The Great Liberal Experiment Is Dying

usa-1561757_1920-300x201 The Great Liberal Experiment Is DyingConservatives are frustrated by the present state of affairs. The politicians we have brought to power time and time again cannot get things done. Gridlock reigns in the halls of Congress, and it is not going away anytime soon.

There is plenty of blame to spread around.

Blame the political establishment that must be cleaned out and something else must be established (another establishment) in its place. Blame moneyed interests of the financial sector that are only looking after themselves. Blame military strategists are putting America into conflicts not in the nation’s interest. Blame immoral players supporting abortion, same-sex “marriage” and now transgenderism that subvert the value voters’ platform. Blame irreligious players that ignore God and His law.



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The Futility of Politics

All of them deserve some of the blame. But that is no reason to join the liberal media in declaring (once more!) that the conservative movement is dead. Never mind the fact that the same liberal media will never declare the death of its progressive movement—even after one of its greatest defeats in generations.

Yet it is hard not to be cynical in face of the evidence. We are tempted to think that politics is an exercise in futility. The whole system is rotten and cannot be fixed. There are even those who say America herself is evil and should be opposed. In a post-Christian America, we are told there is no sense in carrying on. It is every man for himself.

The Failure of the Liberal Experiment

Such thinking is wrong. The scenario mentioned above undeniably has elements of truth. The conservative movement is indeed in crisis, as is the progressive movement. The various factions are pulling everything apart.


However, we should not mistake the turmoil inside the movement with a much broader social phenomenon now shaking liberals and conservatives alike. What is happening is much more profound than a crisis inside a political party and its corresponding segments.

statue-of-liberty-1210001_1920-300x200 The Great Liberal Experiment Is Dying

” The ideal that markets and liberal democracy alone would resolve all our problems in a system that remains morally neutral can no longer be maintained.”

Many social commentators have already said it: The great liberal experiment is dying. The ideal that markets and liberal democracy alone would resolve all our problems in a system that remains morally neutral can no longer be maintained. Individualism, a vital component of this experiment, has reached the supreme point that there is no longer enough agreement to form the consensus that acted like glue over so many generations. In place of a pursuit of happiness, we find a regime of discontent and depression that mocks modern society.

Not only is liberalism in crisis but the unacknowledged Christian principles that have long sustained the nation are exhausted. The building blocks of the family are shattered and structurally unsound. Present law has strayed so far from an objective natural law that it now permits the gratifications of people’s worst passions. People can’t even agree on who they are as they self-identify as whatever they want to be. A totalitarian wave of “tolerance” is sweeping over the land threatening anyone who dares to assert that the truth exists.

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold,” wrote Yeats. This is not just a problem of mere decadence. It’s beyond that. The experiment is falling apart. The central guiding principles of liberalism are not holding. The Christian pillars are shaken. This is what needs to be addressed.

Does that mean that it is over?

A Post Liberal Debate

No, it means a great debate will be beginning. We are not faced with a post-Christian society for it has long been “post,” but a post-liberal society that is no longer liberal.  It will occur because there is little left for conservatives to conserve. And liberals, by their slavery to their passions, will have taken away the liberty of those who call for order.

The debate will not revolve around the rotten fruits of liberalism.  These are issues upon which nothing can be built. As Catholic thinker Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira notes there is nothing new about divorce, nudity, tyranny or demagoguery, all of which were so widespread in the ancient world and now prevail. There is also nothing new about infanticide, incivility, fantasy and euthanasia, which were rife among the barbarians. Outside of a framework of order, these issues will unleash chaos upon what is left of our society. These forces will attempt to take humanity to ever greater depths of depravity and revolt against God.  It will necessarily end in disaster.

The Restoration of Christian Order

The real debate will take place among those who will yearn for order, fight for it and desire to build something with the shipwreck’s flotsam. There is no need to create a crisis over what is to be restored. Our human nature cries out for a moral law, a family-based society and a benevolent God.

What does Saint Thomas Aquinas say about Marriage?

