl. It sends the wrong message to the nation.

  • Dale Means

    Boycott the game and (not a Lady) Gaga!

    • Michael

      I say enjoy the game and turn off Lady Gaga. She is unchristian and an immoral person to our society

      • molly

        So many entertainers GO LOW – and LOSE- any particle of- moral .VERY SAD .

    • Jimbo

      Since the Janet Jackson halftime incident, I haven’t watched the Super Bowl intermission. There are quite a few little things I can get done during that short break ( start the weekly laundry, do the dishes, make snacks for the rest of the game, etc.). I have become so disgusted and disappointed with what the media tries to pass off as entertainment, that I no longer have any interest in watching the halftime activities. I consider them
      to be a part of that same category in which I place tedious and unwanted commercials. I have better things to do than to watch that brainless drivel. I remember when intelligent people would address the people in attendance. Not anymore, Monty!!

      • Tayler

        watch the video because i assure you lady gaga did not do anything that will disgust you. her wardrobe are normal and she did not make any statements that will make you throw up or find it political ma’am it’s very interesting there are 300 drones flying too

    • FedUp2

      Award shows, football games etc. aren’t on my watch list anymore. Everyone of them are narcissistic morons not worth my time.

    • GoldenRudy

      Why boycott the game? The Patriots are “pro-Trump”! Well, at least the owner, the coach and QB are pro-Trump.

  • salesgirl


    • SteveL

      Pray a rosary at half time instead !!!

      • Valerie

        Steve, you have the best suggestion! No watching, don’t care, we need to pray for her. She is a lost soul.

        • Old Soldier

          Praying a rosary at halftime is the best suggestion yet. Thank you, Steve!

          • Nita Young

            excellent idea…thanks so much…

      • MgW

        great idea!!

        • Nita Young

          I am so tired of this evil leftist stupidity…God Bless and help our new President who is trying to protect our nation and restore God to His rightful place…bringing morals and goodness back where they belong….Kuetsa nailed the situation perfectly…..(below)

          • Kristine L.

            “. . .restore God to His rightful place.” You mean by using the National Prayer Breakfast as an occasion to brag on himself & flippantly pray about Arnold Schwarzenegger & a silly TV show’s ratings? Guess nothing should surprise me as during the campaign, DT stated that he never needs to pray for forgiveness as he’s never done anything wrong. Yes, he really did say that – it’s out there on tape, somewhere.

          • Shon Chavez

            I wish everyone would read up on everything DT has said throughout the campaign.

          • Kristine L.

            It’s crazy and just downright scary where we’ve landed . . I would so much rather have seen Jeb Bush, instead, get the White House. At least he is a man who shows respect and reverence towards God and takes his faith walk seriously. I think with him, it is not just all about Jeb but that he does genuinely care & think about others, has a basic goodness of heart to him. I like John Kasich, too, but happy to keep him as our Governor, for now.

          • Shon Chavez

            I agree.

          • Shon Chavez

            ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? trump has NO morals. It just blows me away when Christians call him Godly and a man of God, then turn around and judge and name call another person (Lady Gaga) a whore. NONE of what I have read here seems “Christian” to me.

      • Carol Streeter Fox

        Great idea!

      • Ford

        Absolutely!!! This is probably the most opportune time in the United States to say a family rosary. A lot of family is assembled. The halftime shows are trashy (understatement). The country needs to pray as a whole. Our family has been doing this for a few years, and it has become a tradition now.

  • Clive Pearce

    As an Australian, I feel sorrow for the moral decline in America. May the new order bring America back to Christianity.

    • MgW

      Thanks but “new administration” would be a better term…or new AMERICAN order” Thank you for your support of oir beloved country!

      • molly

        A NEW ORDER of things, WAS- FAR past due.

    • Robert Goercke

      Yeah. you are so right. The moral decline in this nation is embarrassing but the new order isn’t Christianity.

      • molly

        What would you say that it is? You left us out within the – not knowing-

        • Robert Goercke

          I must admit. Although I am not at all a fan of Lady Gaga, I felt that the half time show was very entertaining, that she is a very talented individual and did a great job. I must apologize for my previous statement and I was judgmental, and as a result, I was proven wrong.

        • Robert Goercke

          Hi. I’m not really sure I understand your statement. “what would you say this is”
          1) what would I say what is? “You left us out within the- not knowing’ 2) left you out of what? Not knowing what? Your statement are confusing, please clarify. Thanks

      • molly

        You are right. It is becoming – A NIGHTMARE, that many can not comprehend . Where we stand, is, critical . It is sad, that we have declined into this. ALL around the world, we are seen, as A REAL MESS.
        I keep praying, that those who are American citizens, will WAKE UP and help the rest of us Americans, who understand- what must be done, will gather, together, with us, that we can straighten this country out from the mess we have allowed it to get into.

        • Robert Goercke

          So right but the problem is that many are unwilling to open their eyes. “You see the truth but you close your eyes”. So many are saying that there is nothing we can do about it when there is.

    • Kristine L.

