Why Everything Is Being Politicized

Why_Everything_Is_Being_Politicized-300x189 Why Everything Is Being Politicized

There is a new phase in the old Culture War. It has been long coming. The violence at Charlottesville might well be the opening volley.

For decades, the two sides have been slogging it out by debating the moral issues eroded by the sexual revolution of the sixties. Neither side has won.

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The cultural left has made advances (often through the courts) in the field of marriage destruction and gender blending. The cultural right has doggedly fought for life and family issues.

Inside the Classical Liberal Framework

The old phase of this war was defined by a set of rules inside the framework of the classical liberal order. It is based on an individualism centered on the pursuit of material happiness without restraint. In this arrangement, God and His moral law were relegated to the private sphere.

Both sides of the debate are represented by this order. Liberals on the left tend to favor a model of technological advancement that rejects a moral order since it restricts progress. Conservatives inside this liberal model desire to maintain some private remnants of Christian order as a framework for combating the chaos of misdirected progress.

Moral conservatives have long fought a stubborn and slow rearguard action inside the context of this liberal order. Unfortunately, some disregarded the sage advice of Jesuit Fr. Bernard Dempsey, who commented that “Only a very foolish general accepts battle on terrain of his adversary’s choice.”

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

However, inside this liberal framework, many Americans did manage to find some meaning and identity in their private lives. They did this by clinging to what little remains of family, church, and other social structures of Christian order. Meanwhile, the cultural left has lived off the social capital of Christian order, while slowly pushing a corrupting agenda ever further toward complete unrestraint. This symbiotic arrangement formed a precarious consensus that not even the disruptive sixties managed to destroy completely.

Attacking the Tiniest Vestiges of Christian Order

And that is why the new phase is so dangerous. This new phase has broken loose from the consensus of the classical liberal order. It no longer follows the logic of the old phase which maintained some semblance of organization inside society.

This new phase no longer respects logic, identity or even money. It makes the “right” of self-gratification the only absolute right even when such behavior is self-destructive. A kind of cultural suicide is taking hold in which many liberals no longer care if the structures of society are destroyed. The old order must come down even in its least manifestations.

Thus, the vestiges of a Christian order, to which countless Americans still cling, torment the new revolutionaries. They cannot tolerate the smallest reminder of anything Christian. All that represents Western civilization is a target.

What does Saint Thomas Aquinas say about Marriage?

That is why the crosses must come down. The Christmas (or holiday) trees must be deprived of Christ, and the Ten Commandments must be removed from government buildings. That’s why the national anthem must no longer be respected at football games and transgender bathroom tyranny imposed in schools.

Everything Can Be Politicized and Polarized

The new battlefield has changed because the clash is no longer about specific issues that can be addressed through rational debate. Rather, the Christian order itself is the target. And because it is deemed offensive, it must be irrationally discarded wherever it is found.

In this context anything that retains vestiges of Christian order is being politicized and polarized – whether it be symbols, sports, wedding cakes or restaurants. Moreover, the new liberal offensive is only too willing to unjustly attribute to Christian order any bad thing of the remote past as a means to eliminate the memory of a moral law.

That is why the mainstream media are no longer mainstream anymore. They do not report on the facts but rather the new politically correct narratives that replace deconstructed ones.

Thus, any cultural issue can dominate the fake news cycle and become the platform for revolution. In this sense, the statue removal controversy is not about statues. The bathroom wars have nothing to do with bathrooms. And dare one say the unspeakable, global warming has nothing to do with the climate anymore. These are all mere props used in this new phase of the old cultural war against all things Western and Christian.

The Crumbling of Liberal Democracy


Charlottesville shocked America because the nation saw the liberal consensus come apart. The chaotic event sent a signal that the foundations of America’s liberal democracy are crumbling. A spirit of anarchy is taking hold. The early harbingers of this spirit were found in Ferguson, Dallas and Baltimore. Outbursts of violence like Charlottesville now threaten the very idea of a nation and a unified people.

This new phase of the Culture War challenges the cultural right to continue and intensify the fight. It is not the time for Christians to pull out of the fray as might be suggested by some “Benedict Option.” This only turns the vestiges of Christian order into yet smaller vestiges. Further, the cultural right must not make the mistake of fighting on the same anarchical battlefield dominated by the left.