We will need to return to the wellspring of our civilization. The post-liberal debate will be over how best to restore the Christian institutions of the rule of law, representative government, subsidiarity, ordered liberty, systematized science, charitable works and so many others that we cherish and without which there can be no order.

The debate will also call for a rejection of the errors that have brought us to the present state. For too long, liberalism has lived off the social capital of Christian civilization. It has stood upon the shoulders of the Church’s giants that it now lays low. We no longer have the luxury of maintaining certain liberal fictions that claim the theological virtues are not needed, charity need not be practiced, and Christ need not be king.

A restoration must take place. However, it is not merely a matter of putting something back together or re-instituting a program of values. The root has been severed too long and cannot be reconnected. The post-liberal debate will prepare the ground. But the seed of this culture can only be born from the trials of the great repentance and conversion foreseen at Fatima.

  • AlmostAlwaysRight1

    The great liberal experiment may be dying. But not fast enough.

  • David Macko

    I have mixed feelings about gridlock. Obviously, there should be no gridlock about getting rid of Obamacare and all other socialist programs which are enslaving us, building the wall on our southern border to stop the invasion by those who would destroy our race and civilization, reducing the horrendous tax burden on the American people or ending foreign entanglements. However, during the many years when we were misgoverned by communist Democrats or by fascist Republican neocons, gridlock, which was designed by the Founding Fathers as a barrier to tyranny, probably saved us from drifting even further to the brink of hell than we already are.

    • Johnnie Simpson

      Very well said !

    • SantasCominToTown

      With a republican majority in the house and the senate…unfortunately it has more to do with RINO’s…McCain, McConnell, Ryan….the 3 headed modern version of Benedict Arnold!

    • jeddrich

      Yes, gridlock is crucial to preventing senseless foreign wars that are not in America’s best interests, but rather subservient to alien agendas.

    • Rosech Levy

      David, but we must remove 95% from Congress as big part of the problem and none of the solution as they don’t want to lose those bribes from outsiders making them millionaires and doing what they want and not representing us as our elected employees. We need to take back the reins and remove them NOW as any company would fire an employee who did not comply with rules or do the work they were hired to do. So many think the employees in Congress should tell us what to do. NO way, Jose. Our job is to drain the Congress swamp asap and not wait until the 2018 elections.

  • Dan

    Great article

  • PBHayes

    Progressiveism, fascism, socialism, communism. Antifa. Black Lives Matter, the left all rest within the Democrat Party. People who vote for Democrats must be made to understand what it is they are supporting. If this movement isn’t annihilated America will cease to exist.

    • SantasCominToTown

      ‘People who vote for Democrats must be made to understand ‘…ppl are who they are, especially after being raised, immersed, brain washed in a progressive fantasy world…it all starts in the family…and the family structure, as we know it…is virtually DOA!

      • PBHayes

        I was trying to conjure up some tiny bit of hope. I saw my parents who were Democrats change during the Vietnam War and the LBJ fiasco. They never voted for another Democrat the rest of their lives. So why is it impossible for people now to see the truth and change. I can only hope they can because the truth is so easy to know.

        • SantasCominToTown

          While it’s true, it’s possible to change…but the vast majority stick in their ways and blfs…Some wise man once said “you can’t fix stupid”…it’s funny but so true.

        • Rosech Levy

          PB, and my parents did the same in the early 60’s because as my mother said: Those GD democrats say they are for the working man and all we get are more taxes and shafted. At t he same time the DNC published on the Congressional Record their 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over America in some 44 steps and Hillary was that step, she lost and they are furious. Then the democrats in Congress took our tax money to take over the school system at about the same time, and to form teacher unions to brainwash our children. Now we hope that Secretary DeVos is getting ready to pounce, and later that the Dept. of Ed no longer be a fed thing but back to the states as it used to be. Teachers must be vetted because, if you remember back in the day, no divorcees, no living together, no criminals, etc. were even considered. Need to get back to retaining worthwhile teachers with real skills (I was given a lifetime teaching certificate and they no longer are given out and I got this by being a great teacher and able to handle a class of 42 or more which doesn’t seem to be what a teacher can do today!)

