A Return to Order Tour in Maine

A Return to Order Tour in Maine
“During the second week of June, author John Horvat visited the State of Maine to spread the message of his book, Return to Order.”

During the second week of June, author John Horvat visited the State of Maine to spread the message of his book, Return to Order.  Accompanying him was fellow author and TFP member Norman Fulkerson, who also signed copies of his book, American Knight.

The tour was organized by Maine Needs Fatima, a local group that is promoting the Fatima message. The group is committed to holding public square rosary rallies every month. Dan and Elllen Kasprzykk, the coordinators of the effort put together an excellent program for the two authors. There were several short radio spots on The Presence Radio advising the Catholics of the events in their areas.

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One presentation was at Our Lady of Good Hope Church in Camden, Maine, a picturesque harbor town. The event was held after Mass to a full auditorium in the parish. There was time for question and answers and plenty of conversation.

The two authors were privileged to attend a June 13 rosary rally on a busy highway in the town of Gorham. The event on a hot weekday afternoon drew nearly 60 Catholics who prayed for the nation and the state of Maine on its election day.  John Horvat delivered the opening remarks, invocation and led a decade of the rosary. Mr. Fulkerson also led a decade at the well-organized event. Later that day, Mr. Horvat addressed the Knights of Columbus council of the nearby parish discussing the crisis in society and the Church.

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Another stop on the tour was a meeting at Saint Mary’s Church in nearby Bath, Maine. The topic for the evening event was “Four Ways America Can Return to God and How You Can Make it Happen.”

Maine Needs Fatima Rosary Rally

These and other events make the visit very memorable. There were also opportunities to visit churches, see places of interest and taste local cuisine.

“I was impressed by the reception of the people to the ideas of Return to Order,” Mr. Horvat commented. “I felt very much at home.”

The Return to Order campaign continues to spread far and wide. Events like those in Maine are important to get the world out. Please consider organizing an event in your area by sending an email to jh1908.aol.com.