Rather, the vitriol levied against the tiny vestiges of Christian order is only a confirmation of just how powerful this order is. To be effective, the principles of this Christian order must be fully embraced in their powerful totality. Indeed, come what may, now is the time to peacefully proclaim the Faith in all its fullness in the public square.

  • Terry

    it is startling that Cultural Marxism is never mentioned any more as it was in the 90’s at which time, i guess, it became politically incorrect. If one does research (simply Google) back to the 20’s, one will find the beginnings and how things in the US can be attacked, one issue at a time.

    • Superma

      I had saved a quote from David Horowitz about Cultural Marxism. After I reread it I looked up his story online. How very interesting how he was reared by Communists and ended up totally in opposition.

      • Rosech Levy

        Anyone who has been raised or lived under communism, will definitely be the opposition because freedom and rights are super important. My spouse lived and finally escaped communism, and he is a firm American and we voted for Trump as all we saw was the DNC Communist Manifesto coming to its last step with Hillary. They are angry, but we Americans are stronger and have more real faith than other countries where I have lived in or traveled to. We are a staunch people here and if again necessary we are prepared to take America back in a 2nd revolution. No one really wants that but if the time comes, we are ready. Unfortunately, as a REAL Catholic, we are fighting Francis, that most of us do not see him as pope but a puppet pushing everything we value in America away, ditto our bishops here (hopefully not so much in other countries) who feel it is more important to take care illegals and not our legal citizens. This is a battle of souls, morals, ethics, freedom and future. We will WIN!

        • FedUp2

          So right about Francis. Standing on our borders and say we must admit everyone was uncalled for. Bannon was right – he needs to stick to dogma and leave the running of our country to our leaders. He has his own mess to clean up at the Vatican. Homosexuality is rampant and he does nothing. Very disturbing for a leader of the church. Raised in Argentina is his way, not ours.

          • Art

            Don’t forget that Pope Francis was raised and totally submerged in Liberation Theology and his thoughts and actions reflect that ideology completely. Liberation Theology is nothing more than pure Communism.

          • Colin Jory

            I am no fan of Pope Francis — in our household he is Pope Bozo the Apostate — but I understand that he never adopted Liberation Theology, despite proudly carrying everywhere a large rag-bag around his neck full of the prejudices, mantras and dumb leftist dogmas which underpinned that pseudo-theology. It’s not that he has ever had a systematic critique of Liberation Theology; it’s just that he’s so lazy-minded he baulks at ever having to think systematically and in a coherent way, even in a coherent leftist way. He likes to respond existentially to situations as they arise, based on his gut feelings which he interprets as illuminations beamed into him by some kind of cosmic Divine force. He scorns rationality.

          • In some ways, Pope Francis reminds me of President Trump. He is a non-intellectual who likes to say provocative things without thinking through the consequences.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            The pope is is a globalist sell-out, & dumb as a box of rocks. He illustrates this constantly with his beloved fealty to murderous, torturous, tyrannical communism.
            President Trump, on the other hand, is brilliant, and denounces communism for what it is: evil.

          • Wrong on both counts. In his native Argentina, the leftists hate Francis and have worked hard to sabotage him. He is concerned about the poor, but he thinks the best way to help poor people is to give them jobs, not handouts.

            As for Trump, you are blindly attributing to him virtues that he does not possess. You seem to be confusing him with the late Ronald Reagan, a man who was truly brilliant and who denounced communism as evil. Trump, on the other hand, loves neo-communists like Putin.

          • Emma Green

            Total rubbish. Liberation theology empowers the poor and marginalised, the favoured ot God’s people to live their lives without the life limiting structures that push them to the bottom. Not everyone can be intelligent, healthy and educated. Please remember that Jesus had a brown skin,, his parents were lowly immigrants and the “establishment” of Bethlehem didn’t want anything to do with the heavily pregnant teenage BVM who wasn’t even married to Joseph by the way and the only room they could get was a stable underneath an Inn.