    • jrj90620

      They know what they are voting for.It’s the freebies that Democrats offer.They don’t care about the long run.Just what they can get today.

      • PBHayes

        I believe millions of American taxpayers are sick of the government sticking its hands in their pockets and giving their hard earned money to people who refuse to work or do anything productive. I know I am.

        • Rosech Levy

          Trump has already talked about this and he will get around to removing all able-bodied from welfare. He mentioned helping single mothers and I hope that means no more fatherless children allowed and that the 2 yr. junior college education comes back again to teach them skills to earn money. Those who can, should and those badly disabled or with preconditions (limited) to get the welfare they need.

      • luvgabe

        It isn’t just the welfare freebies (which of course are not free — taxpayers pay for them). Those who vote Democrat also want to “do as they will” — the motto of Aleister Crowley and the Church of Satan — which is also the First Temptation of being “like gods” in that First Garden.

      • Rosech Levy

        Nevertheless, with Trump at the helm we are seeing more and more returning to Christianity, reading bibles, and even learning/memorizing parts of the bible and wanting our America made great again with liberty and justice for all. However, we will see very few over-rich CEOs and corporations heading in this direction at least not for while. They seem to have forgotten that money is the root of evil but sooner or later…..

    • marlene

      When our heroes are gone, only villains will be left.

  • jrj90620

    Living in California,all my life,I can tell you that Liberalism is growing.More people dependent on govt(other people’s money) than any time in the past.I fear what’s happening in California will spread to other states,that aren’t yet as decedent.More people giving up on the real God and worshipping govt,as their savior.I’m not as optimistic as the author.

    • Tracey

      Do not despair, remember to pray and have hope! Make your concerns/voice be heard.

    • Carmen Sepulveda

      Aren’t people also fleeing CA in droves? Once the tax base is gone who will be left to pick up the tab?

      • Rosech Levy

        Apparently it seems to be leftists fleeing and going to other states like AZ and TX to ruin those states as well. Don’t know why they want the same misery elsewhere that they caused here in CA, but their minds and souls are warped!

    • Rosech Levy

      jrj, living in CA we are seeing it become more communistic daily with moonbeam and a democrat legislature, all of whom take care of themselves and to heck with us. Taxes, regulations, laws all pointing to domination. I can hardly wait to be in a position to pack up and leave before it gets so much worse, which it will.

  • Roy Rene Salvador Ramirez

    Somehow, the Left is a mirror of what it purports to fight… violence, intolerance, and lack of responsibility . John F. Kennedy once stated “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” (paraphrased). Through Antifa, BLM, and other social liberals, it is always “me first, nobody second in thought, mind, & deed.” Even most of corporate America is self-serving with a liberal slant. It is the base of ruin for this great nation.

  • Spiritual_Father_To_Be

    This is one of the most profound and accurate analyses that I have read of the current state of American culture and politics. It reflects what I have been musing over for sometime. It will be up to men and women of right faith and those of good will to pickup the pieces of our broken society and rebuild it. Welcome to the challenge! Welcome to the triumph!

  • preacher bill

    Judges 21:25 “In those days there was no King in Israel; every man did that which was right in his own eyes” . There was a time when there was morality in America, God was King, But He has been replaced by a secular society, with no restraints . It will not be reversed. The rapture of the Born Again believers, and then all hell will break lose under the rule of the Antichrist. At the age of 90, I may be already with my Saviour before Jesus returns , not for church members, but His own who are saved my grace and not of works, or ritual .

