Why is Apple Facilitating Pre-Teen Access to Pornography?

Why is Apple Facilitating Pre-Teen Access to Pornography?
Why is Apple Facilitating Pre-Teen Access to Pornography?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing to introduce a new “anti-sexting” tool with their next iPhone update. Apple will warn teen and pre-teen users that they could open a sexually explicit image.

The temporary block will provide a pause for those who might happen upon such images accidentally and gives them an option to text a trusted adult. However, for those pre-teens that want to view such images, the next step is the simple touch of the screen. Prior versions of the “anti-pornography” program notified parents if children under thirteen viewed or sent such pictures.

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The new iPhone (iOS 15.2 version) will trust the children to make the right decision. What makes this program even more concerning is that the nude images that may flash on the screens might well be their children’s own. The nonprofit technology Thorn recently released a report showing that 14 percent of the 9- to 12-year-olds it surveyed admitted that they shared sexually explicit images of themselves last year. Indeed, the same pre-teen images that could land adults in jail as child pornography are considered safe for pre-teens who consent to receive or send them.

Sacrifice on the LGBTQ Altar of Equality

The Journal describes some of Apple’s rationale for the omission.

“‘The idea of notifying parents of kids under 13 operates with the assumption that there’s a relationship with the child that is safe,’ said Elissa Redmiles, a privacy scholar and faculty member at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems.”

“In the case of LGBTQ youth, for example, a parent seeing an image that reveals something about their child’s sexuality could lead to conflict or even abuse, she said.”

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Thus to preserve the “LGBTQ identity” of some users, all children are exposed to the filth and pornography that attacks their innocence. In this bizarre woke universe, young children are morally autonomous beings, and parents must not interfere in their development.

The Need to Defend Innocence

Apple’s new policy denies the role of parents as their children’s primary educators and protectors until they reach adulthood. It further denies the reality that children lack the wisdom and experience to make moral decisions independently. They are vulnerable to evil influences that come from media like the Internet and text messages. Parents have the right and responsibility to screen out immoral influences.

This is especially true of the delicate years of sexual development marked by strong emotions and impulses. Exposure to evil influences at this age can mark a person for life. Mistakes can have dire consequences. An impulsive touch of the screen is hardly an obstacle to youthful impulsiveness. A notification to a loving mother is a highly effective deterrent.

The public nature of the Internet only makes these dangers greater. Once images are uploaded on the network, they tend to take on a life of their own. Thus, children post pictures of themselves which will later come back to haunt them. Apple’s “anti-sexting” app actually facilitates pre-teen pornography of the worst type.

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A Mistaken Notion of Child Safety

The app not only prevents pre-teens from receiving material containing nudity, but it also pauses when these same young one want to send such pictures. It asks the pre-teens if they really want to continue the process without parental notification.

The fact that many of these images are very personal portrayals should set off red flags of child abuse. This is supposedly a time when sensitivity to child sexual safety is heightened. The Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the #metoo movement and the continued sexual abuse scandals all highlight concern for the sexual vulnerability of teens and pre-teens.

However, when practices favor the liberal cause, all such concerns disappear. The Apple app facilitates the receiving and sending of these images by stripping the victims of the loving layer of protection of concerned parents.

Sacrificing Our Children in the Name of the Revolution

Of course, all pornography is wrong, exploitive and sinful. It does not matter if it involves adults, teens or pre-teens. This plague destroys the lives of millions. However, the advance of the sexual revolution overrides everything. Like all explosive passions, the sexual appetites will always tend to ever more radical practices.

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Society used to protect children from the ravages of pornographic imagery. However, that phase of protection now seems over. The latest phase of this revolution is the homosexual agenda. Thus, in the name of “privacy” and protections of “LGBTQ identity,” the innocence of children must be sacrificed. Apple is entering into the revolution by facilitating access, bypassing parents and putting nudity within reach of children with the touch of a screen.

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