Dialing 911 to Ask God and His Angels to Help Our Police

NEW YORK, USA – June 10, 2018: Police officer performing his duties on the streets of Manhattan. New York City Police Department (NYPD).

If there is one thing I take for granted, it is the police. I know that if I call 911, they will be there to address my problem. Day in, day out, crimes take place across the nation. Accidents happen that endanger lives. One day the person in need might be me.

However, the recent riots have only increased my appreciation for the police. I see revolution, guillotines, and the burning of flags and Bibles in the streets. The thin blue line stands between us and chaos.

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That is why I have started a campaign of rosary rallies supporting the police all over the country. The Return to Order campaign has contacted hundreds of thousands of Americans asking them to get involved on September 26 to pray for police in the public square. I have been overwhelmed with the response so far. We expect over three thousand of these prayer rallies nationwide.

On their part, police officers are truly grateful to see this support. Liberal media would want our law enforcement officers to think that the public hates them. When they see Americans in the street enthusiastically supporting them, it encourages them to continue.

I received an email from a veteran policeman who thanked me for my role in organizing these rallies. In his message, he related a story that I think describes what we as Americans must do for those who protect us. His story involved an elderly lady who called the police upon hearing a burglar trying to enter her house. The policeman, then a rookie, said that he and his colleague took care of the problem. Afterward, the lady thanked them and “said something that has remained with me all these years.”

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She said: “We’re so blessed that when we’re afraid, we can call 9-1-1 without a second thought, and then police officers like you show up and take care of us. But standing here face-to-face with you, it occurs to me that you come to help people you don’t know and deal with things that make us afraid. But you’re only human beings just like me, with your own fears and weaknesses. There’s no 9-1-1 for you to call. There’s no one to help you here in the dark of night. You can only look to God and His angels.”

I could not help but be touched by this story that explains the plight of the overwhelming majority of police officers today. These officers deal with the most vulnerable and the most depraved people in society. They see the worst of what people do to their fellow human beings when they protect us in our decadent culture. Theirs is a thankless task that they generously assume putting themselves in danger.

Suddenly, unrest breaks out all over the country, and they are accused of systemic racism and abuse despite an overwhelming record to the contrary. Normally, they might expect support from officials and the public they defend. However, the liberal media offensive is such that police feel abandoned and betrayed. The liberal political establishment is throwing them under the bus by hampering their action and defunding their budgets. All the forces of revolution and change have mobilized to make it seem that no one supports the police and their mission of keeping order.

Their situation is dark and uncertain. There is no 911 that police can call to help them in this time of distress.

Most Americans like me are not equipped to help the police deal with the violence on the streets. However, we can dial a spiritual 911. We can call on God and His angels to support them in this hour of trial. We can ask Saint Michael the Archangel, patron of law enforcement, to come to their aid and change the horrible situation they and the country now face.

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We can go to the streets with a banner that reads: Saint Michael, protect our police so that they can protect us!

The policeman’s touching story helped make it clear to me what we will be doing on September 26 when Americans nationwide will hold over 3,000 rallies to support the police. We will be carrying our banners invoking Saint Michael the Archangel, asking for protection. We will be standing in the streets asking passersby to honk their support for the thin blue line . . . and say a prayer for them.

It is not hard to organize a rally. Anyone can do it. All it takes is a rosary and a will. Register your rally and get your free prayer banner. Get together with family and friends in front of a police station or other public place. I believe it is crucial that police hear our support. I also think that the enemies of law and order need to see that you and I are willing to stand in the breach, publicly expressing our vehement opposition to the chaos and disorder in America today. Our thousands of rallies will break the media lie that everyone is against the police.

What more powerful way to make a difference than to pray in public the rosary requested by Our Lady at Fatima? There is no better 911 to dial than the rosary. There is no better lifeline to Heaven’s help. What better first responder than Saint Michael!

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St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

To register your rosary rally, please click here.

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