Four Things We Should Expect From the Meeting of Pope Francis and President Biden on June 15

Four Things We Should Expect From the Meeting of Pope Francis and President Biden on June 15
Four Things We Should Expect From the Meeting of Pope Francis and President Biden on June 15

According to Vatican sources, Pope Francis might meet with President Biden, who will be on his way to a June 16 Geneva summit with Vladimir Putin.

In normal times, most American Catholics would rejoice at the prospect of this visit between the heads of the world’s spiritual power and the corresponding temporal superpower. However, all things indicate that this will not be an occasion of great joy but tragedy.

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If the visit does take place, four things can be expected. Those watching the encounter need to be realists and not be blinded by sentimental optimism.

There Will Be No Change in Perspectives

The first is that Pope Francis will be Pope Francis, and President Biden will be himself. Do not expect dramatic changes or conversions since the two leaders agree on almost everything.

Both will use the occasion to push the left’s agenda globally. There is no way around this conclusion. President Biden is not going to change his ecological and pro-abortion priorities because of this meeting. Likewise, Pope Francis will use the occasion to promote the radical ecology, mass migration, and universal fraternity ideologies that inform his pontificate.

The meeting will be cordial. They are good friends who are mostly on the same page. They will talk about apocalyptic global warming. There will be words of understanding for new waves of illegal immigrants. Do not expect any mention of abortion, same-sex “marriage,” the transgender revolt against God’s plan for individuals, or any other grave sin and how much they offend God.

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Ignoring the Communion War

The second thing that can be expected at the meeting is that there will be no discussion of the “communion for pro-abortion politicians” controversy raging in Catholic America. The possible Vatican encounter comes just before the bishops will hold their spring assembly virtually. Given the polemic, it is hard to imagine that denying Holy Communion to President Biden (due to the scandal of his notoriously pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ stances) won’t be on the bishops’ agenda. Everyone wants the pope to speak out against this egregious error that scandalizes so many.

Again, neither party will change its position. The President will continue to receive Holy Communion. Pope Francis, who gave Holy Communion to Vice President Biden, cannot be expected to change his position. This scandal has endured for decades without any disciplinary action or corrective measures coming from the Holy See.

More likely than not, the issue will be sidelined to make room for “more important” topics like those found in Pope Francis’s encyclicals, the eco-friendly Laudato Si’ and the Great Reset-themed Fratelli Tutti. The left’s global agenda will trump every issue regardless of the apocalyptic moral devastation covering the earth.

Liberal Praise for the Visit

The third thing to expect from the possible meeting is that liberals, both secular and religious, will capitalize on the visit to promote their agenda. Big media will flash photos of the two smiling leaders meeting in an atmosphere of utmost benevolence.

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The most irreligious secularists will sing the praises of the discerning pope who knows how to see beyond sticky moral issues like procured abortion, same-sex “marriage” and transgender revolt. Sentimental religious liberals will see in Mr. Biden’s gesture a sign of goodwill and dialogue.

The meeting will not address much less resolve any moral issue. Faithful Catholics who have long fought in the trenches defending the unborn or traditional marriage will receive no comfort or support for their efforts.

Expecting the Unexpected

One final thing can be expected from the possible meeting. It is reserved for those who can see events in a supernatural light.

This tragic meeting can serve as an occasion for the faithful to offer prayers and acts of reparation for these gestures favoring the left. They can implore God to come to the aid of the Church in these times of sin and desolation. They can entreat Our Lady to shorten the time before her triumph.

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One beautiful attribute of the Catholic Church is that the faithful can always expect the unexpected. Divine assistance is never denied to those who have recourse to God. When all seems lost, God can reverse the situation with His Grace. Our Lady can intervene and change history by the actions and prayers of those who confide in her. This action may not happen when and how those who pray envision it. However, the virtue of confidence contains the certainty that the Will of God will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Thus, little for the good Cause can be expected naturally from a meeting that will harm the Faith. However, supernaturally it can be an occasion for graces to endure these trying times. This supernatural action might cause the visit to fall flat and have no impact on public opinion. A “schedule conflict” problem can arise, and the meeting called off. Catholics should always expect the unexpected, even in the worst of times. Such confidence serves to increase one’s union with God and hasten the hour of deliverance for both Church and society.

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