The History of a Tomorrow Without God

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The bestselling book, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, is dangerous for Catholics of little faith. Rarely do you see a book that is so cunningly written to shake certainties and present as inevitable a stark and Godless future now being planned. The value of the book is not found in reading it. In … Read more

Does Loving Our Neighbor Mean Giving Him Everything?

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There are some who claim that the Divine Commandment to love one’s neighbor as oneself means to treat all with equal charity. Such a misconception can have disastrous effects upon an economy or society, since it is not possible to give everything to everyone. Saint Thomas Aquinas, commenting on Saint Augustine’s observations, claims that in … Read more

A Brutal Pace of Life: The Fruit of Intemperance

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Many people associate the virtue of temperance with the control of one’s appetite. A temperate person does not eat or drink in excess. This perception is undoubtedly true but temperance involves much more. Temperance involves the control of one’s appetites, sentiments, passions and instincts according to light of reason. It is the virtue that keeps … Read more

Praise for Return to Order — Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon USA (Ret.)

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“This is a timely and important book as our nation faces one of the most critical challenges in its history. Overcoming the economic disaster America is facing cannot be solved simply through economic policy. Americans and their leaders must put in place policy that will restore values, work ethics, and, as the author points out … Read more

The Origins of America’s Debt Culture

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The mid-twentieth century was really the origin of America’s culture of debt. Prior to that time, debt was looked upon as enslaving and even shameful. It was only by the clever crafting of debt as an entitlement that Americans embraced credit wholeheartedly. Uphold Marriage and the Family; Uphold Society: Sign the Return to Order Petition … Read more

No Professor Left Behind

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I recently had the opportunity to guest lecture for an American Government class at a private Midwestern college. My friend who teaches the class invited me to share some insights about political theory. While I have taught classes to select groups of motivated students, I was ill prepared for the harrowing experience of addressing the … Read more

How Mass Society Collectivizes

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Prof. Richard Stivers explains the paradox of modern mass society that on the one hand seems highly individualistic and on the other hand strongly collectivistic. Already in the nineteenth century, the individual became disconnected from the local community and extended family that normally served to give him an identity inside the context of community. The … Read more

The Real Subject Matter of Economics

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Modern economics tends to reduce economic activity to formulae and equations. This is not the true subject matter of economics. Economic activities deal with human actions that are not predicable and thus cannot be reduced to the equations of an exact science. As economic historian Odd Langholm states: “The subject matter of economics is properly … Read more

The Problem of Hollow Elites

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There are those who normally play a leadership role in society by representing the community. Such representative characters are those leaders who perceive the ideals, principles, and qualities that are desired and admired by a community or nation, and translate them into concrete programs of life and culture. Their importance cannot be underestimated since they … Read more

Why Economics Is Not an Exact Science

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There are those who try to ascribe to economics an exactitude that is only found in the exact or physical sciences. Such an effort is doomed to failure since it is based on human action which is so fickle and unpredictable. Economic scholar Harry Veryser notes that, “Aristotle pointed out the fatal flaw in trying … Read more