      Hi Clive, I too, thank you for your thoughtful concern towards our country. I think the most profound, dynamic & powerful change for our society will come from the bottom up, not from the top down. If more people would dedicate themselves to reading, studying The Word and then live into it day by day, by letting it guide their choices & ways of living with & loving others, we, as a nation, will come to be in a better place. That and also a humbling of oneself and seeking forgiveness & time with God in prayer. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Donald Trump seems to have missed this particular truth as he declared while campaigning that he has never needed to pray for forgiveness as he has never done anything wrong. His bragging & flippant prayer attitude at the recent National Prayer Breakfast also speak volumes. No, we cannot look to the top for our spiritual example, unless the ‘top’ is a much higher authority, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless you, and please keep our country lifted up in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

      • Clive Pearce

        How true. The grassroots of America need to speak up.
        God Bless

        • Tonya Parisi

          They did and trump won

    • molly

      THANK YOU.. The God of Abraham ,- WILL, step forth, and as we all have the choice to stand where we will, choose to, and- IF he comes as a thief in the night, our choice, will present, to each, our personal eternity, – served up justice.
      Christians pray, and God hears us, as he heard our sadness over the way that America has slipped to. He has given a chance to America, and it will not be robbed, because, it is -GOD GIVEN – to those of us who have prayed for his – help .

    • Tonya Parisi

      Thank you. Pray for us…

    • Laura

      That is a joke I hope. What is “Christian like” about Donald Trump?

      • Mattcampbell62

        The only thing that stands out to me is that Trump said that he was embarrassed for his words from years ago; the 1st President in a long time to humble himself in front of the nation. The other candidate never showed any remorse for anything. This is what gives me hope for this presidency.

      • Danell Aerts

        Well, you know, cheating on his wives, being married 3 times, and, from the look of fear on Malania’s face whenever she is with him, possibly spousal abuse; yep, a fine upstanding Christian man

      • BustHer

        I will tell you… Under a Donald Trump presidency no longer will christian charities be forced into paying abortion costs to kill babies.

  • joisygoil

    I agree – watch the game and turn off the half time show. The advertisers have spent big bucks for their ads. If the word gets out that many people are not watching the half time and ads maybe there will be a change next years. Unfortunately I think it is too late to make them change it this year.

    • Vlad

      nothing is too late to change

      • Carol Streeter Fox


  • PatriciaFraide

    I for one and my family will Not be watching the half time show. Lady Gaga is disgusting in everything she represents! Personally I have never listened or watched any of her songs or performances and I won’t start now! The game we will watch.

    • Clive Munson

      Super Bowl half-time shows have been featuring raunchy performers lately because NFL leadership has aligned itself with the culture of death. Just consider the NFL’s position on North Carolina’s single sex bathroom law, the way Tim Tebow was treated due to his willingness to express his Christian faith and how the NFL has (not) handled the Colin Kaepernick scandal. Lady Gaga is only a symptom of a much deeper problem. Since the NFL only seems to care about money, then the best way to let them know you disapprove is to not tune in at all.

  • Fatima

    She is not a lady. She is a whore who sold her soul to the New World Order which is 100% satanic Masonic Freemasonry. The roots of all evils and blasphemy against God, enemy of all nations. Don’t give them any supports in any shapes or forms.

    • KC135TopBoom

      I don’t know if the Free Masons are satanic, or not, but I agree with everything else you said.

      • peetie

        They are satanic I as a Christian and many others have known this for many years

      • Jerryb53

        Free Masonry is definitely Satanic, especially when you get higher up the degrees of Masonry. Watch this video. It will shock you.

    • regina

      I agree she’s not a lady. Where I come from gaga means IDIOT. So if she considered herself a lady, she’s lady IDIOT that is why she does what she does..

    • Jerryb53

      The Whore of Babylon.

      • molly

        at least, a relative .

        • Jerryb53

          I was talking about America.

  • Jere Joiner

    Now I’ll watch it FOR SURE! No, I’m just kidding. I’ll watch the game but turn it off the minute she goes on-stage and won’t turn it back on again until I’m sure her “show” is over. Hopefully, the ratings will record my shut-down television set. I support boycotting Gaga and all she stands for.

  • Lynn Warner

    She’s Satanic and will be performing some type of Satanic ritual during her performance. Do not expose yourself to this evil.

  • Andrew F. Castaneda

    Don’t have to worry about the half-time show; not watching any part of it. Nothing ever changes especially with the behavior in Hollywood because too many people are addicted to the rubbish that comes out of there. If there wasn’t a market for their trash obviously the advertisers wouldn’t buy TV time. Our culture has to wean itself of all this decadence and we’re all responsible in this category. We shouldn’t have to wait for a natural catastrophe to bring us to our knees but as a society we’ll be subjected to the realities of our foolishness.


    I’ve boycotted the NFL all season. There is an ideological political war RAGING right now. The NFL supports “PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY”. Can’t watch any more. Eff the NFL and Progressive socialist/communist Nazi democrats who are subverting our constitution and borders for a globalist agenda.

    • Constantine Valantasis

      I’m with you Kuetsa. I didn’t watch a single game all season. Seeing these these over paid brats disrespecting the flag of the very same country that has blessed with the opportunity to make millions sickened me to the very core of my soul.

    • dennodog

      I haven’t watched a complete quarter in over 25 years. It seems to me, anyway, that’s when the stupidity started to get out of control.

    • Kristine L.

      ?? Nazis come from the far right, not the left, just as they did in 1930’s Germany. Any history book will tell you that. If you’re looking for a modern day frame of reference, look no further than alt- right, white nationalist, white supremacist, anti Semitic Steve Bannon. He’s probably the one responsible for the signing of the anti Immigrant / Refugee Exec. Order on Holocaust Remembrance Day – of all days.

