Smartphones: The New Dictators of the 21st Century?

Smartphones: The New Dictators of the 21st Century?
Smartphones: The New Dictators of the 21st Century?

In today’s modern world, technology has made many advancements, the most notable and groundbreaking of these being the invention of the smartphone. These devices have influenced the technological and social spheres in a way not seen in history.

However, some people are starting to question this influence and seek means to avoid their dependency on these phones.

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Technology and Modern Man: Inseparable?

The new era of smartphones has facilitated communication but also encouraged an ever-increasing avalanche of vices. For example, people have developed an overwhelming desire for the “latest and best” technology available and thus constantly change their phones to keep from being left behind.

Others are so attached to their smartphones that some cannot even bear to leave the house without them. There is a myth that says modern man is inseparable from his technology. This myth is false.

The New Request

Many people see that smartphones harm their lives. They have therefore decided to obtain what is called the “minimalist” phone. According to The Wall Street Journal (8-20-21), companies selling these devices are selling “tens of thousands of light phones.”

This rejection clearly destroys the myth that everyone must have a smartphone. Today, people are abandoning them because they increasingly realize just how time-consuming and time-wasting they can be.

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The Era of Minimalist Phones

Minimalist phones are devices that don’t have access to the internet, social media or games. Instead, they only allow phone calls, text messages, music and a recently-added GPS locator. The user is reduced to more straightforward uses without the distracting options commonly found on smartphones. These minimalist phones are also created “as small as a credit card” and gives the sensation that “it has disappeared when dropped in owners’ pockets.”

Temperance and Intemperance

Smartphones are addictive and therefore require temperance. Temperance is the virtue whereby man governs his natural appetites and passions in accordance with the norms prescribed by reason and Faith. God created man with reason so that using logic, addictive appetites can be overcome. The rise of the minimalist phone shows that it can be done.

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