The Unlikely Buyer Buys Return to Order

Return to Order
is a book that embraces a broad range of themes that people are thinking about. Sometimes, I am surprised by people who express interest in the book out of the blue. They seem to be waiting for the book.

Recently, I was talking with a man from California on the phone about some practical matter that had nothing to do with Return to Order. About the only thing I really knew about him was that he was a Catholic. I had no indication that he would be interested in the book.

However, I decided to ask. At the end of the conversation the best question I could come up with was: Tell me something, are you interested in Catholic economics?

He replied: “How did you guess? Of course, I am.”

I then proceeded to talk about Catholic economics and the book, Return to Order and I found that his views were remarkably similar to those expressed in the book. He immediately ordered a copy.

Subscription11What impressed me about the whole conversation is the fact that the issues addressed in Return to Order are so timely. People are concerned about the present economic crisis and looking for Catholic solutions. All you have to do is ask.