      • KUETSA

        The Nazi’s are the ones with the violent intimidation mobs out in the streets shutting down political opposition – just like they did in the 30’s – The Nazis are the ones working relentlessly to disarm citizens. OVERWHELMING immigration is the tactic global progressives are using to “change” the demographics of the western democracies – SOCIAL ENGINEERING – and of course anything less than open borders “IS RACIST” – If you look at Europe and see the TROUBLE they are having from immigration, and YOU WANT THAT HERE – you are either ignorant – or – AN ANTI-AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT NAZI WORKING TO SUBVERT OUR CONSTITUTION AND SOVEREIGNTY (Which would make YOU the enemy) NO foreigner has a RIGHT to come here. If Muslims are a problem – all Muslims aren’t terrorists – however – around the world at this time – MOST terrorists are Muslims. We have the right to restrict anyone we feel the need to. Unregulated immigration from those countries poses a terrorist threat. WE suffered through Obama’s open border nightmare. Those days are gone. Progressive globalism has been replaced with national security. Smart.

        • Kristine L.

          I am a Christian who does my best to follow the teachings of the Bible and Christ. Whether you read the Bible yourself or hear it read aloud, you cannot escape its plain and powerful message: we are to love our neighbor as ourselves (Parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37) to welcome the stranger among us (Deuteronomy 10:19) to be salt and light in this world (Matthew 5:13-16) and to do justice, love mercy and to walk humbly with our God ( Micah 6:8) Jesus says in Matt. 7:12, “Do into others as you would have others do unto you.” So. . .You will not find in the Bible, any wiggle room for shutting out this or that group of people. Our Bishop, in fact, has called the Bible the ultimate Immigration handbook. I also find the thoughts of St. Ignatius Loyola very inspiring – how does Christ like and deserve to be served? With our whole hearts, right? Jesus commanded us to do some hard, radical things, really, to give and not to count the cost as Loyola says. People will continue to wander the face of this earth long after you & I are gone. The greater issue is how we live our lives towards God in how we treat them. I am thinking of how one day I will have to meet my Maker and account for whatever good I did & left behind me in this world. God bless you.

          • KUETSA

            St Joseph protected his flock from wolves – there is no suicidal expectation to invite the enemy in – Beyond outright terrorist murder – rapes, beatings, disruption of society – a view of non-muslims as less than equal, livestock, to be raped with no regard, it’s happening all over Europe, and suppressed. We owe a safe, stable future to our kids as well. Importing a culture that openly hates our culture is foolish. Go walk a random street in one of these banned Islamic countries, (It’s not just ISIS – They ALL hate and want to kill Americans) see what happens to you American girl. You are a naive fool to bring that here willingly. But – you are not alone – “Progressive” fools are committing national and cultural SUICIDE all across Europe. YOU are not in charge of keeping America safe (thank god) – your priority is thinking of the progressive propaganda view of “helpless refugees” – and when they get here – they are a violent AGGRESSIVE horde that hates and travels in packs. (happening all over EU) Your compassion is being deceived into working for a subversive globalist push to topple western democracies to form a global socialist union, at the expense of the safety of western citizens. We are at war, in casr you haven’t figured it out.

          • Russ

            Your explanation of the folly of the opposition to Trump’s “Muslim ban” is the best I’ve heard/read. Thank you.

          • Kristine L.

            But in a previous post, you said, yourself, that not all Muslims are terrorists. . .And no matter how many of them perceive us (according to you, that is) we, as Christians, are not to view anyone created in the image of God as less than equal or like livestock. We’re not to go there. If we do, we’re no better than Himmler, Hess and all the other cold, cruel minds found inside the Third Reich. Two wrongs directed at each other do not make a right. We are to set a better example than that.

          • KUETSA

            Not at the expense of our own safety!

          • Mattcampbell62

            And you don’t even have to go to another country to experience that same danger. Try Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

          • Justme Darlin

            Since God has laid that on your heart, open the doors of your personal home and foster a family of immigrants. I can love them all day long and not feel compelled to invite them to live with me. It seems you have a calling.

          • Kristine L.

            Hi, yes, you’re right. I have been thinking of doing just that. I try to be a person who follows through and not be all talk, no walk. Thank you for your reply.

          • Deborah Hanback

            So you’ll be taking a few home with you. Right? It wouldnt be so bad all the riots and demonstrations if these people would line up and take at least 1 home.

          • Kristine L.

            Look at my comment below.

          • Mattcampbell62

            You should love your neighbor, but no where in the Old or New Testament does it even hint that you should invite rapists and murderers into your home. God has never suggested suicide by religious zealots or otherwise.

          • Kristine L.

            But how do you know they are those things, Matt? Because of a generalized assumption? Not every single Muslim is a terrorist, rapist or murderer – I doubt very much the women & children are. I know you have the right to your opinion, everyone does, but I am so tired, saddened & discouraged by all the hatred I either hear or read (even here, in a follow-up to a religious article) against fellow human beings, each one created & loved by God and gifted with talents, abilities. They are people, too, you know, not just labels we slap on them such as immigrant or refugee. I’m sure it is right indeed, to be careful, yes, but won’t the ‘extreme vetting’ help with that? I feel called to help somehow, and am praying for more guidance. Goodnight and thank you, Matt, for voicing your thoughts in a non- combative way.

          • Lynn Warner

            For God’s sake, the Koran says “Kill the idolaters wherever you find them.” 9:5. Look it up , please. The only Muslims who don’t believe this have either not read the Koran, or just don’t follow it. A lot of Christians have not read the Bible either, or don’t follow it. You are supposed to help each other, pray for each other, but you are not supposed to kill each other. Who’s killing who here and attacking who? It isn’t only radical Muslims but Satanists. I don’t really care about how they label themselves, but I can feel evil. If you can’t, you’re in denial. God bless you.

          • Kristine L.

            God bless you, too, Lynn.

