Return to Order Now Stocked at KU Bookstore

Written by Gary Isbell.

Photo068Since its publication, the book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society —Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go, has spread far and wide. The book’s author, John Horvat II, is happy to announce that the book is now being stocked at the Kansas University Bookstore.

As a former student at Kansas University and Kansas native, Mr. Horvat was pleased to hear the news. “Kansas University played a special role in my education,” he said. “It is great that I can somehow pay back the debt by offering the book at one of its bookstores.”

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The bookstore is always interested in promoting the works of the university alumni. “Tell people who are interested that the book is stocked by the KU Bookstore,” says manager Lisa Eitner.