A Return to Order Talk at JMJ Radio

IMG_0603On October 11, concerned Catholics gather for a recent conference sponsored by J.M.J. Catholic Radio at the Oblates of St. Joseph Seminary in Laflin, Penn. The event featured author John Horvat II and his book Return to Order: Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, And Where We Need to Go. The conference “Helping Families Fight Our Secular Culture And Live Their Catholic Faith” began with a prayer led by Rev. Joseph Sibliano.

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Walter Camier, host of a show at JMJ Radio began the talks with his meeting, “What it Means to be Part of the Church Militant in the Fight Against Our Secular Society.” A break with light refreshments was followed by Mr. Horvat’s meeting: “How to Save America: The “Way of the Cross Solution.”

The topics covered in the talks included how today’s cultural influences are destroying Catholic Faith and values and what can be done to counter anti-Catholic influences in daily life.

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