          • Mattcampbell62

            I guess my next question to you would be which of these immigrants would you invite to live with you in your home? Because that is ultimately what we are doing in a fairly indiscriminate way. In the last 10 or 20 years we have turned the word “discrimination” into a dirty word, and yet it is that very word that helps you to keep your family safe every night. Most people lock the doors to their house at night; not to push people out, or to treat less fortunate people poorly, but to keep their families safe from harm. We claim that we are all emigrants, which is a true statement, but many of the people who are screaming that phrase are leaving out the wisdom that is quite obvious, in that there is a great and obvious danger that is equally important to account for. I believe that people who are against indiscriminate immigration are not against emigrants, but against the lack luster way that it is being done.

            My wife is an emigrant, and I can’t imagine my life without her, but we also went through the 3 year process, and the $3,000.00 that we couldn’t afford at that time early in our marriage. My wife is a wonderful citizen, and a credit to this country. But she has also assimilated in every important way possible. She speaks English, and she “shows herself friendly” and has been a positive part of every community we have lived in for the last 26 years.

            What I see today are foreign people who are simply here to get what they can at the expense of the public, and don’t understand that they have a responsibility to provide for themselves and become a part of American culture. I blame that on our government policies and those who support indiscriminate entrance to our country. WE have made our homes a more dangerous place because of our foolishness and a false sense of compassion in the process.

            So to answer your original question; I don’t know which ones are dangerous, but I do know that 1% is too high, and that is a higher risk than I am willing to take against the safety of my family. If there were 100 bottles of water, and only 1 of them were laced with a indistinguishable deadly poison, how many of them would you be willing to drink? At this point there is no other group on earth that comes close to having the high percentage of terrorists as what Muslims have. That information coupled with 1,400 years of history and the strategy of overwhelming a society with “peaceful” Muslims, then taking the nation by force once they become a majority, or simply have the fire power to make the rest of the country comply, is simply what is going on right now in Europe, as well as here in the U.S. We have a dual responsibility to help others, as well as to provide comforts and safety to our own. So it is not hatred that is at the head of this, but frustration that has turned to anger by citizens whose President swore on the Bible to protect them from enemies, both foreign and domestic. We have had attack after attack by the same subgroup of people for the last 8 years, and half of the country feels betrayed by leadership and the process that allowed the murder of American citizens.

            It is admirable that you want to help, and so you should, but you will be most effective if you do so with both eyes open. You are correct that these people are created by God, and are not just a label, but in understanding the male-dominated religion that we are dealing with, you must also recognize, and acknowledge the the threat that we are facing. All of these God-created people were also born with a sin nature that has been amplified by a violent and sinful religion that is in complete opposition to our Bible and our Constitution. Without those two things, there is nothing to protect the very women and children that you are burdened for. America, in a single generation, could become just like what millions of them are fleeing from. Then what would be left to save them?

          • Kristine L.

            Hi again, Matt, and thank you for all your thoughtful input. You lay out your points and questions quite well, orderly, coherently and without shouting – thank you. I really do appreciate the way you share your thoughts and advice in a calm, respectful manner. Not sure I can fully agree on everything you say, but your given examples are worth consideration, as well as your sensible advice to approach with both eyes open.

            Guess while I’m on here, I’ll say that I haven’t as yet felt my safety or that of my loved ones to be threatened by a Muslim terrorist. I know it’s possible, yes, that something could possibly happen to one of them by a terrorist, you can’t cross it out. But tragedy could just as easily (and more likely, I think) come to them (or any one of us) by the violent hand of an unhappy, disturbed, white American male, at say, a WalMart, a movie theater, who knows, right? Yet, we don’t give in to that fear and hunker down in our homes, afraid to ever go out, because that would be silly. Personally, I’ve lost more sleep worrying about my daughters’ making it through high school unharmed. I mean, they have known of some really troubled kids, mentally & emotionally. In junior high, there was a girl who told one of our daughters that she wanted to kill her (our daughter)- and how, then told other kids that, too. So, we had to take it to the principal. So, that’s where a threat to safety has felt close & personal for me. Anyway, sorry I’ve rambled so and thanks for reading all that. God bless.

          • Mattcampbell62

            You make a very important point about the dangers we face from citizens who are here and have, perhaps many generations of ancestors who were also born here. Danger is danger, regardless of who embodies the threat, and that threat, too must be dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner to keep your daughter safe. However, in spite of the fact that Muslims make up only 1% of America’s population they make up a much higher percentage of Americas homicide statistics. If they were truly a religion of peace they would make up less than 1% or our issues of violence; wouldn’t they? You are faced with a religion whose stated purpose is to dominate the world; whose stated, written rationale is to justify lying to and killing non-Muslims if it achieves a purpose or a goal in favor of Islam.

            When Muslim dominated countries refuse to help these people who are related by religion, culture, and history, it probably is not in our best interest admitting very many for all of the above reasons. On the other hand, when taking the opportunity to witness or spread the gospel to someone who so desperately needs it, this is certainly a wonderful opportunity. I think when you look at the Old Testament, you may recognize that the Israelites did not become unequally yoked with the Canaanites, nor did they allow the Canaanites to educate their children. So while Jesus would want you to open your heart to any and all people, he would not have recommended exposing the bodies and minds of your children and loved ones to the physical and spiritual danger that they represent. Now if you are called to go to such people, that is altogether different, but to protest the protections of your friends and fellow citizens might be placing your convictions at the possible expense of others..