          • Leonard Martinez

            You are wrong because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God. God does not favor one socio-economic group over another. The Mosaic Law prohibits it. The Book of Proverbs warns against it. How do you know that Jesus had brown skin? He was Levantine, and the skin pigmentation of that region varied greatly, just as some Italians have olive skin while others have white. There was no “establishment” of Bethlehem, a small village inhabited by shepherds and farmers. There is absolutely no hint in any of the gospels that Bethlehemites resented Joseph and Mary’s presence in their village. Or are you rewriting them to accord with your narrative? And how would they know the couple was only betrothed? Moreover, any Biblical archaeologist, either Christian or secular, will tell you that stables were not built under inns. How foolish! In fact there was no inn in Bethlehem. The unfortunate translation of “inn” in the KJV has misled many. The Holy Couple probably stayed at the home of Joseph’s relatives. Homes of that era sheltered not only humans but animals, and our Saviour was born in that section of the house which was built for keeping sheep or other herd animals. You don’t know what you’re talking about. In order to save yourself from more embarrassment, maybe you’d better keep quiet. There’s a proverb about that.

          • Barry Smith

            Emma, you make the author’s point beautifully. Anything can be politicized.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            Yeah, heard that from the communist nuns years ago.
            All BS, all lies, and you are qualifying yourself as another Useful Idiot by parroting it.

          • disqus_v5723Mqspa

            He doesn’t even believe in our dogma; he’s destroying it with every word he spews.

          • Annel Rodriguez

            Brothers & sisters, I agree with what’s being discussed here, I can even understand harsh feelings towards our pope, I do not agree 100% with everything he says or does either, however, let’s not forget he is the leader appointed by the Holy Spirit and that he’s only human and sinful like all of us, so for everyone sharing their opinions on Pope Francis here, I must tell you all that it’s a sin and very sad to our Lord sacred heart when we the faithful, bash, insult, condemn our clergy instead we MUST pray for them specially if they are in error, they will be judged by our Lord twice as severe, so please, its Ok to disagree and feel how everyone feels but as Catholics we must pray instead of hate or judge our clergy remember, they have been chosen by God himself, so who are we to condemn them, feel pity for them instead. May everyone stay strong and faithful in this challenging times. God bless!

          • Chip Murray

            What if he is not pope due to error in the resignation of previous pope, making the previous pope the true legitimate pope?

          • Ricardo Ontiveros

            Perhaps, from Angelo Roncalli to Mario Jorge Bergoglio, they are not legitimate Popes since, in the conclave of 1958, Guissepi Cardinal Siri was elected Pope but due to threats from a few of his, so called, brother cardinals, he decided to reject the papacy after he had accepted it and chose the name of Gregory XVII. Look up “the FBI and Cardinal Siri” I believe that there are records in the FBI files about this papal election.

          • Ricardo Ontiveros

            I don’t believe, for one minute, that this was the work of the Holy Spirit. I believe that this was a Diabolical Work.

          • Cindy Pacheco

            Our Church has had bad popes before (remember the Borgia pope?) and survived. We will survive pope Francis.

          • florida1

            He was NOT appointed by the HOLY SPIRIT. Pope BENEDICT is the REAL POPE. HE was RAN OFF BY the growing MOB of Homosexual Preverts and Depraved evil men. GOD said Same sex affairs are WRONG EVIL OFFENSE Against HIM and ALL who do this WILL BURN in HELL along with THOSE who OK IT. GOD SAID THIS 52 times in Both parts of HIS HOLY WORD. Yes I have Written them down and filed them away against the day that the Holy Bible WILL Be labeled a HATE BOOK and BANNED. READ THE HOLY WORD…. this is NOT a pope he is a Sitting HERETIC!!!

          • Emma Green

            oh for goodness sake. Pope Benedict RESIGNED!!!!!! It appears you know better than the Holy Spirit. Is that not heresy?

          • Mulligan’s Pal

            No. There were theee popes at one time claiming the papacy. Did the Holy Spirit name all three. We’ve had a heretical pope at one time. The Holy Spirit safeguards dogma which Cdl. Burke & Cdl. Brsdmuller will defend in the true Church while this pope leads souls down the path to Hell w/Amoris Latitsia’s disrespect for the Real Presence, his loosening control of the liturgy or Absolute Truth!

          • Mulligan’s Pal

            Agree. His election was forced by Team Bergoglio which one of the members, Cdl. Gotleib Daneels likes to call “the Mafia”. Pope Benedict was muscled out of office, unfortunately.

