Drafting Women into Combat Spells the Death of Chivalry

Drafting Women into Combat Spells the Death of Chivalry

The American military has always had recourse to the draft in times of emergency. Through this means, combat soldiers can be quickly recruited from the most effective human resource pool—strong young men. The draft is not about finding careers for young people or helping them develop their full potential. War ruthlessly depletes the supply of … Read more

A Case of Double Trouble that Molded a Better Marine

A Case of Double Trouble that Sculpted a Better Marine

History is full of tales of heroes whose lives are marked by the great hardships they have endured. However, rarely does a man face the same great hardship twice. Author Leo Aime LaBrie tells one such tale in his book, A Double Dose of Hard Luck: The Extraordinary True Story of Two-Time Prisoner of War, … Read more

The Decay of the Middle Ages

Return to Order Military, Social, and Religious History of Chivalry and Knighthood 6

In the fourteenth century a transformation of mentality began to take place in Christian Europe; in the course of the fifteenth century it became ever more apparent. The thirst for earthly pleasures became a burning desire. Diversions became more and more frequent and sumptuous, increasingly engrossing men. The growing yearning for a life filled with … Read more

Life Is Battle

Return to Order Life Is Battle

“Life is battle. It is an ancient truth. Christianity has always known it. Its validity as an essential principle of culture is already implied in our premise that all culture includes an element of striving. Striving is always battle – struggle, that is – the exercise of the will and strength to overcome resistances which … Read more