New Book Asks: Is the Homosexual Revolution Inside the Church Reaching a Tipping Point?

New Book Asks: Is the Homosexual Revolution Inside the Church Reaching a Tipping Point?
New Book Asks: Is the Homosexual Revolution Inside the Church Reaching a Tipping Point?

The infiltration of LGBTQ ideology in society is overwhelming. It invades every sphere of activity, especially in June. These same ideas are also rampant in structures inside the Catholic Church.

However, some tend to see this invasion as a not-so-hidden sub-culture inside the Church. They do not realize the full scope and intensity of this current.

A Denunciation of the Homosexual Movement in the Church

A new book now reveals the full extent of this penetration in the Church and what it means for the future. Titled The Breached Dam: The Fiducia Supplicans Surrender to the Homosexual Movement, the timely work is a clarion call for Catholics everywhere to stand up to this danger.

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Authors José Antonio Ureta and Julio Loredo are seasoned scholars who have written and spoken worldwide on the crisis inside the Church. Last year, they wrote a bestselling book called The Synodal Process Is a Pandora’s Box.

Now, they have come together to write a short, easy-to-read 128-page book that explains how the Church got to this lamentable state.

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) published the English edition on May 27. This book will soon be available in eight languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish).

The new book is sure to cause controversy.

The Fiducia Supplicans Trigger

The work was triggered by the Vatican document Fiducia supplicans, released last December. It allows priests to bless the partners of any “irregular couple.” This means any cohabiting or homosexual pair living together in sin can be blessed.

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An uproar soon ensued, dividing the Church. Entire episcopal conferences declared their intention not to implement the blessings, while other dioceses enthusiastically embraced them.

The debate is not over, as many see Fiducia supplicans as a bridge to further changes. Three points make the book timely and helpful to confused Catholics trying to understand the crisis.

The Breached Dam Metaphor

The first point is the extensive infiltration of bad doctrine and practice inside the Church.

The authors use the fortunate metaphor of the breached dam, which perfectly describes the situation. A dam is usually not breached by an overwhelming wave that hits it and opens a breach.

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Generally, it takes years of a gradual undermining of the dam structure, which an ordinary storm can suddenly break down and let loose with a wall of water. The document Fiducia supplicans is a tipping point for a great crisis that has been long prepared by what is called the “homoheresy” inside the Church.

The authors claim, “Such a gigantic change in the Catholic Church’s doctrine and pastoral care could not have happened overnight. The ‘homoheresy’ was spread “by infiltrating Catholic environments in the sixties with moral relativism and homosexual ideology.”

The book abundantly documents the undermining acts that raised the rainbow flag inside Church institutions and universities since the sexual revolution of the sixties. The list of promoters reads like a who’s who of the Catholic left of the last decades: Fr. Charles Curran, Fr. André Guindon, Fr. Anthony Kosnik, Fr. Daniel Maguire, Fr. Robert Nugent and Sr. Jeannine Gramick. Today, the main figurehead is Fr. James Martin, S.J.

Church Officials on the Cutting Edge of the Homosexual Revolution

The second point is that this revolution is not only an outside attack upon Church teaching. It also comes from within. The authors identify what they call a “fifth column” that is “led chiefly by priests and nuns to promote the homosexual cause within the Church under the pretext of pastoral care for same-sex pairs.”

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Today, this movement manifests itself not through hidden homosexual infiltration but wide-open participation in this revolution at Jesuit schools and colleges and other Catholic institutions.

These Church officials are on the cutting edge of the homosexual revolution. They are leading the flock and country astray. There is no attempt to hide it anymore. The dam is breached, and the waters are starting to pour in.

This is happening at the highest levels of Church government, including the statements and actions of the present pontiff and many cardinals and bishops who favor this revolution.

This support goes beyond written or spoken statements. The symbolic significance of the blessing of homosexual pairs, for example, is a major step toward changing the culture.

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The authors note that “In the culture war to normalize homosexuality, symbolic facts are as important as the spreading of ideas, perhaps even more so, because they mobilize people’s emotions and feelings, which today matter more than principles for much of public opinion.”

The High Stakes Around This Fight

The most important insight of The Breached Dam is that it shows just how much is at stake in this battle. This is not a minor discussion of morals or lifestyles. The fight lies at the center of the course that will determine the world’s future.

Messrs. Loredo and Ureta affirm, “In Western society, the Catholic Church is the great dam that protects the strongholds not yet conquered by the neo-pagan revolution.”

Based on the Gospel and natural law, the Church is the principal force that prevents far-left ideological currents from achieving their goals of liberating the unbridled passions.

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The authors believe that “the homosexual movement and the transgender ideology, whose demands, if successful, will lead to the dissolution of the family and the erasure of the fundamental moral principles on which any civilization worthy of the name rests.”

That wall of what remains of Catholic teaching is the only thing preventing chaos from taking over the world.

The Need to Resist

That is why Catholics must not sit back and hope the storm will go away. The Church provides everything in the line of sound doctrine and divine grace to overcome her enemies. Thus, Catholics must resist, challenge and denounce this monstrous denial of Church teaching. The Breached Dam is an excellent place to gather material to engage in the fight.

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Indeed, TFP founder Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira stated thirty years ago that “There will be an internal clash within the Church, and this internal shock will produce one of the greatest upheavals in history.”

Today, his prediction is coming to pass. The dam is being breached. All hands are needed to push back the floodwaters.

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