Four Reasons Why So Many Young Women Are Embracing Witchcraft

Four Reasons Why So Many Young Women Are Embracing Witchcraft
Four Reasons Why So Many Young Women Are Embracing Witchcraft

All across America, the practice of witchcraft is growing among young women. It is a bad omen that bodes ill for the nation.

The new witches are different from the past. The trend involves more than just spells and dark secret rituals. It brings together a macabre brew of sexuality, politics and the occult with never seen before intensity.

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Today witches are everywhere. Their posts of spells and hexes populate social media. Books, literature and spell manuals abound. Witches are also visible at Black Lives Matter rallies, protests and other places in the public square.

A Leftist Appeal to the Spiritual   

One reason why young women are embracing witchcraft is that it is so spiritual. Like it or not, humans are composite beings of body and soul. Modernity did much to destroy the spiritual dimension of things by its materialistic mindset. There is an immense spiritual void in society today.

Postmodern culture now embraces intensely spiritual witchcraft as trendy and acceptable, especially for young women. This shift represents a turnabout for the left that hates religion and constantly complains about the connections between Christianity and the right.

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Now the left is filling the void by going spiritual, but toward darkness. “Woke” witches are appearing online and offline to make common cause with liberal movements. The political left is welcoming the coven into its tent. Marx and magic are coming together, and not even the left’s most secular supporters are complaining.

Marxism thrives upon the idea of class struggle, and the witch easily fits into its false narrative by targeting young women as an oppressed group striving to be heard. Witchcraft infuses energy into the exhausted Marxist dialectic. Its dark fascination allows people to connect with rebel spirits that promise power to the powerless.

Today’s witches believe that witchcraft magic is a dark spiritual power that should be weaponized for social change and self-aggrandizement.

Feminism and Witchcraft Come Together

A second reason why witchcraft attracts women is that it is increasingly identified with the feminist cause. The feminist agenda for “rights” and political power no longer looks only for secular expression. It is now finding a voice in the macabre.

There has always been an occult element in the feminist underground. Now that current is surfacing and proclaiming what none dared to say. Proud witches claim their time has come, and they are willing to hex and spell their way into power.

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Witch Gabriela Herstik says in Sabat Magazine that “Witchcraft is feminism, it’s inherently political.” History Professor Ronald Hutton suggests that the word “witch” is synonymous with feminist. Witch oppression of the past was just female oppression. The word needs to be rehabilitated. Seattle-based witch and Instagram influencer Bri Luna says, “Every woman is a Witch.”

Witchcraft Becomes “Woke” and Mainstream

Reinforced by the liberal “woke” establishment, witchcraft fits well into the cutting edge of identity politics and critical race theory. Becoming a witch makes the young feminist an activist for all those who oppose the hated patriarchy and the Church. Commentator April Graham says, “A Witch is somebody who stands against patriarchy and everything that is currently wrong with our society and any society throughout the ages.” Herstik defines the witch as “the woman who doesn’t do what the church or patriarchy wants.”

Ariel Gore’s 2019 Hexing the Patriarchy: 26 Potions, Spells and Magical Elixirs to Embolden the Resistance gives some idea of the kind of activism now in the open. Other manuals on activist hexing are selling well on Amazon and entering the mainstream.

In an article on the Unherd website, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb reports on protesters in Boston in August 2017 dressed as witches. They brandished signs saying, “Witches Against White Supremacy” and “Hex White Supremacy.” Such manifestations are becoming ever more common in the public square.

Belief in the Devil

The final reason why so many young women embrace witchcraft is that the Church is increasingly absent from this debate. No proportional reaction exists on the part of the Church to counter and denounce the growing exposure to the occult found in media, films and schools.

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Indeed, most people take a materialistic perspective that refuses to recognize dark spirits or angelic hosts. To them, witchcraft is a development of powers within the person. Many witches will also identify with this broad “lite” definition of witchcraft without a direct link to Satan.

However, the devil is very real. He appears throughout history in all his hideousness. Witchcraft, in any form, eventually takes a person to things dark and sinister. Those who dabble in the occult not only play with fire but risk eternal damnation. It will ultimately lead to bonding with the devil and the fires of Hell. The failure to take this threat seriously facilitates the downfall of many, especially young women, who fall for the devil’s lies and false promises.

The best defense against witchcraft is a strong supernatural and sacramental life that fills the postmodern spiritual void with Catholic authenticity. This gives the person the strength to fight the growing satanic culture. Alas, how many would be saved if they had recourse to the Mother of God, using the greatest weapon against Satan: the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Holy Rosary.

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