Three Final Thoughts on Election Day

Three Final Thoughts on Election Day
Three Final Thoughts on Election Day

Election Day has arrived, and voters will decide the course of America for the next four years. Like all postmodern elections, this is again the most important election in our history. The stakes are very high.

The campaigns are over, and everything has been said. The two sides are locked in battle, and everyone is exhausted. At this eleventh hour, all we can do is to pray, placing everything in the hands of Almighty God.

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However, I have three final thoughts going into the general election that influence my prayers for the nation and my burning desire for its return to order.

A Crisis that Cannot Be Solved by One Man or Party

The first thought is that the crisis America faces is so great that one man or one party cannot solve it. I am overwhelmed by what I see around me. The federal debt accumulates without end. Society has lost its cohesion. I see the broken lives and families that have no way to be mended. We live in a sinful society that offends God, violating and refusing to acknowledge His higher law.

The election results may worsen or lessen the damages in our broken society. However, I do not believe these things have a political solution. They cannot be fixed by legislation, regulation or stimulation. We need a profound change of heart. We need conversion.

A Polarizing Moral Crisis

My second thought about this election is that a polarized America is locked in a moral battle. This America might well be described as two spiritual nations physically intermingled, each imperfectly representing the two sides. Moral issues like abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism represent battlefronts in this war. Other matters like socialism, sovereignty and mass illegal immigration also weigh into the crisis.

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I will await the election results hoping that whatever happens, it may encourage those who strive for a moral America while discouraging those who work for the country’s moral destruction. However, at best, the elections will only be a means to an end: a return to God’s law.

America’s Providential Mission

My third thought is directed toward America’s providential mission. As foreign as it sounds to modern thinking, God works in history through secondary causes. Thus, He gave America a mission to fulfill in the great pageant of events that we call history.

Everything God does is wise and full of purpose. He gave us enormous resources, abundance and blessings for a reason. America has weathered many storms, wars and adversity. She opposed Nazism and Communism with much sacrifice and heroism. America has always been generous in helping other nations in times of disaster.

In this time of calamitous crisis, economic upheaval and social unrest, I approach this election, wondering what role America might yet play in God’s inscrutable designs. The election might bring disasters to challenge us. It might bring good surprises to encourage the nation to fulfill its mission.

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I would pray that the elections serve as an occasion to send America in the direction it needs to go. Whatever the results, God in His Providence always arranges things, even tragedies, for His greater glory.

In this election, the important thing to remember is that the final end is not political success, governorships, a Senate majority, a White House victory, however desirable these might be. What we must seek first and foremost is America’s conversion. It is the only way for America to be great and good. Thus, we want and pray that God intervenes in hearts and events.

Looking at the road ahead, we see innumerable dangers. We must keep our eyes riveted on Heaven, asking God’s intervention so that America might accomplish His designs.

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May this election help us assimilate and live the wisdom in Our Divine Savior’s teaching: “Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matt. 6:33).

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