Defending Childhood Innocence Is a Parent’s Duty

Defending Childhood Innocence Is a Parent’s Duty
One of the most sacred duties of parents is to preserve, foster and protect their children’s innocence.

The devil constantly invents ways to attack God, especially targeting those with immortal souls. Harming these souls is especially tragic since they are meant for heaven. If they succumb to the devil’s wiles, they risk being lost for all eternity.

Thus, society is the stage for a great battle for souls. People of goodwill can assist their neighbors in achieving eternal salvation. Others who, through their own fault, reject God and His law can make the salvation of others more difficult by promoting doctrinal and moral corruption.

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The frontline of the cultural battlefield for souls has moved to young children. No longer content with victimizing youth, many now seek to corrupt and disfigure childhood innocence.

All children are born with innocence by which they naturally seek God, and all that is good, true and beautiful. The baptized child is especially attracted by grace and Divine goodness.

The modern world presents many dangers to this innocence. A hypersexualized and agitated culture encourages the misuse of the reason, will and sensibilities. Young children also suffer the evil influences of the world, the flesh and the devil. The bad examples of parents, siblings, relatives, superiors, teachers, pseudo-elites and others play a major role in corruption.

One of the most sacred duties of parents is to preserve, foster and protect their children’s innocence. A child with innocence seeks perfection and sees the world with a clear untarnished vision of wonder and excellence. With God’s grace, they can successfully combat temptation and sin.

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Today’s culture of death uses public institutions to corrupt and destroy childhood innocence. Many local public and school libraries contain books that promote pornography, homosexuality and transgenderism.

Many parents would be shocked at the titles that may well be on the shelves at their local libraries, regardless of the size of the population and beliefs of their communities.

Exposure to such books seeks to destroy God’s image in the soul and lead to mortal vice with its eternal consequences.

What are some titles that can be found on some, perhaps most, library bookshelves? Here are a few:

All Boys Aren’t Blue

Two Boys Kissing

Annie On My Mind


Rainbow Boy

The God Box

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Parents should see if any of these books are on the shelves of their local public and school libraries. Here is a link that lists 30 such books:  Here is another link:

What can you do to stop this outrage?

First, protect your children’s innocence by carefully monitoring your local libraries. If your child attends a public or even a private school, make sure the library knows that your children are not allowed to have access to these books.

If possible, homeschool your children or send them to a private school that promotes and defends purity.

Satanic Christ Porn-blasphemy at Walmart — Sign Petition

Don’t trust the library to protect your children. Even if you have submitted lists of books you forbid your child to view or check out, those who might corrupt your children will find ways around the rules. It will require constant vigilance on your part. Make sure the promoters of unnatural vice do not do more to corrupt your children than you do to protect them.

Second, contact those in authority, such as those on library boards, school boards or city councils. Seek out county commissioners, governors, attorneys general and state legislators. Demand the enforcement of obscenity laws and the removal of these books. You might be surprised that many states have good laws against obscenity. Sadly, they are usually not enforced.

Thirdly, pray, especially in the public square. Hold a Public Square Rosary Rally of Reparation and protest outside locations where these books are kept. Invite others to join you. Your public rally will apply the pressure of public opinion on these institutions, alert others of the moral dangers in the library and, more importantly, attract the blessings of God.

Childhood innocence is too precious to go undefended. Innocent children grow up to become fervent Catholics and morally responsible citizens. Do your part to protect this innocence.