How Our Lady Granted Victory at Lepanto

Battle_of_Lepanto_1595-1605_Andrea_Vicentino-e1507328551686 How Our Lady Granted Victory at Lepanto

How Our Lady Granted Victory at Lepanto

In times of acute danger and hardship, we must always fly into the arms of the most powerful Mother of God and turn to the recitation of the Rosary. The Battle of Lepanto is a great lesson of confidence for us today.

When Saint Pius V ascended to Saint Peter’s throne, Christendom faced perils perhaps unequaled in its history of continual conflict, not the least of which came from the agitated and violent followers of Mohammed.

All the information and intelligence that Pope Pius V had been gathering indicated that the Ottoman juggernaut was about to roll across the Mediterranean and adjacent lands, spearheaded by the Turkish fleet, with Italy and Rome as one of its targets. No nation could stand up to the marauding infidels and the candidates for an alliance were few.

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Northern Europe had risen up in armed rebellion against the Church with France deeply involved in the conflict, while much of Europe felt that neutrality was the best policy to follow after the Turks occupied a large chunk of its land in the Danube River Valley.

Virgen_de_guadalupe1 How Our Lady Granted Victory at Lepanto

Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Only Spain and Venice had the resources to resist, and they hated each other along with deep mistrust. Yet Saint Pius — calling down divine grace as only a man of prayer could — forged an alliance with them as the core of an organized fleet of over 200 galleys. With his considerable tact and diplomatic skills, he not only kept them unified, but he convinced them to attack the enveloping menace.

The Archbishop of Mexico had an exact copy of the Holy Image of Guadalupe sent to King Philip II, who in turn gave it to Andrea Doria, one of the three principal admirals of the fleet, who placed it in his cabin. When the Armada went from file to line abreast and attacked on the morning of October 7, 1571 the blue standard of Our Lady of Guadalupe was also flying from the masthead of Don Juan’s flagship. But Our Lady’s presence that day was more acutely felt through the Holy Rosary.

Our Lady of the Rosary

Pope Pius V, a Dominican prelate before his elevation, did what Catholics have always done in times of acute danger: fly into the arms of the most powerful Mother of God. As a follower of Saint Dominic, he knew the most effective means of imploring her help was through the recitation of the Holy Rosary. He ordered all monasteries and convents in Rome to increase their prayers for the impending battle and organized rosary processions in which he, as sick as he was, participated.

As the Christian fleet sailed toward the great clash of cultures, Mass was celebrated and the rosary recited daily on each vessel. This heartfelt request for divine assistance resulted in a crushing defeat of the Ottomans at Lepanto that ended their dominance in the Mediterranean.

To celebrate Our Lady’s intercession, the Church has designated October 7 as the Feast of the Holy Rosary and Saint Pius V added Help of Christians (Auxilium Christianorum) to the Litany of Our Lady (Loreto). Similar acknowledgement to the Blessed Virgin’s intercession through the rosary were made when John Sobieski forced the Turks to lift the Siege of Vienna in 1683 and after the victory of Prince Eugene of Savoy at Temesvar in his successful campaign to remove the Ottomans from Europe in the next century.

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While the din of battle gradually diminished at the bloody waters off Lepanto, Saint Pius V was going over accounts in the papal apartments with Bartolo Busotti, his treasurer. Suddenly, he arose with his face radiant with joy and announced, “Let us go and thank God, for this moment our fleet has defeated the Turks.” Human agency brought news to Rome two weeks later.

Our-Lady-of-Fatima How Our Lady Granted Victory at Lepanto

The message of Our Lady of Fatima is a call to conversion. But will the world listen?

“Finally My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph!”

Some may object to the historical paradigm, not that it is inappropriate, but that it happened a long time ago. Yet, the Blessed Virgin made another historical visit to earth just ninety years ago, bringing roughly the same message to a larger distressed population. As Our Lady of the Rosary, she appeared six times at Fatima in Portugal to three related children, two of whom have been beatified.

