Finding Fifteen More Ways to Promote Return to Order

RTO in PortlandBelow are fifteen more ways to promote Return to Order adapted from some excellent suggestions by book promotion expert John Kremer. The list tells how a person can support a friend’s book. They are below:


RTO mini2Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

1. If you went to college and/or professional or graduate school with the author (in this case Kansas University), contact your alma mater and ask for the name of the alumni newsletter or magazine editor. Send a copy of the new book along and suggest he or she review the book and/or schedule an author interview. Or, better yet, volunteer to do one yourself.

2. If you have friends, family members, or colleagues in other countries, ask them if they have any contacts who might want to promote the book.

3. If the author has bookmarks or other imprinted items, offer to carry some with you to hand out (judiciously) to others you think might find the book of interest.

4. If the author doesn’t have imprinted items (including pens, pencils, or bookmarks), offer to have them printed up.

5. Go to your local library, or go to their online website and catalog, and if they don’t have your friend’s book, make a written request that they order it.

6. If you have a blog, write a story about how the book and the author have impacted your life and why others should read it.

7. If you have any contacts at companies that might find the book useful to their employees, let them know about the book by sending along a review copy and a personal note.

8. Make a commitment to tell at least one new person a day for a week about your friend’s new book.

9. If you have any friends or relatives who work in the media, ask them to consider this book and its author as a guest.

10. As a gift to your friend, offer to buy ads for the book. (To avoid any potential problems, show your friend the ad in advance for approval.)

11. Include mention of the new book in your signature line when you send out an email, as appropriate.

12. Ask your friend if he has a digital file of the book cover and/or an author photo that you could include when you’re doing email pitches.

13. If you know someone who might be interested and/or helpful to your friend, send them an email. Be prepared to follow up with a review copy, if requested. (Of course use your judgment about to whom you will send a review copy; when in doubt, ask your friend for approval.)

14. Keep your friend’s book in mind whenever you are visiting websites or reading blogs. Subscription5.1Mention the book and author in the “comments” part of the blog if you think it makes sense to do so.

15. Pray. Prayer always helps. Pray for your friend and his book.