  • John Steinauer

    I agree this is a really cogent analysis of our political situation. I don’t take such a dim view of our prospects, however as God has already won the war. A few years back I was challenged in life with a dilemma, to live and act like a liberal where all that mattered was my life and well being or stand on Christian based principles and ethics. As an executive director, I was told to fire a 62 year old nurse two weeks before her retirement without any just reason. I couldn’t, or more accurately I wouldn’t. I paid a heavy price for my decision to live by God’s ethics. All the things I was taught as an officer in the USMC about honor, as an eagle scout about integrity, by a long liberal education about ideals concerning right and wrong as leader all blew by me in an instant but had little effect on the outcome. None of the lofty ideals meant much for awhile. Except for one thing, I could live with my decision. I would make the same decision again, even knowing the consequence would mean loosing my job, my home, and life’s savings. The liberal left will be faced with situations where they will have to make choices and then live with the results. Some of their decisions will make their bones ache and will change the core of who they are and all of their beliefs. These life lessons will change them as God’s spirit is active and though we face a powerful enemy, our Lord is far more powerful. He didn’t allow my family to go homeless. My family is stronger for the trial, and those values that were challenged got me back to doing exactly what God asks of me every day as a productive Christian man. Each person has to face themselves and is accountable to God for the choices they make, even the ones who deny him. I believe God knocked my arrogance down quite a few notches and this made me a better person. He will teach each of us on our journey, including the liberals. We just have to hold firm and keep up the good fight to resist all evil. We need to teach our children the difference between God’s ethics and the liberal lefts attempt at substituting government and regulation for Christian charity and ethics. We have already won the war through Jesus. What we are fighting for is greater then ourselves. We fight to give our children and the very liberals we despise a chance to enter the kingdom of heaven with us.

    • Marta

      How refreshing to find a man with principles and who acts on them – you are a rare bird today, John. God bless your good example!

    • Jordan River

      As a Registered Nurse I’d like to thank you for “fighting back.” May you “sit” closer to God in the next world.

    • Helen

      Excellent comments! “Let conscience be your guide.” You have followed this advice and are blessed for it. I do not know how bad people can live with their conscience. How do they sleep at night? We all make mistakes but some people do things deliberately and they are not sorry. Sometimes bad people do things that are even irrational and bizarre! I have seen it for myself. Best wishes from Helen

  • LMan

    I agree the “LIberal Experiment” is dying… however it is being replaced with the social fascism of special interest groups, focused on hedonistic self-gratitude. the space between the dominant emergence of that social fascism / hedonism could be centuries, if history is any measure…

    REMEMBER: we believe we’re ‘so much smarter now…’ than past generations… the reality is, we’re just more disconnected from a baseline reality, so it is easier to float for a few generations before admitting it’s simply a flawed ideology.

    It is going to be a hard century for those of us with morals, Catholic belief, and a sense of honor….

  • jeddrich

    If only we could have a genuine, open, public debate (involving even the MSM) about everything controversial and divisive, instead of dictatorial fiats that the matter(s) in question have been settled by the powers that reign, whether the MSM, the various state and federal courts, or biased legislatures that refuse to give a hearing to the arguments of all sides of a clash of views. No matter who “wins”, at least people would come away with the sense that there was some semblance of fairness to the process, instead of rigging of a pre-established outcome.
    [Incidental Comment: By the way, there is nothing wrong with “nudity” in itself: it can be innocent and non-sexual, and in fact in saner times used to be customary, traditional, and sometimes mandated for segregated gender swimming at the Y, scout camps, and even all-male Catholic high schools, by contrast with the neo-Victorianism that has now gripped America in a stranglehold, fueling an unhealthy curiosity that drives impulses to pornography and homosexual acting out.]

    • David Macko

      The primary reason why the Enemy suppresses all efforts for open public debate is that they would be exposed and defeated philosophically.

  • Randal Agostini

    Timely questions we need to ponder.
    Stepping back from the myriad issues we find ourselves in a self made land of contradiction, which may only be cured by US not THEM. How do you cure obesity, or excess consumerism, or pornographic addiction, or single parent families, or drug abuse, or political gridlock, or hate, or religious intolerance, or anything? It is to look inward.
    The interesting thing is that following “The Way,” taught to us by Jesus is not the “narrow path” it used to be. The wide road of excessive self is now so rutted, so dark, unhealthy and unsafe that following Jesus begins to look easy.
    Turning to God has almost instantaneous rewards, the most desirous of which, in a society such as ours, is the Peace of Jesus, a place of calm, pure waters and gentle breezes. God so loves those who love him that he cannot wait but to lavish them with his gifts of healing graces that remove us from our self inflicted prisons.
    It is worth a trip or two to your local adoration chapel – the cheapest, most convenient 24 hour healing institution ever invented. Spend some one on one time with Jesus – the tissues are free.

