Here’s the Real Reason Why I Hate Socialism

Here’s the Real Reason Why I Hate Socialism
Here’s the Real Reason Why I Hate Socialism

There are many reasons to hate socialism. Most people hate it for economic reasons. Socialists believe in the collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. Thus, it alienates countless people by its attack on private property.

People also hate socialism for its coercive character. Socialism does not immediately generate the violent tyranny of the communist regime towards which it inevitably leads. However, it does provide that softer, smothering tyranny of overbearing government action, taxation, confiscation and regulation that makes life impossible for those owners that produce goods and services.

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The Socialist Mentality

These are all valid reasons to hate socialism. However, for me, the most compelling reason is the materialist mentality socialism generates.

Like all materialistic worldviews, socialists believe that only matter exists. As a result, all society is organized with an attachment to matter and a rejection of all things spiritual. If it doesn’t help one stay alive, it is unimportant.

Thus, socialism generates a mentality of low horizons. Life becomes marked by a haunting emptiness caused by a lack of higher purpose and meaning. Everything becomes judged by economic metrics. Government takes it upon itself to guarantee material security by eradicating all suffering through its programs, controls and regulations. It inevitably fails.

An Abhorrence of Risk and Pain

In his seminal work, Revolution and Counter-Revolution, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira describes this socialist mentality well as “wholly characterized by an abhorrence of risk and pain and by the adoration of security and utmost attachment to earthly life.”

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This description of the socialist mentality explains why I hate socialism. I see the effects of this petty mentality everywhere, and it fills me with dread and disgust. I feel suffocated by the lack of a higher purpose. Its materialistic fetters rob the human soul (which socialism denies) of its best and noblest fruits.

Wherever this socialist mentality prevails, it stifles human initiative and promotes the vice of sloth, and stokes envy, social disharmony and resentment.

The Abhorrence of Suffering

This mentality is based on three errors that appear everywhere as socialism gains ground.

As mentioned by Prof. Corrêa de Oliveira, the first error of socialism is its abhorrence of pain. A materialistic worldview holds that all pain is an injustice caused by the material inequalities around us. Thus, there is a constant effort to eradicate pain by eliminating material inequalities. Socialist solutions likewise reduce everything to giving more material goods to those with less. Socialists believe that providing people with enough free money will make the problem disappear.

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The socialist mentality manifests itself in daily life by targeting every distinction, recognition and honor that comes from the qualities and talents that naturally arise in society. It suppresses natural hierarchies and social structures (including the family). All these things must be leveled and reviled because they “cause” suffering.

In their place is the bland tyranny of egalitarian rules, regulations and bureaucracies that seek to impose equality in all things and processes. Government assumes the role of Big Brother, who knows what is best for everyone. Hiding under this umbrella of avoiding suffering are the vices of sloth, envy and pride.

We can see this extreme hatred of the slightest pain in the socialist ambiences where the least word triggers and offends delicate sensibilities. The politically-correct dictatorship works to make sure no one will be offended, no feelings will be hurt or weakness exposed. Even historical pain must be revisited and history itself rewritten to reflect the supposed injustice of suffering.

The Inhumanity of Such a World

In such a mediocre world, no one can stand for anything emphatic for fear of wounding others by a truculent affirmation of truth or wisdom. Anyone who inflicts pain upon another must be punished—even the unborn child in the womb.

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This mentality is based on the absurd lie that all suffering comes from inequality and is an injustice.

The truth is that suffering is a part of the reality of earthly human existence. It cannot be avoided. All people must suffer and die. Inequalities of our qualities and talents are likewise part of our nature and should be encouraged, not suppressed.

Individuals build character and live lives full of meaning and purpose by overcoming difficulties and suffering. Moreover, our greatest sufferings are spiritual, not material. They arise from our search for meaning, unity and perfection.

Indeed, the mania of avoiding suffering often leads to the greatest of suffering.

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The Avoidance of Risk

A second error of the socialist mentality is its hatred of risk. It is a logical consequence of the avoidance of suffering.

The socialist mentality is represented by the elimination of all risks. While risk does not necessarily cause pain, it does open the door to the possibility of suffering. Even this remote chance must be eliminated in the socialist world. Likewise, the risk of inequality must be suppressed since those who take risks are rewarded for their efforts.

Thus, government assumes the role of imposing regulations to avoid all dangers that might cause pain. It penalizes accidents that might occur with fines and lawsuits. Everything is equalized by the bland existence of regulated lives of mediocrity.

The socialist mentality leads to the adoration of security. It is a controlled society of surveillance and restrictions. Safety, while necessary, becomes obsessive, while the government becomes ever more intrusive in the name of public safety.

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Indeed, if physical life is the only thing that exists, then this hatred of risk is consistent yet repugnant. Every act of heroism must be discouraged and all daring suppressed. There must be no transcendent causes that are worth more than life itself. This dismal vision of an entirely secure society strips life of noble purpose and selfless sacrifice.

Attachment to Earthly Life

The final error signals the socialist mentality’s incompatibility with Christianity. It is a self-centered attachment to earthly life. The socialist mentality generates both the heaviness and emptiness of an existence that denies the soul and its sanctification.

If there is nothing beyond our earthly life, then our sole purpose must be to prolong it as long as possible. If there are no values greater than life itself, then living without suffering is its own end. We become free to relinquish our hold upon life whenever we see fit. We can then abandon ourselves to enter that great void imagined by those who do not believe in God.

Indeed, the socialist mentality contradicts the Christian worldview and fashions a contrary society.  There can be no Almighty God who created proportional inequalities in His creation. There can be no fallen nature by which humanity brought suffering, pain, risk and death upon itself. There is no need for redemption outside the socialist revolution that overthrows all inequalities. All these Christian concepts are rejected and suppressed in the sterile secularism of socialist society.

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This mentality is what makes socialism so bad. It is destroying our nation.

I subscribe to another mentality that considers body and soul. I believe in transcendent truths and an objective morality that should orient all aspects of our daily lives. I celebrate Christmas, rejoicing over its sublime and transcendent role in the redemption of humanity. I am willing to endure the pain and suffering that will bring me closer to my sanctification. I love the risk of putting myself at the service of the good. I believe in the existence of values greater than life itself and for which one should be willing to die. I adore God and wish to serve Him, Who offered His Life for me.

And I hate socialism. There is a fundamental worldview incompatibility between us that cannot be bridged.

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