            The other thing I notice is the presentation of information in our country. Here in San Francisco, there was a little 11 or 12 year old girl from Yemen whose entry was delayed for several days due to President Trump’s travel ban. This was all blown up as some big scandal, but the truth was that this process had been in the works for 7 years. What this means is that for almost the entirety of President Obama’s presidency, this little girl had been banned. Or if you want to look at it from another point, this little girl had been denied entry to our country for over half her life under Democrat control, under President Trump, she was only denied entry for what was essentially a few hours.
            I too have not felt threatened personally, but the lives of my fellow citizens have merit and value, and if I am to not learn from their loss of life, I would be no wiser than the German citizens who turned a blind eye in 1930’s Germany. The players may be different in 2017, but the intent is the same. The rules may be different, but the opportunity to anticipate the obvious seems quite plain.

            Stay encouraged Kristine.

          • Kristine L.

            Thanks yet again, Matt, for taking the time & care to respond in a helpful, insightful way. I want you to know that I do think about the points you make and truly see the value, as you advise, in first becoming more well informed. Your last point made, about 1930’s Germany sticks hard with me as I have always had inside me, a deep affinity for Anne Frank’s story, a deep sorrow for all who had to endure the horrors of a concentration camp. My father is a 93 yr old 29th Div. US Army D-Day veteran and the scene in the play or movie of Anne’s story, where she rejoices at the Normandy Invasion and says “friends are on the way!” always undoes me as my dad was one of those ‘friends.’ An uncle (deceased) saw one of the concentration camps just after its liberation. He said he could smell it before he could see it – how could anyone around there not know of it? What makes the story even harder to bear is how desperately Otto Frank tried in 1940-41 to find refuge in the US but was turned away on account of the strict Jewish Immigration/Refugee quotas, along with the fears of Communists/spies sneaking in amongst the Jews. Even knowing an official in the Roosevelt administration and being able to speak some English wasn’t good enough to get his family over here. Then, too, in 1939, there was the St. Louis Manifest ship, full of German Jews, that pulled into a US harbor but was forced to sail straight back to Europe, where the boat’s occupants, children among them, then perished in Auschwitz. All this to say I guess it’s why I feel so compelled to help in this case, the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII – to kind of make it up to her/them in a way. I wasn’t around back then but that maybe I can do something now. . .

            To close – please don’t think I wrote of this to cancel out the worth and validity of your insights so far. That’s not the case at all, as I do value them. Just sharing a bit of background as to why I feel the urge to help. Thanks again for your listening ear & The Lord be with you.


          • Mattcampbell62

            I feel similar to you for the same reasons, but the difference that I see this time is that the refugees, in this case, come to our country with the same religion and philosophy as their tormentors. So while this violence is a terrible thing, I don’t see even American Muslims denouncing it or rising up against it. It is this complicitness that has eroded my confidence on the long term motivation of these refugees. I believe that it is more likely that the majority of the refugees will see their journey to the U.S. as a test by Allah, vs a saving grace from God. As most of the refugees seem to be contained in segregated communities, there is little to no assimilation. There doesn’t seem to be a need or a motivation as long as their material needs are continually met with little or no personal investment. We can also see the results of the refugees from these same countries in Germany, and France.

            Have you been able to see any videos about what is going on there right now?

            The personal stories of those who are kept out continue to be heart wrenching. An Ethiopian man from my wife’s home country, along with his Muslim wife from Somalia, are currently in a Refugee camp in Kenya waiting to come to America, but have been blocked at this point.

            How do we balance compassion with security?

          • Mattcampbell62

            I just saw this. Interesting and daunting.


          • Mattcampbell62

            I can only assume that this is not fake news.


          • Kristine L.

            Thanks again, Matt, for more of your time & insight. Dialogue with you has been helpful and worthwhile. God bless!

          • Mattcampbell62

            This too was quite interesting.


          • Mattcampbell62

            I know this is over the top, but here is what is going on in Sweden right now.


        • molly


        • maren

          all of the progressive protests going on aren’t violent mobs. they are peaceful protests. and why would the right to protest be an amendment to the constitution if people didn’t think it was important? because it is important. and the people who are protesting are doing it to protest someone who doesn’t accept others’ beliefs and culture. and an example of someone who shuts out a belief is a nazi. so do not call progressives nazis because you are mistaken. this country was founded on immigration. that’s who we are. we let people in, with screening i might add, because they’re looking for a better life. it happened when europeans came in the 1600s when the germans and irish came in the mid 19th century, and even today. do not call people anti american just because they don’t agree with you. i do not agree with you and i love the country just as much. we both want what’s best for it and that’s what matters.

          • KUETSA

            Why would “the right of the people to keep AND BEAR arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” be an amendment to the constitution if people didn’t think it was important? The wave of immigration early last century had everyone coming through Ellis Island – screened for diseases – needed a “sponsor” to live with and a job lined up – NO WELFARE – NO FOOD STAMPS – papers from where they came and a place to live till on their own, AND THERE WERE QUOTAS. Progressives want UNLIMITED – OVERWHELMING immigration – same tactic as in Europe – to change the voting demographic to their advantage – The “peaceful protests” you speak of are violent intimidation mobs – (read the first amendment – there is NO right to “protest” – were you aware?)
            1st Amendment:

            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
            prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
            speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
            assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

            There is no constitutional right at all for what went on at Berkley. No constitutional right for anyone – whatever religion to come to the United States. I like the way the constitution is SO SACRED to enable left wing subversion – yet an archaic piece of outdated crap to be reinterpreted away to ineffectiveness when it comes to the second amendment.

