Left-Wing Media Desperate to Portray Opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour as Abnormal

Left-Wing Media Desperate to Portray Opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour as Abnormal
Left-Wing Media Desperate to Portray Opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour as Abnormal

With the increase of Drag Queen Story Hours in the nation’s schools and public libraries, the left-wing media are using the legitimate protests—staged by concerned parents, families, religious leaders and activists—to portray the drag queens as akin to martyrs, as if persecuted by dangerous parts of society.

In a recent lengthy article, The Washington Post defended the “drag community” against “protestors.” The article began: “On a sweltering Saturday morning in July, several dozen people steeled themselves for a fight outside a library in a quiet Maryland suburb.”

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The Post defended the story hours as “family-friendly drag events” which, it said, were facing opposition from “right-wing extremists and some politicians” who “have in recent months falsely asserted that drag queens ‘groom’ children, employing a line of attack increasingly used on the right to undermine gay rights more broadly.”

The Washington Post’s article portrays the story hours as normal, with protestors against story hours demonized as going against a normal, accepted practice in society: “not everyone is ready to welcome them … the drag community.”

Yet the typical schedule for a Drag Queen Story Hour is filled with behavior that is far from normal, filled with men inappropriately dressed as scantily clad women, reading (often sexually explicit) books on LGBT ideology to young children, and encouraging the children to imitate the performer. Drag Queen Story Hour, in its own words, “captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.”

Canceling Drag Show Sends ‘Difficult Message’ to Children Says Drag Queen

Earlier this year, a drag queen show due to take place at Denver’s Botanic Gardens on June 18 was canceled, and the online listing for the event was quietly removed. Local news reports cited organizers’ saying that the event was canceled after “hateful comments were posted online and negative emails were sent to the Botanic Gardens.”

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The drag queen in question, ‘Shirley Delta Blow’—aka Stuart Sanks—is a long-standing performer who now specializes in reading to children in addition to a daytime job as a schoolteacher. “Join Shirley as she reads some of her favorite children’s books at these local bookstores and libraries,” his website reads. “Kids, books and drag queens? What could be better because reading is what? Fundamental.”

This website extract highlights the great danger such events pose to children, as Tradition, Family Property’s TFP Student Action has long warned. With LGBT and “transgender” ideology pushed onto children through the “fundamental” medium of reading, LGBT activists can effectively spread their movement to the young, destroying their innocence and replacing it with teachings of transgender and homosexual ideology.

However, the cancelation of the Botanic Gardens’ Drag Queen Story Hour appeared to confirm ‘Shirley’ in the conviction to spread LGBT ideology rather than prompting him to rethink his decisions. “I want kids to feel safe, and appreciated, and supported and loved,” he said. “And, when an event gets canceled, I think the message that it sends is, ‘Hey, drag queens and stories, there’s something wrong with that.’ Canceling a ‘drag queen story hour”’ could send a “difficult message” to children, said Sanks.

‘Drag Queen Storytime … Promotes Compassion and Inclusion’ Argues CNN

In a similar vein, CNN also addressed the backlash faced by “transgender” activists in the U.K., as parents took to the streets to protest the Drag Queen Story Hour U.K., which has spread to those shores in recent years. One concerned parent warned that the explicit shows were “sexualizing children.” However, CNN’s headline read: “Drag queen storytime in England promotes compassion and inclusion. British far-right extremists are importing U.S. hate against them.”

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One pro-transgender mother told CNN that she took her daughter to the event “to learn about inclusivity and different communities,” saying she thought it would be “fun, it is art, it is a laugh, and something different that involves books and stories.” So prevalent is the acceptance of LGBT and transgender ideology, however, that when confronted with protestors outside the drag queen event, the mother became upset—not at the planned show, but the protestors.

Fear of Young Innocence

Such a concerted effort by the mainstream media to portray the radical transgender movement’s assault on children highlights the movement’s fear of childhood innocence, as Return to Order author John Horvat observed recently. The need for the transgender movement to corrupt childhood innocence—and to portray any opposition to their actions as abnormal—is considered urgent because a child’s well-formed and protected innocence can discern something of the substance of the transgender lobby as wholly unnatural.

But if children are exposed to such corruptions of nature from an early age, Horvat wrote, the “result is confusion, contradiction and chaos in the child’s mind that he spreads to those around him.” If taught to accept the transgender movement as true, one learns to reject the natural law and God’s law and to embrace a false concept of reality.

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This assault on the innocence of youth stems directly from the anti-Catholic undercurrent of the “transgender” movement, which is at its heart opposed to the teachings of Christ. “Whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea,” said Our Lord in the Gospels (Mark 9:41).

‘Displays of Luciferian Rebellion Against God’ in Drag Shows

Despite the concerted push by left-wing media outlets and vocal LGBT/“transgender” activists to normalize Drag Queen Story Hours, the opposition to them is well founded. One such example of pushback from concerned parents and TFP Student Action came in the form of nearly 19,000 people signing a TFP petition and urging an Indiana public library to cancel a planned Drag Queen Story Hour in 2019.

Throughout the years, TFP Student Action has organized numerous such campaigns and public protests warning parents about the dangers the drag queen events pose to their children and the future of American society. As TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie wrote some years ago, “children are being conditioned to believe that it’s normal and possible for a boy to become a girl and vice versa” through the events.

“A perverse culture of sin is poisoning minds to accept intrinsically disordered passions and reject reality and biology,” John Ritchie added. “That’s why TFP Student Action is mobilizing its national online network of volunteers to denounce and protest the immoral Drag Queen Story Hour program, legally and peacefully. Our public libraries should be clean places, not smutty platforms for sinful lifestyles.”

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With this in mind, U.K. catechist and author Deacon Nick Donnelly told the TFP that “drag shows are dangerous for children, and adults, because they involve mockery against God’s purpose in creating human beings in his image and likeness as male and female (Genesis 1:27).”

He warned that despite the Drag Queen Story Hour’s “pretense of frivolity and fun, at the heart of drag shows is the defiant rebellion of homosexual and “transgender” persons against God’s creation of the integral complementarity of maleness and femaleness.”

“Furthermore, the feverish atmosphere of sexual innuendo and exhibitionism at drag shows attacks children’s innate sense of modesty and the dormancy of their sexual natures,” Deacon Donnelly added. “Parents are right to resist the exposure of their children to these homosexual and ‘transgender’ displays of Luciferian rebellion against God.”