In essence, she warned that God was terribly offended by the sins of mankind and unless that sinfulness subsided the world as a consequence would face horrible chastisements. Immediately following, we had a bloody conclusion to World War I, then six years of the most depraved slaughter of World War II and continual wars, atrocities and mutilations ever since instigated by two of the enemies of Western Civilization: Communism (as Our Lady predicted) and Islam. Sinfulness has not abated, but only increased, especially in the areas of family life, immoral fashions and lewd entertainment.

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Our Lady will intervene once again in history, either to help her suffering children who have recourse to her or to bring down the wrath of God on those who refuse to pray, make sacrifices and stop offending Him. During the third apparition she announced the ultimate result, “Finally my Immaculate Heart will triumph!”

  • JBQ21

    There is a big difference. Pius V trusted in the help of the Mother of God. John XXIII is quoted as saying that the “three little sheepherders” were nothing more than “prophets of doom”. October 13, 2017, will be the 100 year anniversary of the final appearance. Faithful Christians are waiting for a sign.

  • Rosech Levy

    My continual prayer is please God, have mercy on us all and allow America to heal. Our Lady is never forgotten nor ever forget we have the Holy Spirit as well. We are blessed in the Catholic Church with great levers to help us and the world!

  • Anthony Addeo

    Just one comment. Mary the mother of God and all Christians, has no power in and of herself to grant anything, even a battle outcome. She can and does intercede for us and our intentions, but not grant the intentions.

    • Vincent Frank Nola

      It is through Our Blessed Mother intersession that we as Catholics as well as other Christians will rally to defeat the evil that persist in our world.Thank you God for our Faith in you as our Savior. Vincent Nola,M.D.

    • Milu Braganza

      Yes Mary intercedes for us through her son Jesus.

  • 71stregiment

    The West needs to pray once more to our Lady as the Muslims are invading once again, and no one seems to stop them. Churches in Europe have more tourists then faithful parishioners. The same in the USA. They walk through Turkey and or float across the Med. The biggest calamity for Christendom was the fall of Constantinople in April 1451.

    • Agent 111

      I’m afraid it is too late. Muslims have this time invaded using the kind and generous laws of Christian nations, to take advantage of and invade by migration. Then when numbers are great enough and they put Muslims into power, they will arise to wipe out Christians, and the peaceful non violent Muslims will be asked which side they are on…..and then will have to decide to be killed or assist the rest of their Muslim population. Seems horrific but this is Islam and what Muhammad taught in the Quran.

      • 71stregiment

        You may be right, time is on there side, they have multiple wives and therefore multiple children. Unlike so many today in the West who practice birth control and or have abortions. Western culture is spiraling down and down. The EU is a failure, Merkle’s actions will change the course of Europe for centuries. The EU should have made their motto, “Borders, Language and Culture” as well the USA should also follow that motto.

  • bobbylang

    It is presumptive for me to venture any comment other than: Please Most Blessed Virgin, ask your beloved Son to forgive me my sins, and assist me in doing your wishes in the future, for I am a weak and futile human, who wishes only to do my best in God’s eyes!!!

  • Kathleen Benek

    Two prayers:
    1) begin each rosary with: Holy Mary Celestial Queen, with this rosary I bind my children to your Immaculate Heart.
    2) O Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything.
    Then DON’T BE AFRAID. God bless us all.

  • Becky

    The Rosary is the chain that keep the evil one at bay. Thanks Mama for the rosary that we may be transformed as we recite the it and meditate on the passion of Christ that we to may become Christ like!

  • Heidi Kuhl

    Oh, all this wonderful history of the “peaceful religion of Islam”! It’s no wonder all its ‘virtues’ are being imbedded in our children in our government run schools! Yes, it’s HIGH TIME we all pray again, “in unity as we millions did on election night’! That power of prayer “in the millions across the world” saved us from a ‘sure’ total destruction by that evil satanic witch, Hillary. Let’s pray that “Our Lady” and “Our Christ Jesus” give us “another” chance, with the “will and fortitude” to identify and destroy our Gods enemies. AMEN

  • Donna E Turner

    Pray the Rosary every day!