Defending Childhood Innocence Is a Parent’s Duty

Defending Childhood Innocence Is a Parent’s Duty

The devil constantly invents ways to attack God, especially targeting those with immortal souls. Harming these souls is especially tragic since they are meant for heaven. If they succumb to the devil’s wiles, they risk being lost for all eternity. Thus, society is the stage for a great battle for souls. People of goodwill can … Read more

Variety and Unity in Christmas Carols

Variety and Unity in Christmas Carols

Through Their Christmas Carols, Each People Glorify the Child Jesus in Their Own Way Christmas carols vary according to the national character, but all share the same notes appropriate to that Holy Night. The carols may be American, Brazilian, Italian, German, French, or Spanish Christmas carols. The music may vary greatly, but each manages to … Read more

Nickelodeon’s Pro-Homosexual Programming Pushes Ratings Down

The children’s cable television network, Nickelodeon, has gone “all-in” on its support of the homosexual agenda while its ratings have plummeted. This drastic change should be a major story. Hollywood should take action. Nickelodeon’s rating chart tells the tale. For the week ending January 15, 2017, its average audience was 1.2 million viewers. Three-and-a-half years … Read more

How “Drag Queen” Shows Destroy Children’s Innocence

In and of itself, the idea of bringing together young children in public libraries to listen to stories told by a gifted storyteller is good. It nurtures the sense of wonder, which is so important in childhood. However, numerous libraries around the country are distorting this idea today. They are bringing together children age 3 … Read more

Yes, Virginia, There Is a God

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It is has become a custom for practically every newspaper in America to reprint, during the Christmas season, the marvelous editorial, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” Since it first appeared in 1897, it has become an indelible part of Christmas tradition in our country. It is no secret why. Virginia’s Letter: A Priceless … Read more

Medieval Catholic Architecture Converts Protestant (Part 2)

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Architecture leads to heaven or hell In our most recent article about Augustus Pugin, we saw how the famous architect converted from a strict brand of Calvinism to Roman Catholicism, due to his studies of medieval Catholic architecture when he was 19 years old. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an … Read more

The Christmas of a Chouan

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From 1793 to 1800, the region of Fougères, in Northeast France, was the scene of the epic struggle of the Chouans. The Chouans were peasants who rose up against the French Revolution in defence of the Monarchy and the Church. One winter’s night in 1795, a column of soldiers of the revolutionary Republic was making … Read more