            Yea – “someone who shuts out a belief is a Nazi” – so you say – I guess you are UNAWARE that there were NEVER Trump supporters out shutting down and blocking Clinton rallies. It was ALWAYS “PROGRESSIVE NAZI BROWNSHIRT MOBS” blocking intimidating, attacking Trump supporters at rallies. SHUTTING DOWN POLITICAL OPPOSITION. That’s what Nazis do. At Berkley the Nazi intimidation mobs successfully shut down the Milo Yiannopoulos speech. At NYU they shut down the Gavin McInnes speech.

            WAKE UP! The days of putting forth the Obama fantasy alternate reality world are over. America is dealing with SUBVERSION from a point of REALITY!

          • Lynn Warner

            And that works when immigrants respect our Constitution and don’t try to take over. Otherwise it’s infiltration and destruction from within.

      • Seikku Kaita

        Actually, (if you are referring to the 1930’s German nazies) did NOT come from right, they were left wing. As most of the disasters around the world.

        • Kristine L.

          From the website page of The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (their words, not mine) “Before the onset of the Great Depression in Germany in 1929-1930, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (or Nazi party for short) was a small party on the radical right of the German political spectrum.”

  • jrj90620

    Why would I watch the halftime show?I’m in it for the football.

  • Zephaniah

    If enough people let them know we are not watching the half time show, perhaps some of the sponsors will get the idea and pull out… We should also refuse to purchase anything from the sponsors of the game …

    • MgW

      Already boycotting Budwieser because of a subtely anti-Trump superbowl commercial they have planned to humiliate Trump and make him seem cruel and mean to immigrants. I will boycott all the other sponsers too.

      • GoldenRudy

        Bud is not an American beer for the past few years. It is owned by Imbev, a foreign conglomerate of beverages, and not the Busch Family. People are fooled into thinking Bud is the “Bud” of a decade ago.

        • MgW

          ye ? so what? I am boycotting them anyway.

      • molly

        MONEY AND GREED FOR MORE MONEY. IT IS OF THEIR -HEARTBEAT .WHATEVER THEY WANT- THEY- have no borders. ANYTHING-GOES, UNTIL- Judgement Day, and let’s see how THAT, LINEUP goes for them .

  • JMJ

    Since Gag-Gag (then vomit) was at the “Woman’s March” believe in all fairness Tim Tebow’s mom should get to do an anti-1/2 time show for the rest of U.S.

    “Katy Perry, 32, Scarlett Johansson, 32, Miley Cyrus, 24, Zendaya, 20, Cher, 70, Lady Gaga, 30, Amy Schumer, 35, and Jessica Chastain, 39, were just a few of the famous faces spotted among the legions of protesters marching for women’s rights. Ashley Judd, 48, America Ferrera, 32, and Scarlett were among the high profile attendees who took to the stage to speak.”

  • Michael

    Who decides what goes on at halftime anyway?

    • fiftysevenchevy

      That’s what I’D like to know????? When you find out, let me know! Thanks!!!! Definitely LIB-TARDS!!!!

  • Stephanie Stubblefield

    I will be watching the Super Bowl as I love football. However, I’m sick and tired of celebrities using these venues for their political views. Entertainment has long been lost!

    • fiftysevenchevy

      She wouldn’t make a pimple on a celebrities A$$

  • Hugh Miller

    Break time!!! Whether you watch the game or not at least during that 12 minute break visit and get a whiff of reality. If you aren’t also fed up fed up with your children and grandchildren being taught in both Catholic as well as public schools that they have evolved from a common ancestor with chimps, baboons and orangutans over millions of years you should be. And of course they are told that they came out of the Big Bang and star dust some 13.5 billion years ago. In most Catholic schools god with a small g used evolution to create which flies in the face of scripture and the foundation of our faith. Is it any wonder that droves of Catholic students lose their faith after four years of college? Please take 12 minutes to study that web site which I thank almighty God daily for allowing me to have participated in much of that research. I am 85 and an active research chemist and my web site manager, Bill White is an electrical engineer. We are members of the International Paleo-chronology Group (IPG) with scientific members from Australia, France, Germany, Poland and the USA. Some members work with the Kolbe Center director, Hugh Owen and give seminars and lectures world-wide telling our listeners the truth that evolution theory of descent from a common ancestor is the root cause for the culture of death and continued moral decay. We may have been given a 4 year reprieve from a well-deserved chastisement so let’s make the most of it by fighting and praying against that which Gaga and the Plan Parenthoods stand for. Let’s light a candle and change the world!

    • Karen

      Humble thanks to you John as always.
      Thank you Hugh for the great input and info/links!

  • Brent Way

    I agree with the majority. The NFL should stand with God and America. That’s who we were founded upon. The Bible , God and its teachings. In GOD we trust. Ring a bell? All of these liberal morons are taking this nation into total chaos. Bunch of freaaaggggggiiinnnn idiots. I will prob watch both the game and halftime show. But only the halftime show to help expose the nastiness we allow into our society and family shows so people will be informed and stand up against the liberal ignorance and blasphemy of GOD our creator. Liberals have PROVEN their IGNORANCE. They don’t and won’t get smarter. It’s like a cult. Their just born into dumbness. May GOD have mercy on your souls. You know Not what U do…….. morons.

    • GoldenRudy

      Bring back the marching bands like the SB had decades ago. Cheaper and better music. Better entertainment too.

      • Black Swan

        I agree. Marching band music is more in tune, so to speak, with a highly physical and almost warlike contest like the Super Bowl. If they can’t find a good marching band in a hurry, let them borrow the one from Ohio State, TBDBITL!! Go Pats, and also Go Bucks!

    • Clare Johnson

      We are a secular nation and the NFL has no duty to stand with any deity.

