Mothers Celebrate Their Heroic Role This Lady Day

Lady Day 2019
Lady Day at Kansas
Lafayette Lady Day 2019, Louisiana
Ocala Lady Day 2019, Florida
Lady Day 2019, Pennsylvania
On March 8, while feminists observed the Communist-inspired International Women’s Day, Catholic ladies carried out the alternative: Lady Day. The 2019 theme was “Celebrating Purity and Courageous Motherhood.” Return to Order is happy to share a few photos here from the lady participants. Their celebrations were a positive, joyful, and hopeful, a tribute to God’s plan for women as pure and courageous mothers.

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A drastic improvement in the climate of immorality, violence, and chaos in society will only come when there are more pure and courageous mothers. This regeneration will bring a complete return to natural marriage and strong traditional families. Good and holy mothers fill the angels with admiration and are rewarded by God a hundredfold in this world and for all of eternity in the next.

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This year, Lady Day was dedicated to Mrs. Jamie Schmidt, a Catholic mother of three children who was martyred on November 19, 2018, by an assailant who put a gun to her head and tried to abuse her sexually when she was in the Catholic Supply to buy some rosary-making materials. She said: “In the name of God, I will not take my clothes off!” She was shot at point-blank range. Her courageous motherhood was crowned by a death of heroic purity. Her example inspires countless souls to appreciate purity, to try harder to practice it, knowing that Jamie Schmidt made the ultimate sacrifice so America could return to God by being pure.