Three Reasons Not to Watch Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Show

The Super Bowl is the most-watched television show in the country. As the premier sports event viewed by tens of millions of Americans, it should reflect the nation and its values.

That is not what is happening this year. In fact, for some years now, the organizers of the event have featured performers who send a message representing the most radical anti-family lifestyles and immoral fashions. This year’s choice is especially unfortunate: Lady Gaga.

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Lady Gaga will be featured as the principal performer during the 12-minute half-time show this Sunday. The pop star is an outspoken advocate of same-sex “marriage” and the LGBT agenda. Her music and dancers typically represent all that is dark, immoral and bizarre on the pop scene. Moreover, she is expected to politicize her show by using it to criticize the new president. The fact that she will be given this most coveted platform for free to deliver her message is a good reason not to watch the half-time show.

There is another reason to turn off the dial. The nation is polarized and featuring her on this show only creates useless divisions that weaken the nation. It makes no sense to put someone on the stage who ridicules the beliefs, morals and political choices of a sizeable part of the population. America faces major challenges in the days ahead. The Super Bowl should be a clash of teams not moralities. This most important unifying event should serve to unite the nation not divide it.
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Finally, there are so many who desire America’s return to order. However, they need to make the connection between morality and entertainment. One of the major reasons America is in such bad shape is because the culture is in the hands of those who destroy morals and promote radical anti-family lifestyles—all in the name of entertainment.

The purpose of entertainment is to provide wholesome repose amid the daily trials and hardships of life. Entertainment should not be hijacked to promote a radical agenda that works against those values and institutions that made America great. It’s not just a show. People need to be consistent in aligning their morals with their entertainment choices.

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It is time to stop turning this sporting event into a political statement. After the second quarter, people should exercise their right to turn off Lady Gaga’s half-time show. It has no place in the Super Bowl. It sends the wrong message to the nation.