Drag Queens in Schools – Where Parents Have No Say

Promoters of “Drag Queen Story Hours” criticize those who protest at tax-payer supported libraries. They claim that if parents are upset, they should not take their children to the events. No one is forcing them to go, they say. It is their freedom to go or not to go. Such a claim is no longer … Read more

Telling Your Children about God When You Don’t Have Faith

You are a parent without faith living a normal life in today’s materialistic society. You watch your children grow, and you are proud of them. However, you see they need structure and a purpose in life that you can’t provide for them. Something is missing that leads your children to experience bouts of depression and … Read more

The Tragic Child Victims Of Their Parents Selfishness

“The demon of divorce loves to haunt the hearts of its children.” This troubling statement appears in the book, Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak, edited by Leila Miller. Divorce has severely weakened society. However, few have visited the hearts of children haunted by the demon of divorce. These people are given a … Read more

‘No’: The Word Every Parent Needs to Use


Modern pedagogy — that is, the pedagogical, psychological, and psychiatric schools of the ’60s — advocated that parents never say “no” to their children. These pedagogues taught that prohibiting a child from anything from sucking his thumb to attending bad movies would cause a negative traumatic experience. In May of 1968 the Sorbonne Revolution launched … Read more

How “Drag Queen” Shows Destroy Children’s Innocence

In and of itself, the idea of bringing together young children in public libraries to listen to stories told by a gifted storyteller is good. It nurtures the sense of wonder, which is so important in childhood. However, numerous libraries around the country are distorting this idea today. They are bringing together children age 3 … Read more

When Coddled Minds Produce Shattered Lives

 In the summer of 1942, the USS South Dakota set sail to do battle in the Pacific. One of the gunners on board was Calvin Graham. On November 14, the South Dakota encountered eight Japanese destroyers. Graham was manning his gun when shrapnel tore through his jaw and mouth. Another hit knocked him down, … Read more

Standing Against Satan in Portland

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Around noontime on Wednesday, November 16, the first “After School Satan Club” in the history of America opened at the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. The school is a public tax funded institution destined to educate children. The same school is one of ten currently being targeted by the Satanic Temple to open Satan … Read more

Why Johnny Can’t Sled Anymore

Return to Order Why Johnny Can't Sled Anymore

In the midst of this cold winter, I chanced to come upon a scene that gladdened my heart. It was a group of unsupervised boys sledding down a hillside. They weren’t only sledding. They were ramming into other sleds. At the bottom of the hill, they pushed each other down, rolling and tumbling in the … Read more