    • Rosech Levy

      Can spend time with God and Jesus at home or in the garden as well. We don’t have an adoration chapel unfortunately but communicating with our Creator and our Savior can be done anywhere and more of us should be doing it.

  • mikemonohon

    Truth works; sin doesn’t.

  • ECwashr

    Liberals have the public schools and the universities. We must take them back and welcome GOD back into our schools!!

    • Dale McNamee

      Or leave them and support Christian schools, including Catholic schools, homeschool, or make, and take, the time to teach your children the Christian faith to subvert what the schools teach…

      • luvgabe

        Catholic schools are also lost, or don’t you know about the Catholic school in San Anselmo, CA, which removed a status of Our Lady and baby Jesus so as not to “alienate” and “offend” non-Catholic students?

        • Rosech Levy

          luv, this really burned me and definitely pointed out this is not a Catholic school by any stretch of the imagination! Those statues are of value to our souls and minds and always a part of being a Catholic. I hope parents remove their children asap. Problem is the schools are hiring secular or socialist or communist teachers. I see no reason to waste money sending to any school at any level that does not follow our Catholicism.

      • Rosech Levy

        And parents could send their children to Hillsdale College for a great education and the love of God and our America.


    This is just another iteration of the eternal struggle. Instead of Lucifer, this time we are dealing with Lucifer’s admirer Alinsky and the various disciples of Alinsky now in control of the party of satanism, socialism and sodomy. The party of Hillary, Hodgkinson and Hatred needs to be put where the other pernicious heretics of human history were put.

  • David Martinez

    I agree with much of what you have stated however some people may be confused by your use of the term liberalism.Classic liberalism was hijacked by the hard leftists and when people realized what a failure it was and the damage it was doing to the nation they began to try to distance themselves from that term and use the term progressive but it all means the same thing which is basically agnostic secular humanism,the pagan ideology of the left and has continued to rot the culture of this country from the inside.

    • Rosech Levy

      David, very true because liberal has a vastly different definition. We are fighting leftists/socialists/ communists/brainwashed/brainless. It will be a tough battle but we have God on our side and we will win back our country. God answered our prayers for Trump and he is doing God’s work every day, thank you.

  • Joe Angione

    Joe Angione, Publisher, The Conservative Way
    Only about ten percent of Americans approve of the work done by our representatives in Washington to govern the nation in the best interests of the people. Nearly everyone knows that, although “we the people” elect the members of Congress, they refuse to faithfully represent the will of the people, choosing instead to follow the dictates of the political parties to which they belong.
    Time to put political parties out of existence. Political parties have become the self-appointed “ruling class” in America. Their power has been usurped from the American people. Nothing in the U. S. Constitution gives them the authority to control the business of government.
    An irresponsible Congress, unresponsive to America’s needs, is the product of a deadly poison that is eating away at the framework of our republic even down to the foundation upon which it stands: The United States Constitution. This poison has grown more potent across each generation and has seeped into every issue we face, every position taken by government legislation. This poison is the system of political parties we’ve allowed to infect and corrupt elected officials at all levels in America.

    Political poison puts America on its “death bed.” There is no antidote for this poison. But it can be cut off at its source by denying political parties the funds and support they need to exist. If we, the American people, don’t do everything in our power to defund political parties, and disband them by refusing to accept their agendas, America will not survive for more than another decade. We need only to close our wallets, put down our checkbooks, and refuse to join and fund organizations that put political power first and the people last. No more contributions to political parties.

    Political parties have reached a new lethality. Government gridlock is the power play being used by congressional adversaries. There is virtually no issue–even the budget necessary for national defense–on which these parties will negotiate in good faith, no less come to some agreement.

