Why ‘Return to Order’ Is More Timely Than Ever

Why ‘Return to Order’ Is More Timely Than Ever

In the aftermath of the COVID crisis, massive civil unrest and economic disruption, Americans are looking for guidance. They want to know how to navigate these uncertain waters. The solution must go beyond securing material prosperity. It must involve turning to a moral compass to return America to order. To address this need, the American … Read more

Misguided Compassion Hurts the Homeless—and the Rest of Us, Too

Misguided Compassion Hurts the Homeless—and the Rest of Us, Too

Two things are evident about how homelessness is addressed in America today. The problem is growing, and the present remedies are not working. The failure does not come from a lack of will since many Americans feel compassion for the homeless. Our Lord’s parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 30-35) shows the Christian way … Read more

How Leftists Try to Turn Crime into Virtue

In today’s polarized America, Supreme Court cases are rarely decided unanimously. Rarer yet is a case that is a defeat for the left. However, this is what happened in the case of United States v. Sineneng-Smith. Evelyn Sineneng-Smith operated an “immigration counseling firm” in San Jose, California. Even though she was not a lawyer, her … Read more

These Are the Magnificent Things People See at the Biltmore


Over the Christmas holidays, I — and thousands of others — visited the Biltmore Estate near Asheville, North Carolina. Built by George Washington Vanderbilt in the waning days of the nineteenth century, it is America’s largest privately-owned dwelling. Mr. Vanderbilt’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren have dedicated themselves to preserving it and opening it to the public. … Read more

What’s Really Being Impeached: a Christian Vision of America


It is hard to make sense of the political chaos reigning in America today. Most people throw up their hands in despair when asked to explain the impeachment. And rightly so. The proceedings have become a mixture of politics and circus. This bizarre drama cannot help but confound. It lacks a cohesive plot, character development … Read more

How the Catholic Faith Strengthens Police on the Beat

It is politically correct to criticize institutions that do not follow the left’s agenda. While the media are sympathetic to so-called oppressed people and movements, they have a deep antipathy for the police forces who restrain violence and disorder. Thus, violent crime against police is happening everywhere. However, the increase in anti-police violence in the … Read more