          • Barry Smith

            Until Christ replaces the Pope, he’s the only head of the Church we have. If we reject him while he’s still Pope, we are killing the Church. As horrific it is to watch, the LAST thing people should do is leave the Church — because Christ won’t.

          • Emma Green

            totally agree with you my friend. In everything you say.

          • Citizen2ReclaimAmerica

            You have said much. Agree with some, disagree with other points…. There is a supernatural Battle and the Pope is a pawn, no better, no worse than you and I.

          • Leonard Martinez

            I partly agree with you. However, respect for the Pope does not mean we throw our brains away. God has given us the power of discernment, and we are to exercise it if we are to keep false teaching out of the Church. I find it difficult to respect a Pope who says that anyone who doesn’t agree with the global warming narrative is “stupid.” That statement alone should get him defrocked.

          • Mulligan’s Pal

            “Appointed by the Holy Spirit”? What about when there were three popes that claimed the papacy all at one time? We’re all “appointed by the Holy aspirit”? The Holy Spirit safeguards dogma even if we experience the Church vs the anti Church with the one True, holy, catholic and apostolic Church safeguarding dogma while the anti church and its directives to give Comunion to cohabits, active homosexuals and cohabits will lead many to the path directly to Hell. This pope is dangerous!

          • SovereignAmerican

            So true! All the clergy need our prayers, Read Church history from the early years when heresy after heresy was presented. Satan doesn’t take a vacation.

            “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.” St. Athanasius, Council
            of Nicaea, AD 325 attributed.

          • Emma Green

            What’s wrong with Argentina? I don’t understand? The Holy Father is a Jesuit, one of the most respected Orders in the world. Besides what right do we have as Catholics to oppose God’s choice as Pope? Either we believe that all Popes are elected by the power of the HOly Spirit and we accept them or we don’t and then we become like Protestants who don’t believe the authority of the Pope. I don’t agree with some of what he says and does but I acknowledge that the problem probably lies with me rather than him as he’s holier and better educated than me.

          • FedUp2

            Wake up, the church has long been infiltrated by the libs just like our gov. There are scandals galore in the Vatican, you just don’t hear about them. Jesuits are the most liberal group of the church. The Lord even predicted his House would be taken over by the dark side, and it has.

          • Mulligan’s Pal

            Ben. Catherine Emerick prophesied that a pope would be Freemason. This pope is influenced by the Marxism that.developed Luberation Theology. He’s a Peronista. His Jesuit training was weak in Thomistyic studies. You’re right about the Jesuits. They’ve deteriorated. Sts. Ignatius zloyila and Francis Xavier would be appalled!

          • Watchman

            “Luberation Theology”
            Was that a Freudian slip, or just a good ol’ accurate description? 🙂

          • Mulligan’s Pal

            Dogma is protected by the Holy Spirit. Popes ae human elected by humans. Read about the contrast of the BVM and popes and their human foibles here…https://www.thecatholicthing.org/2017/09/17/disagreeing-with-the-church/

        • longplay

          “Anyone who has been raised or lived under communism, will definitely be the opposition because freedom and rights are super important.”

          It may have been Whitaker Chambers in his magnificent book “Witness”, who contended that the war against communism would be fought by the former communists, for only they truly understood reality of its evil nature

          • David Webb

            It’s interesting how the same could be said about the victims of Scientology.

          • longplay

            So true. I just started watching the second season of Leah Remini’s expose this week. I feel so sad for those trapped in that cult.

          • Antonio Rodriguez

            Those who lived communism to be the ones who will fight today’s Marxism, a powerful idea!!

            Definitely need to pray for a return to order!! We Christians need to come together and beat this hideous new liberal way.

        • disqus_v5723Mqspa

          You are SO right!

          • obfuscation100

            Along with every other pope starting with Vatican II. The Church is in the apostasy foretold by the Blessed Mother.
            Recommended reading books by Paul Williams: Operation Gladio and Among the Ruins. Those will clear up any delusions about what and why evil goes on in the Vatican and the Church.

        • Emma Green

          Why do you say that? I think Francis is a wonderful Pope and I don’t think any Catholic has the right to criticise who God chooses to be leader of His Church.