    The political battle for control of Congress is all consuming, leaving no concern at all for the best interests and urgent needs of the nation. Even the media, mainstream or conservative, have little interest in how politics serves the public good. Commentary focuses almost exclusively on the fortunes of the warring political factions. This war is all that matters.
    America is being held for ransom by the political parties that control the elected officials “we the people” put in office. It’s painfully clear they have absolutely no allegiance to us. Are we too stupid to understand that the moment we elect people to office, they pass out of our influence and into the hands of corrupt political controllers?

    . Few among our elected leaders have the guts to break away from their party controllers to vote their own conscience…to follow their own inclinations…to faithfully represent their constituents…to do what they truly believe is right for America.

  • Dale McNamee

    Great article and analysis ! I’m sharing it !

    I also want to recommend “The Liberal Mind” by Lyle Rossiter, Jr. that goes into the depths of the “Liberal Mind” from a forensic psychiatrist’s point of view on how never growing out of infancy and the encouragement of society to remain dependent and infantile…

  • Alan Bowie

    The ‘Liberal experiment’ was/is an attempt to do a ‘Freedom Realignment surgery’. It has been going on for a century, and people forget how much of the past was spent by democrats defending the soviets, trying to block the civil rights act of 64, that the KKK was the democrats ceremonial arm and bodyguards, that the ACLU (strongly supported by the DNC) was started in 1922 (?) by an avowed communist (democrat voter) who said his goal was to destroy the Constitution by using our own laws to do it; that the ‘Dred Scott’ decision, in which ‘blacks’, in reference to the Constitutions statement that ‘All men are created equal’, did not apply to blacks as they were ‘inferior’; That Obama had the Lincoln Memorial removed from the penny, basically to keep kids and others why he has a memorial (because he was republican and

  • messup

    A simple course from which one charts their life’s journey may be as follows: 1) An Individual and their God; 2) Family – the union of one man and one woman united in God procreating with siblings and 3) Community united in God celebrating, in unison, the Holy Spirit. From this basic building block arises; 1) Religion – Our Judeo-Christian Heritage; 2) Education – centered upon curriculum enhancing each God loving individuals life, liberty and pursuit of happiness according to scripture; 3) Governance – a system of “Republicanism” couched in Rule of Law, small central governance, exulting all citizenry’s Right to just, swift, expeditiously deliberate (social/economic/judicial) solutions; 4) Financial – a system of market driven (land, labor and capital), equitable decisions (Ludwig von Mises comes to mind) in which ALL Americans participate equally. After all, isn’t this what Our Founding Fathers envisioned? Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV “We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10)

  • Rosech Levy

    Good article and hopefully dying very soon and they keep saying we are a democracy because so many don’t even know we are not a democracy nor that we really and truly are a Republic for the People! For those who want to know the many different types of governance, you might want to watch this:

  • Jerome

    Blessed be God. There plenty of blame (finger pointing) to go around. I’ve become more aware of the lack of courage (those in positions of leadership) and timerity(sp) on both sides of the aisle. The real problems in our society are in the “grassroots” areas – economical, educational, and by all means basic goodness of social justice. Really listening to the words of God (the life of Jesus); putting first the needs of the poor and using “all our gifts” to the fullest will bear good fruit. Too much analysis and not enough action. Building walls is a barbaric action and the wasting of precious material and economic resources. A great individual has stated that nothing happens by accident!!! Wake up and smell the roses – call a spade a spade a spade. There are no quick fixes; tempest fugit, memento mori – blessed are those who build peace (meaning all segments of our society have story) and harmony. Our President behaves like he is a king. There is truly only one deserving of that title. Siding up with the leaders of Saudia Arabia and Russia is an abomination and an act of a mad man. Where oh where is the conscience of the silent majority who put up with this inept, greedy and self-serving bunch of buffoons(sp). A wonderful holiday is upon us – Labor Day. We will all be judged by our sins of omission as well as our sins of commission. Labor in the vineyards for the least of those amongst us and trust will be secured and peace (dignity) will be the harvest of our efforts. Oh loving God, please continue to bless America. Amen.