  • Daniel Mount

    Lady Gaga is not a good person that people think she is. She is a Satan worshiper. She has the nerve to say that she is a Catholic but dose not know how to bless herself. Previously she was seen on the web calibrating some crazy Satan worship with a well known Satanist drinking what looked to be blood that was pored onto a nagged Dead woman’s Body. She is Evil and is just as evil as all of her fellow Liberal Democrats and was a very big fan of Crooked Hillary Clinton. Hillary and Bill are both Satan worshipers as well.

    • GoldenRudy

      Her claiming to be “Catholic” is the responsibility of Catholic hierarchy to publicly denounce her. But if they did that, the list would be extremely long with the names of public figures and politicians like Pelosi, Cuomo, Kaine, Durbin, etc.

      • Clare Johnson

        Catholic Church at present is a bit more open minded and forgiving. They don’t turn people way, they try to embrace and include.

        • GoldenRudy

          One cannot be “open minded” regarding evil and misrepresentation of the truth the RCC has as dogma. It is the duty of its leaders to call such evil out, regardless of the PC blow-back. Maybe if the RCC starts with politicians and let the “word” trickle down to performers would be a good start. Scandalizing both believers and non-beleivers is never an option. Also, can the RCC “forgive” sins without a firm act of contrition? I do not think so.

    • Shon Chavez

      That is very “Christian” of you judging all Liberal Democrats as evil.

      • Daniel Mount

        Ether you are just as Evil a Democrat or your just plane stupid? Just look at all the evil that was brought to America by Obama and Crooked Hillary Clinton. 2-9 foot tall statues of Satan put up in Chicago and Washington DC. Gay Marriage very evil. Democrats Okaying the mass killing of Christians in the Middle East. As they sent them all types of weapons and war machines so they “ISIS” can carry out the mass killings of Christian Men, Women and Children being beheaded as Muslim Obama went to play golf with a smile and did nothing to stop it. I can go on if you like? All of you Democrats are evil. Donald Trump wants only to do good for America but yet again all of you stupid evil Democrats want to stop him from doing good for the American people??? It is the Democrats that are trying to block every step that President Trump makes. Ask yourself WHY? He wants to protect us from the very animals that are killing Christians and want to kill all Americans as well. You let all of the Enemy into America you will have mass killings like the world has never seen. Please wake up people.

        • Kristine L.

          Might want to fix your spelling of ‘plane’ to plain for that context. But on to other things – how do you know that those of us whom you brand as ‘ stupid, evil Democrats’ have never voted for a Republican? I certainly have. I am happy with and proud of our Republican Governor John Kasich. I’d vote for him tomorrow if he was up for re-election. I think he’s done a much better job than his Democratic predecessor, Strickland. And years & years ago, I voted twice for George H.W. Bush because I liked and respected the man. I still do & pray he has more birthdays to come. I was not as impressed with his son George W. but hey, I’d rather have him back or his brother Jeb in the WH than who we have right now.

        • Shon Chavez

          It is people like you that have turned me away from Christianity. You and many of you so called “Christians” are so judgmental and frankly straight up mean! You called me evil and stupid in your first sentence. Let’s really talk about evil shall we? trump’s assistant, Flynn, during the campaign spoke with Russia. They spoke with a FOREIGN POWER regarding our election and sanctions that Obama put into place. Then Russia interfered in our election and low and behold who is now our president? That is treason and trump should be impeached and jailed. He is the crooked one!
          P.S. Plane = Airplane
          Plain = plain1
          not decorated or elaborate; simple or ordinary in character.
          “good plain food”
          synonyms: simple, ordinary, unadorned, unembellished, unornamented, unostentatious, unfussy, basic, modest, unsophisticated, without frills, homespun; More
          easy to perceive or understand; clear.
          “the advantages were plain to see”
          synonyms: obvious, clear, crystal clear, evident, apparent, manifest, patent; More
          clearly; unequivocally (used for emphasis).
          “perhaps the youth was just plain stupid”
          synonyms: downright, utterly, absolutely, completely, totally, really, thoroughly, positively, simply, unquestionably, undeniably; informalplumb
          “this is just plain stupid”
          a large area of flat land with few trees.
          synonyms: grassland, prairie, flatland, lowland, pasture, meadowland, savanna, steppe; More

  • Daniel Mount

    If you are a Christian and a Catholic you should Boycott the Supper Bowl.

    • GoldenRudy

      I don’t get the “Catholic” aspect of your admonition.

  • MgW

    I and my family wont be watching this disgusting Luciferian “enterTAINTer”! Lady Gaga is friends with the Satanist witch spirit cooking friend of John Podesta, Marina Abramovic. I hope that at least 90 percent pf the crowd boooooooos her. and leave their seats.

    • saintoftheday

      I share your hopes about the “Lady”. I will take the advice of comments and use halftime for praying the rosary.

  • Cornelius Josmardhi Hardhyono

    Hmm why some posting tell America needs fatimah is fake but for me return to order and Magisterium is important there is no chance to reject this movement,in Indonesia I have promoted this movement because the most important thing for us is back to the basic our church order that’s means back to magisterium ,God bless Indonesia,God bless America God bless our church amien

  • KC135TopBoom

    My family and I are New England Patriot fans, we will be watching the game. But we will not watch the halftime ‘show’. We have not watched halftime shows since Janet Jackson’s infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

  • Carol Streeter Fox

    We could see the moral decline in television programing. So two years ago we disconnected to cable. We don’t have dish or any other way of watching the secular media or shows. We do, however, get our news & information from TFP and other Catholic venues so that all our info is filtered through the Catholic Faith. One thing I must remind myself, I must remember, that we are all God’s people and He loves us all the same. I have never agreed with Lady Gaga (& you all are right, she is no lady), but I cannot trash her, as she is loved by our Creator. I don’t let those who are “angry & resentful” about the ways of God, let me become the same way, “angry & resentful”. We all need to rise up, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, they just may “see the light” and no longer live in their satanic world and come to know the Lord…. through you. God Bless you all! 🙂 (No Super Bowl in this home. The Rosary it is!!)

