In A World of “Invisible” Sculptures, Everything Is Crazy

In A World of “Invisible” Sculptures, Everything Is Crazy
In A World of “Invisible” Sculptures, Everything Is Crazy

If there is an image that expresses the state of the world, it might be the work of Salvatore Garau, a 67-year-old artist from Santa Giusta, Italy. He specializes in “immaterial” art. His sculptures do not exist materially but only in his mind. The art collectors who buy his pieces get a “material” paper certificate to record the sale of their piece of nothing. According to Italy 24 News, the author’s catalog illustrates his sculptures as “absolute white space” that can be placed in any unobstructed place.

The worst thing about the Italian artist is that he refuses to admit he is selling nothing. He is not a con artist out of the “Emperor’s New Clothes.” One gets the impression that he actually believes that “the vacuum” he creates is full of energies that he placed there to populate the nothingness. He really thinks that by focusing his “density of thought” upon an empty point, he can confer being upon this space, giving it a title…and a price tag.

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One of his works is aptly titled “Buddha in Contemplation” and consists of a tape outline on a sidewalk, where the masterpiece is supposedly placed. One work titled “Io Sono” (I am) sold for $18,300.

Critical Race Theory: Finding Racism Everywhere

The Italian artist comes to mind when looking at many things that pass for reality these days. All it takes for someone to create something is to imagine it. It need not have a material foundation. Everyone is expected to believe in the imaginary object without question.

One example of this revolutionary magic is Critical Race Theory that holds that race is the sole prism through which history, economics, sociology, science and all aspects of life must be seen. Its promoters will allow for no other explanation for how society works and always frame the debate to favor this class-struggle narrative, pitting one race against another.

Racism exists and must be combated. There is no problem denouncing it where it appears. The problem is finding it where it is not. While race may be a prism to see reality, it can never be the prism. Thus, CRT promoters see “systemic” racism everywhere—even where it is not. They claim racism infuses everything in society to the point that most people are unaware of their inherent racism and can do nothing to rid themselves of their supposed biases. Like Mr. Garau, it is enough to focus the energies of CRT upon any void, and, abracadabra, it becomes whatever the promoters want it to be.

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Constructing Phantom Science and History

The goal of CRT is not to remedy the concrete racial problems but to make racism “systemic”—that is to say, invisible, abstract and ambiguous. In typical Marxist fashion, this tactic facilitates overturning the whole system.

To support Critical Race Theory, scholars create phantom science and history to give substance to the nothingness of their claims. The 1619 Project, for example, creates a ghost history based on data that even liberal historians have problems swallowing. Even the most unlikely disciplines can be turned into invisible racism—mathematics, science, medicine and language.

Like Mr. Garau, the CRT promoters sincerely believe their invisible findings to be true. However, only the label of racism marks the empty space of these theories. These claims are validated by liberal followers who grovel to see who can be the “wokest.”

The “Transgender” Revolution

The “transgender” evolution is another example of the imagination gone wild. It too represents something unreal. The delusional minds of those wishing to look like the opposite sex, with or without cosmetic surgery, are its reality.

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Not content with “transitioning” from one sex to another, the revolutionaries of this movement create dozens of “genders” and corresponding pronouns to accommodate these flights from reality. The physical evidence is immaterial in these cases. However a person self-identifies is accepted as real. A newly “gendered” person might even get a health certificate to validate a new identity claim.

However, the reality is no different from the owners of Mr. Garau’s invisible sculptures, who end up with a piece of paper. A decadent society demands that all pretend its fantasies are real.

The Role of the Liberal Establishment

Such wild imaginings extend to other fields as well. There is no limit to what the imagination can conjure. However, another sector of society makes invisible sculptures, phantom racism and imagined “genders” possible.

That sector is the liberal establishment that accepts these fantasies and pours money into the projects to keep them alive. Without this vast sector of receptacles, the artists and scholars would be isolated lunatics struggling to survive in a cruel world. However, with the liberal establishment, the wacky fringe suddenly becomes mainstream.

How Panera’s Socialist Bread Ruined Company

Indeed, management teams in corporate America have embraced Critical Race Theory and are implementing it in the workplace. They do this knowing that it alienates workers and consumers who reject the artificial, Marxist class struggle theory.

Government agencies, education and the military have adopted the LGBTQ+ cause infusing into their programs despite the protests of concerned Americans and civil servants.

The Most Demented of Them All

The liberal establishment of “enlightened” individuals is the most demented of all sectors. This often wealthy and influential audience prepares the climate for erroneous ideas to propagate. An “invisible” artist like Mr. Garau is meaningless without adoring fans who buy a piece of nothingness for over $18,000. Professors teaching crazy theories only succeed when liberal students crowd their lecture halls. The liberal establishment creates the illusion of a massive consensus that worships the latest trends.

In innocent times, all it took was a tiny child to declare that the emperor had no clothes. But today, the child would be declared unfit and the parents blamed for abuse. People need to engage aggressively in the battle for the culture that now denies even reality. What is required is the courage to confront and break the liberal consensus that threatens the nation. The future belongs to those who have the sense, daring and mettle to declare: Art cannot be invisible. Race is not the prism that determines all things. People cannot create their own reality.

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