          • Mulligan’s Pal

            Read The Political Pope. So many thought Obama was so wonderful. The devil works on clever ways to deceive us.

        • 7818TD

          And Francis can take his Communism back to South America, he’s not a “Pope” he’s a “Plant” and a “Puppet”. Many Catholics have given up, and quit the Church, not our belief in God, simply the form he’s promoting.

          • Mulligan’s Pal

            Read The Political Pope to learn the truth about this pope–weak on theology, strong on Liberatiin Theology.

    • disqus_v5723Mqspa


  • David Webb

    Thus, any cultural issue can dominate the fake news cycle and become the platform for revolution. In this sense, the statue removal controversy is not about statues. The bathroom wars have nothing to do with bathrooms.

    Thus, the official motto of the Bolsheviks is none other than By way of deception thou shalt do war!

    Like the Cold War (Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan, etc.), America’s enemies have stretched her resources and attention far and wide. Our attention is far and away, if it isn’t held captive by the cell phone in our pockets. When one does happen to take notice of the filth building up around them, they’re quickly silenced with ad hominem attacks and false emotional platitudes.

    From The Soviet Art of Brainwashing:

    “By making readily available drugs of various kinds, by giving the teen-ager alcohol, by praising his wildness, by stimulating him with sex literature and advertising to him or her practices as taught at the Sexpol, the psychopolitical operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness and worthlessness into which can then be cast the solution which will give the teen ager complete freedom everywhere — Communism.”

  • MR

    If we are faithful to Our Lady’s request to pray the rosary daily, she will fight this culture war for us. She is the General of God’s army, let us be her loyal children!

  • Sick Of It All

    Francis and Obama are cut from the same communist cloth.

    • Mulligan’s Pal

      I’ve listed 14 similarities. It’s a bad sign.

  • florida1

    I agree with Mr. Horvat. SOON? The Wrongs (aka the Left) will become OFFENDED and DEMAND Crosses outside and inside of CHURCHES be REMOVED. (Did you folks know that recently CHINA started doing the SAME thing to THEIR churches; at least what few churches are LEFT in China). Will THAT be enough folks? NO. Don’t even THINK of (someday) putting; crosses, flags, nativity sets, etc in your FRONT yards; it will be BANNED. And No I am NOT just talking about HOA’s ; I am talking ALL private property in America. After that? THEY will STATE that (their words will be something like-indoctrination-brainwashing-etc) that Exposing your OWN children to Jesus Christ in the forms of ; Attending CHURCH with them-praying with them at your house, Bible, etc will be BANNED. (DID you folks know that CHINA recently BANNED all CHILDREN THERE FROM ATTENDING CHURCH. PERIOD. Think like a Detective folks! If YOU WERE Lucifer & knew your time was short; you would come up with ALL kinds of ways to try and HIDE the GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST….along with the SYMBOLS of them. YOU would persuade Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and YES the pope to instead of preaching of SIN – Repentance -and Turning Away from that sin; YOU WOULD START ”’PREACHING”’ Climate Change, Global Warming, Letting in all non legals from all over the World into your nation and trying to $$pay for it. For tearing down; Walls – while THEY live BEHIND one. OF giving more and more of your $$money to pay for all of this-while THEY spend $28, 000, 000.00 on a ”Renovation” of one of their Mansions. You would ”’Preach” about Social JUSTICE-while 97% of even CATHOLIC couples commit FORNICATION B4 marriage. (You DO remember God said that ALL who DO THAT & all who OK that=will have NO place in Heaven..?)! While MILLIONS world Wide are So HOOKED on DOPE that most will DIE in THREE years. Living together without WEDLOCK is at an ALL TIME HIGH. More babies than EVER B4 are born OUT OF Wedlock. Abortions world wide are now OVER TWO BILLION. Yes you read that right. Porn is so rampant now up to 65% of even so called ‘Christians’ are hooked. Pedophiles are NOW the LARGEST ‘GROUP’ in the WORLD. STD, AIDs, (the MSM refuses to EVEN TALK about it now)-BUT THOSE DISEASES ARE THRU THE ROOF…!! ON AND ON WE GO DOWN THE CESS POOL…BUT THIS ”’pope”” REFUSES to even PREACH ON any of this; clinging to Social Justice and PUSHING for the DEMISE of Capitalism, and PUSHING for SOCIALISM…(remember JESUS told us ”’From the Abundance of the HEART THE MOUTH SPEAKETH”’ Wake up Catholics; the WOLF is NOW IN THE CHAIR OF ST PETER….PRAY AND PRAY HARD…!!

