America Faces the Curse of Seesaw Elections

America Faces the Curse of Seesaw Elections

The midterm elections are over. Contrary to expectations, Democrats did not receive a well-deserved trouncing. The House flipped just enough seats to give the Republicans a slim majority. Republicans failed to take control of the Senate. The House victory will at least put a stop to very evil legislation. On the other hand, President Biden … Read more

How the Left Is Turning the Simple Voting Process into Class Warfare

The voting reform bill called H.R. 1 highlights the need to facilitate voting for Americans. Few citizens would find fault for promoting such a noble goal. However, the debate takes on bizarre overtones. The left attempted to turn voting into rocket science when it actually involves grade school skills like identifying oneself and signing one’s … Read more

What’s Behind the Great Masking Divide?

The great mask controversy exploded on the scene as the COVID crisis developed. Contrary to what might be expected, the demand for masking soon became a major issue. A simple matter of medical precaution turned into an ideological fight running along the same fault lines now polarizing the nation. Almost immediately (with reasonable medical exceptions), … Read more

Stunning Link Between Fatima and the 2020 General Election

Among conservatives, the 2020 elections had the best intentions of defending vaguely Christian principles in an aggressive neo-pagan world. Neither side entirely prevailed. Indeed, the nation’s county-electoral map remains the same vast red rural sea with urban islands of blue that first appeared in the Presidential election of 2000. Such has been the course of … Read more

Three Final Thoughts on Election Day

Election Day has arrived, and voters will decide the course of America for the next four years. Like all postmodern elections, this is again the most important election in our history. The stakes are very high. The campaigns are over, and everything has been said. The two sides are locked in battle, and everyone is … Read more

The COVID Crisis Has Turned Society Into a Tower of Babel

There is something almost biblical about the present chaos and confusion. It defies a secular explanation or narrative by its immense scope. Not so long ago, we were one people, and yet now we are fragmented into a thousand pieces. It is hard to grasp. This shattering has been a long time coming. Over the … Read more

Eco Guru Outlines Post-COVID-19 Green Nightmare

Statements by the French ecological leader Nicolas Hulot to the leftist Parisian daily Le Monde confirm that radical ecologists are positioning themselves to profit from the economic and social crisis caused by COVID-19. Those unfamiliar with French politics may not know Hulot. However, opinion polls show him to be the public figure who enjoys the highest … Read more

Are Progressive Prosecutors the Enemies of Public Safety?

In November, most Americans will go to their polling places. Most will have decided which candidates they will vote for president, governor, senator and legislator. However, very few will have informed opinions about the district attorney. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got … Read more

Beware the Godless Narratives of the Democratic Debates

With the next round of Democratic presidential candidate debates that are scheduled for next week, Americans will not hear a discussion of ideas and proposals to solve the nation’s problems, although that should be the purpose of any serious debate. But today, debate means theater. It means posturing. Candidates must capitalize on every gesture and emotion. Above all, … Read more