  • Mike

    Won’t watch. Nfl is out of touch with decency and holds hands with the perverse.

  • Monica Jean Potts

    I will not be watching this godless tramp.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    I haven’t watched a Stupor-Bowl for 10-12 years maybe. Trust me, life goes on without sports. When asked what he thought about “pro” sports, Ivan Dragicevic said “sports are fun, but will not save your soul.” That pretty much summed it up for me. Why bother? Now that there is a concerted effort to damn your soul by the infamous Un-lady Gaga, why support it in any fashion?

  • Diane

    Without God we are nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • burkie

    I feel so validated reading all these comments, they help me realize that I am not alone in my values and thinking. Thank you everyone for your morals and beliefs !
    God bless you

  • BK

    I agree with turning off Lady Gaga’s halftime display of immoral and her support of everything that is not of God! This display will be an image of the devil himself! Not even considering the young people of our America will be watching. Nothing but poison to the mind!
    What a disgrace to use this to influence immorality!
    Lord Have Mercy on those how turn who corrupt our world!

  • Robert J Fritz

    gaga is an appropriate name for this performer. She is a digrace to her sex,her family and her country.And her far out act was intentional to cover her lack of talent . I and my family will not be watching this swill at half time.

  • Bentley Hatchett II

    Football has easily become the #1 religion in America and the sports networks know it, which is why they use any chance they get to push degeneracy and liberal talking points.

  • whistlewing

    Just watch and enjoy the football game and if you watch the half time show and there is

  • whistlewing

    Okay people, watch the football game and enjoy it. If you decide to watch the the halftime show, go ahead and watch it. If you don’t agree with what the subliminal message is, then I am sure you are all grown up people that can decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. It’s the same for all you see and hear from social media. Remember to be a leader in life and not a follower of what other people say and do. Now, enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday, because you will also be paying for all those commercials that will be shown at $5,000,000. for a 30 second commercial. Everyone that uses those advertised products will be paying for that cost built into the price of the product. And you are worried about Lady Gaga’s show instead of the high advertising cost???

  • Maria

    Lady Gaga’s baptismal name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

    She went to the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private, all-girls Roman Catholic school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
    As suggested earlier, use the half-time show to pray a rosary. You could offer it for her reversion back to The Church and for those who have been led astray to return. Consider what good could be done during this time by the power of the Rosary – it’s the most powerful weapon we have. Spread the word!

  • Edward Koestner

    I will also pray a Rosary during the Super Bowl. If people put in as much time into real prayer as they do into having fun, we’d be a much better country.

  • Praying the Chaplet of Mercy takes only 8 minutes. Every time we recite this prayer we bring humankind closer to the merciful heart of Jesus. We can’t just complain about the evil that has hold of people, as Christians we must pray for their conversion. God bless

  • Jim

    Can we at least wait and see what Lady Gaga does before judging? After all it could be different than what we expect. I may be wrong but judgement is the lords.

  • frankbalkus

    I would love to wake up one morning and find out all these immoral and Christian hating monsters some how fell off the earth, I know it would be very lonely here in the United States, but it would be a great way to restart this country again, and learn from all the mistakes of our country from the end of world war 2 to the present. I like the sound of the New American Order.

  • The Posse

    Jesus – 1
    satan – 0


  • Brent Way

    “the deity “created you and everything else in this world. And yes , Christianity was the religion on which the United States was founded. In GOD we trust. It’s God who has given America the blessings we have. He giveth and taketh away. But go ahead and believe what you want. It’s not my loss. It’s yours. Your free to your beliefs and opinions. Just as I am. And the whole problem is this nation has turned away from God.

  • Seikku Kaita

    As we Finns are about to fall into the idiotic same-sex-“marrige” next month, I really hope that while I’m writing this comment, the game has changed and Gaga is out. Forever.

  • Mommamia1

    I agree with Steve Bannon and his idea of restoration to order for the United States:

  • Ronda

    Nothing in this article happened AGAIN Fake news…does it ever stop
    I would have agreed if it was true but it did not happen as you discribed

  • Mark Mazurik

    This is fucking ridiculous lol.

  • ProgressISpeace

    The 1950’s called, they want their political/moral views back!

  • K

    Hello , I was sickened by (not a lady )acting performance last night ! So what !!she trapezed down like at a circus and did vulgar dancing ! It did Not impress me , Her profanity is disgusting in her clothing. This American would of rather heard good american songs and just seen a few fireworks and give the other monies to the Poor. I am praying for GaGa to GO GO away from super bowl performances so my little grand children cannot watch her ! From K

  • Graham Dolle

    this is a dumb article, a rock could make better conclusions.

  • Dika45

    you do realize that lady gaga actually did not make a political statements in superbowl halftime right? and she actually sang “this land is your land” also “God bless america” in hope for america to be one again and for your info she did not use any odd clothes or saying stuff about LGBTQ. and that show(the one that you said not to watch) became the #2 most watched superbowl halftime in history. She didn’t even lipsync and singing solo for the whole 13 minutes. if you doubt me google all of the above