Google It! Google Cancels a Drag Show

Google It! Google Cancels a Drag Show
Google It! Google Cancels a Drag Show

Looking at the headline, it seemed too good to be true. Perhaps it was clickbait especially driven by algorithms to appeal to a conservative Christian demographic.

The headline said Google canceled a drag queen show for its employees. It could not possibly be true since the search engine giant is one of the wokest of woke companies around. Something serious must have happened to cause this company to cancel a drag show. It didn’t make sense.

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There was only one way to determine whether it was fake news. Google it. See what the search engine pulls up.

It turns out it’s true. All over the Internet, articles reported that the event was canceled in the traditional, non-woke sense of the word.

A Canceled Event

The cancellation does not mean that Google has jumped off the LGBTQ bandwagon—quite the contrary. Google had planned to hold a drag queen show as almost a grand finale to mark the end of what they call “Pride Month.” It held a similar event last year.

This June, the company sponsored and promoted a drag queen with the blasphemous name “Peaches Christ” for an official event. Everything was in place for the horrible show to happen.

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However, as the date approached, the company took a step back. Google removed its affiliation with the event and instead encouraged employees away from the show to another event held at its offices.

To save face, organizers moved the drag show to a small bar in the Castro district in San Francisco, where some “dozens of Google employees” attended—a tiny fraction of those on the payroll. Pride supporters declared the event to be “nearly canceled.” However, the pitiful turnout only made the failure more evident.

A Christian Protest…at Google?

The cause of the cancellation was even more shocking than the fact. Several hundred Christian employees protested and signed a petition opposing the drag performance. They rightfully claimed that it was offensive to their Christian religion and contrary to the company’s own toleration policies. They submitted the signatures to the company’s human resources department, which was asked to act upon it.

The feisty Christians got the closest thing to an apology with a Google statement saying that the event was a mistake because it had not gone through the proper approval process.

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However, no one was fooled by Google’s backward posturing. Everyone understood that protests work. Mighty Google conceded defeat by its silence and lack of official commentary. The grand finale for its “Pride Month” ended with a fizzle.

Google’s lack of principles offended everyone. Christians remained offended by the month’s celebrations. Its backtracking infuriated leftists and woke employees. At the “nearly canceled” drag performance, the few Google employees present booed their employer for caving in to pressure. They accused corporate leaders of betrayal. The principal drag performer complained of a massive backlash sweeping the nation.

Lessons Learned

The lessons from the cancellations should encourage those who uphold Christian principles and morals.

It seems that being offended can work the other way. Usually, only Pride activists claim the right to be offended. In this case, the complaints of offended Christians were heard as they protested the disgraceful mocking of their religion.

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The next lesson is that protests can be very effective. It only took a couple hundred among Google’s over 30,000 full-time employees in Silicon Valley to trigger a positive response. Protests work since all companies must deal with their employees and customers. All it takes is a few strong defenders of the Faith acting courageously, prayerfully and intelligently to make an impact.

The biggest lesson learned from the Google cancellation is that even the largest and most woke companies can be pressured to stop attacking Jesus and Christian morals. If mighty Google was forced to step back, any company is vulnerable.

Finally, Christians must rid themselves of the myth that nothing can be done and never be afraid to work together with others to defend the Faith. Positive protests can happen. The other side is taking note. For those who refuse to believe that things are happening, they only need to google it.

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