The Opioid Crisis: A Spiritual Solution

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An opioid crisis is devastating America. Every day, more than ninety Americans die by overdosing on these new killers. The crisis involves the misuse of and addiction to opioids such as prescription pain relievers, fentanyl and heroin. New powerful synthetic opioids have become especially deadly. Too many people mistakenly reduce the problem to materialistic causes. … Read more

Six Ways to Challenge Our Materialism

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Materialism holds that the only reality is that which we can physically perceive. All other considerations are subjective and unimportant. Such a perspective is a distortion of reality. The spiritual realities also have a major and even greater role in the lives of men. Witness how the beautiful churches and cathedrals that were the centerpieces … Read more

Life in the Shadows

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If the pace of life seems overwhelming, it might well be because we have assumed so many of the jobs once held by others. This is the position of Craig Lambert in his book, Shadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs that Fill Your Day (Berkeley, Calif., Counterpoint Press, 2015). The Harvard sociologist takes a look … Read more

“Culture of Unrestraint”: The Real Cause of Economic Crisis

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By Kevin McVicker Spring Grove, PA – Fiscal cliffs, nagging unemployment and budget debates are urgent reminders that the American economy is in a precarious state, but these economic troubles can also be traced to a cultural problem residing in the soul of society and individuals rather than the balance sheet. In his new book … Read more

A Textbook Example of Frenetic Intemperance

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Frenetic intemperance is a term we coined to describe a restless and reckless spirit inside certain sectors of modern economy that foments a drive to throw off legitimate restraints and gratify all desires. Perhaps the most obvious example of frenetic intemperance is that of the speculative bubble of the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis. It is … Read more

Yes, Virginia, There Is a God

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It is has become a custom for practically every newspaper in America to reprint, during the Christmas season, the marvelous editorial, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” Since it first appeared in 1897, it has become an indelible part of Christmas tradition in our country. It is no secret why. Virginia’s Letter: A Priceless … Read more

The Amazing Origins of the Most Beautiful Christmas Song

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Far beyond the ocean, in a valley in the Austrian Alps, lies the age-old village of Oberndorf, looking now much as it did one, two, or three hundred years ago. In the center of the village, near a swift-flowing stream, stands a whitewashed church with a tall red-topped steeple. The low houses, their slanting roofs … Read more

Christmas Outside the Box

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As I was reading an article on an online news site, I chanced upon an advertisement for a beautiful Christmas tree. Indeed, it was an actual Christmas tree, not a holiday, winter or sparkle tree that celebrates some unknown winter solstice festivity. This letter unapologetically used the word Christmas and the tree actually looked inviting … Read more

How Do We Build an Organic Society?

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Upon describing organic society, questions remain as to how we might build such a society. The answer is quite simple. We must do it in the same manner as our ancestors did at the dawn of this civilization. We must understand, as they understood, that it is not enough that we follow the Ten Commandments … Read more

What Suits Can Teach Us About Markets

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In the book, Return to Order, there is a chapter on standardization and how it favors the advance of frenetic intemperance in economy. Standardized goods, we claim, lead to the standardized masses. It destroys the human element that gives warmth, life and meaning to economy. In theory, such affirmations are detached and abstract.The best way … Read more