  • Wallace Klinck

    Marxists, “Cultural” or otherwise, do not resort to moral or civil niceties. They know, or falsely represent, that they are “right” and are concerned only to achieve their ends by any and all means available, and regardless of consequences for anyone who may not subscribe to their policy—which is essentially the enhancement of “State” power over the individual. The Marxist/dialectic/pilpul strategy is not to debate but, through ceaseless propaganda and demands, to install and enforce their predetermined policy. They have no problem with duplicity and hypocrisy—because, after all, they and they alone are “right”. In effect and actuality, this is a naked and deceitful play for absolute power by the few who inevitably will control the State.

    Normal people typically have been vulnerable to such tactics because, not being psychopaths and/or megalomaniacs, they simply do not think in such terms and are not psychologically or emotionally prepared to defend themselves against them. Marxist activists are typically abusive, obscene and accusing. Their intent is not to engender rational thought but to instil debilitating emotional hatred and guilt by which to direct and disarm their victims. Civility is not part of their character, except in occasional cases where they may perceive their goals to be served by pretence to a degree of moderation. Give them power and they soon reveal their totalitarian natures, typically and historically—with vengeance. They do not believe in any “balance” or sharing of power but seek an absolute monopoly of it. As demonstrated repeatedly, they will become increasingly more bullying with every advance they achieve. The Will-to-Power is a psychological and spiritual affliction which feeds upon itself—consuming everything in its path, ultimately even itself. It is purely destructive.

    • Mulligan’s Pal

      You bet. His wish would be toward a New World Order–open borders, global redistribution of wealth. Man caused “global warming” is a socialistic hoax to limit population & redistribute wealth.

  • Chris Lilly

    The ultra liberals and leftists have turned into nihilistic narcissists. Their political agenda is un American, un Christian and un Constitutional. This will lead to their discreditisation and self destruction!

  • Emma Green

    i’m a Catholic from the UK and everything is this article rings true for us as well. I really don’t understand why the mainstream Catholic church seems to oppose this organisation as they seem to be saying what many Catholics (and to be fair other Christians) have been saying for ages.

    • David Webb

      Emma, I’m certain that you know about the great schism created by Vatican II and the Novus Ordo heresy drafted by the Protestants and Freemasons (Annibale Bugnini). Bergoglio is a product and chief proponent of that poisoned generation that has enabled and emboldened others in their betrayal of Christ and His Church.

      So-called “mainstream” Catholics are spiritually dead. As our Lord said of the Pharisees, they’re like whited sepulchers — outside clean, inside full of dead bones.

      Stay strong out there in godless Londonistan!

  • Leonard Martinez

    I think secession is a rational and necessary step if we are to preserve the Judeo-Christian witness in North America. Certain contiguous red states can secede on the grounds that, unlike the leftist majorities in blue states, the Constitution and the heritage of Western Civilization need to be rescued from the destruction already going on. It would be the same foundation on which the original secessionist states left the Union sans slavery. As Jefferson Davis stated more than a 150 years ago: “I love the Union and the Constitution, but I would
    rather leave the Union with the Constitution than remain in the Union without

  • Helen

    This is a very interesting article. You mentioned the removal of Crosses and statues of the 10 Commandments. This is extremely intolerant. A statue of a Cross or The 10 Commandments is not going to hurt anyone. What are they afraid of? Why must it be removed? If you are not Christian surely you can just ignore these statues. There seems to be a really intense fear or hatred of Christianity at work.

  • 7818TD

    Socialism cannot abide Religion, because ,Religion puts up barriers for decent behavior, the opposite of Nihilism. This is the old 60’s bit, “If it feels good, do it”, also they advocated disobeying Parental guidance, and it became a bunch of hedonistic Groupies, who have now grown to Adulthood, and they are among us. God help us come out of this decadence.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    “Is the pope catholic?” isn’t so funny anymore is it?
    Cuz he’s not.