Being Liberal is not Enough to Satisfy the Leftists’ Blood Lust

When young liberals realize liberalism is false, many describe this process as being “mugged by reality.” Usually, the process is a product of solitary reflection. However, in an age when privacy is virtually obsolete, this revelation can also happen online. One such case is Jodi Shaw and her rocky relationship with the liberals at Smith … Read more

To the Left: Stop Weaponizing the Word “Selfish”

Selfish is a word that is gaining currency in the coronavirus crisis. Those who oppose excessive lockdown measures can easily find themselves shamed by this latest word in the liberal lexicon, comparable to the expression anti-choice. The word is common enough. A dictionary definition of selfish is the state of being “concerned excessively or exclusively … Read more

How the Liberals Became COVID Doomsayers

Until recently, being a doomsayer was a conservative privilege. Conservatives are the ones who uphold a Christian moral code and thus feel entitled to denounce its very real neglect. They have always been accused of seeing divine punishment on the horizon. Liberals generally ridiculed their warnings. However, the coronavirus crisis has changed the script. Along … Read more

19 Leftist Contradictions about the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis has turned the world upside down. Nowhere is this more evident than in the political battles now raging around how to deal with the crisis. Not only has the Culture War not ended, but it intensified. Things are rapidly degenerating into the realm of the unimaginable. The most dramatic changes are those … Read more

Liberals Attacking Common Core? Yes, It’s That Toxic

The American educational system is always awash with proposals for “change” or “reform.” There are plenty of opportunities. Every time the legacy of John Dewey fails, the educationists rework Deweyism and call it “change” and “reform.” Only the ideas of Karl Marx have failed more often than those of John Dewey. Common Core is only … Read more

This Is Why Liberalism’s Pantheon Failed

This Is Why Liberalism’s Pantheon Failed

A great debate is raging among conservatives about the future of the movement. At stake is the classical liberal tradition that created our pluralistic society. This model holds that the public square must be morally neutral. It establishes a religious indifferentism that avoids the great life questions that assign meaning and purpose to life. This … Read more